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Susan Cannon is an architect employed in the Department of Architecture at NC State University in the United States. She earned her bachelor’s degree from NCSU in 1978. And in 1981, she earned a master’s degree in architecture from Harvard University. 

Along with Roger Cannon, Susan Cannon has worked on a diverse range of design projects and finished buildings throughout 28 years. They have combined years of architectural expertise of 56 years. Cannon Architects was then founded in 1995 with a solid dedication to design and professional service.

From programming and preliminary design to construction and move-in, this dedication to client services is based on a deep understanding of the project and the client’s demands. 

Cannon Architects was incorporated as a woman-owned business in 2007. They bring to each venture technical expertise, versatility with methods of representation, and excellent design talents. The firm now has four licensed architects and a great team of young designers.

“Our goal is to prioritize human needs and create pleasant settings that are full of positive energy, comfort, and sustainability. We get to know our clients to understand their needs, likes, and affinities to attain an intriguing play of furniture, art, items, color, pattern, and texture in their homes.”

One of their notable works includes The Bill and Betty Witman Residence, 2212 The Circle, Raleigh. When Cannon Architects turned a gable roof upside down on an addition to an old bungalow, something extraordinary happened: it evolved into a butterfly. Because it resembles a pair of gently raised wings resting atop the home, the roof is termed a ‘butterfly.’

The method is an unusual technique to add to an older home. The Witman Bungalow’s renovation and extension, on the other hand, is all about breaking expectations. The interconnection between the latest and the old is getting along well! The back of the house isn’t a new house dressed up in vintage bungalow garb; rather, it complements the original building while providing the homeowners with an exceptional kitchen and living area. As well as a light-filled master suite!

Susan Cannon positively responds with this makeover, which ushers in a metamorphosis in which the old’s virtues are accentuated by the new’s invigorating presence. On the other hand, Betty Witman was happy with the layout of the house’s historical and contemporary sections. She particularly appreciates seeing the “changing of the seasons” through the new family room’s windows.

Corbett Residence, Bahama NC


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