One can label the living room as industrial, rustic, or modern, giving it just that look. But what about modern living rooms? What makes them different from others?

Well, for one, it does have some key features to give it just the right ambiance. So stay longer to find out what makes this living room so unique.

What Makes a Modern Living Room Stand Out

modern living room

When you look at a contemporary living room, one area connects to another: the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedrooms. You get a bright yet spacious design that feels open. There are no white walls present.

Great, so how do you make the room stand out? Firstly:

Start With a Plan

The first thing is not getting throw pillows to add a modern ambiance to your living space. You must plan as your living room might host different activities, from movie nights to cocktail parties. So the best is to plan for real life by asking yourself some questions.

  • Do you plan on having media available in it?

  • Or do you plan only to use your laptop there?

  • How many people will be sitting there?

Asking these questions considers your lifestyle and includes having couches, a flat-screen, or a projector in the design. Once you determine the above, you can invest in furniture and electronics to add to your place.

Your Living Rooms Budget

Once you figure out the functionality of the living area, you need to determine your budget. If it is your first home and needs to buy furniture, the first piece is to invest in a couch. The important thing is that you should not look if it has a designer label, but it should withstand the test of time.

When purchasing any living room ideas, take your time. You can invest in some quality furniture at an entry-level range. Also, consider your lifestyle and how much use that piece will receive. Finally, decide on the color and fabric that is easy to maintain with your family.

For example, white mohair might work if you do not have kids or pets. But, according to the interior designer at Lynne Parker Designs, you should use the rub test on the fabric to see its durability.

Top 10 Living Room Ideas

Whether you like a conventional or contemporary living room design, it must be a spot to feel relaxed. You want to let down your guard by spending quality time with family and friends. So if you’re going to enjoy the art of decorating your sitting room to look great, then arm yourself with some of these living room ideas.

Personalize Your Light Fixture

living room lights customization

Once you are planning the setup of your living room layout, it helps to make your lighting personal by adding some natural lighting. These can be from your high to low lighting. Look for excellent overhead light fixtures and great lamps to fit in with modern furniture. Choosing lights that are aesthetic help as they become sculptural notes.

A great place to look is at YLighting, selling exquisite vintage to contemporary lights.

Accent With Personalized Coffee Table

Make side tables the focal point in your decor to draw people to the contrast and shape with a huge sofa. Choose a piece with strong lines that are timeless. It can be from a Noguchi to adding a side table for a cocktail or coffee cup.

Or you can head out to some vintage shops or estate sales to find a perfect table for your place.

Make Cushions Fun

modern living room

Bring in a great color palette using pillows. Choose cushions with a wide selection of textures and patterns. Make it fun when picking them according to your mood and style for seating. But remember, keep it bold throughout the sitting room.

You can buy your scatter cushions from different outlets, such as Urban Outfitters, Leif, or CB2. Or you can have it custom-made.

Add Some Personality With Something Extraordinary

Choose accessories that are more than just clutter or trinkets. First, tell your story about yourself as a homeowner. Then, weave these pieces into your blue living room by adding a floor lamp to make it feel like home.

Whether it is a selection of books to inspire your interior design or reminders of all the places you’ve been, leave expressions you and your guests will love.

Keeping it Classic White

minimalist, modern white living room

If you go classic with black and white, it is important to layer your textures to give it a comfortable room feel. For example, if you have a white sofa with a bright living area, it feels clean. Mixing your dark with light colors gives your living room a dynamic look, adding depth and balance.

So play around with the black and white decor.

Mix and Match By Layering Different Textures

You want your room to be inviting, using different materials from wood, metal, glass, wool, to silk. Then it helps to invest in a fabric that is great to touch. For example, does that item feel soft when touched?

Or is it for durability from your carpet and rugs to pillows on the couch? Adding blankets with accessories is easy if you do not have an interior designer to help with your living room. A three-panel throw in different shades gives any living room a modern update.

Or you can make colorful coasters to place on the side table.

Living Room Ideas With Artwork

modern living room with artwork

Add brightly colored metal sculptures or modern portraits against a bare white wall for wall decor. It creates a quirky yet bright living room, whether a combination of color, form, and shape. Or you can go for innocent explorations giving you joy.

Check out some of these artists’ creations at Bluethumb.

Living Room Design Fireplace

Make your living room fireplace cozy by spicing it from cold to cozy. Create a rustic wood surface, adding character to your fireplace. You can cover your chimney wall with texture and use barn boards to replace a standard shelf, drawer front, cabinet doors, and more.

Check out these beautiful works of art, changing old fireplaces to something modern and unique.

Organize Your Bookshelves to Make a Statement

modern living room with bookshelves

Allow yourself to look at your book collection when not reading them. So let the books become works of art while waiting for you to return to read them. Then, start reorganizing your books from a blank slate.

Categorize your books into travel, novels, history, and more.

Then decide on a color scheme that fits in with your living room. For example, a great trend is to rainbow your books from white, black, and blue to gray. First, however, plan where you want to place the colors.

Remove all the jackets from your books, start creating a monochromatic scheme, and stack some horizontally and others vertically with some knick-knacks in between.

Add Some Exotic Trees and Plants to Your Living Rooms

Is the corner in your living room looking bare? Add lush tropical green to your white living room with a tree or plant. The natural light flowing into your place provides enough light for plants to thrive.

You can hang plants from the ceiling or create a spot for some small plants on the wall. Alternatively, you place plants on a stepladder leaning against a wall to add some modern touch to your interior design. Check out some of the most exotic plants to liven up your place.


Frequently Asked Questions

When looking at living rooms, you must have a floor lamp, coffee table, rug, sofa, accent chairs, overhead light fixtures, table lamps, and a media stand. Ensure that the color palette works well together.

According to designers, a rule is to cover 60% of the living room walls with decore and leave 40% blank.

Provide your sofa with enough space, and choose one centerstage piece for your space. Create layers and, where possible, fake the height and choose the suitable artwork with some mirrors, and do not forget to dress the windows and get the lighting right.

When hanging pictures or art, you need not fill all the walls with them. With an empty space, it helps enhance the decor in the house. Also, try to keep things as neutral as possible

When your furniture is more than 60% of the area of the floor, you have over-furnished the room. When lower than 60%, it will feel unwelcoming, so aim for a space leaving 40% of your floor clear with clean lines.

Place the TV away from high-traffic areas and keep it at an angle where it will not get a glare from the sun.


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