Walk-in showers are popular with some homeowners because of their modern and luxurious vibe. This shower type doesn’t require many doors or walls, it’s also free from shower curtains. You don’t need to worry if you go home drunk and might bump into the doors and walls of your bathroom. These innovative showers can be partially enclosed with half walls and glass windows or completely open with no barriers, providing a beautiful shower experience. However, walk-in showers are much more expensive than the traditional ones, the price depends on what kind of walk-in shower design and how big your walk-in shower room would be. Expect to pay between $500 and $2,000 for a modest or prefabricated bathroom remodel. The cost of a large or custom walk-in shower ranges from $3,500 to $7,000. Although it costs lots of money, it is still recommended by some professionals.

10 Hot walk-in-shower ideas that will inspire you to renovate yours

Renovating is hard work especially if you don’t know how and where to start. If you’re planning to renovate your small bathroom and turn it into a modern walk-in shower, we can provide you with some bathroom shower ideas that are surely helpful. You will learn how to bathroom remodel by upgrading the shower floor, adding some glass panels, adding some tubs, and many more. Be sure to take notes and enjoy reading!

    Upgrade your tiles

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are one of the most common and classic forms of shower tiles used on shower walls. A clear protective glaze has been put on to this man-made material. As a result, it’s a very low-maintenance and long-lasting tile alternative. If you want to make your walk-in shower look modern, upgrading your shower floor and shower wall with modern shower tiles is a must! You can also try putting ‘tile rugs’ on your bathroom floor. It not only adds texture to your master bathroom, it also adds a personalized look in your walk-in shower. You can also use coloured tiles and tile your entire wall to add some accent to it.

    A tub is a must

walk in shower with a tub

What is a shower area without a tub? Although walk-in showers don’t necessarily need tubs, installing tubs in your bathroom is okay. Soaking yourself in a soaking tub after a long day of work makes you relax and get rid of stress. If you want to relax in a whirlpool tub with soothing jets and calming bubbles, choose one that is spacious and doesn’t strain your muscles when you lean back. Keep in mind that filling the tub requires a lot of hot water, which increases your water and electric expenses. Tubs are also convenient especially if you have children at home. In the real estate market, walk-in showers are very popular and can help attract buyers. You can consider a walk-in tub shower combo if you have small bathrooms or want to expand the functionality of your tub.

    Frameless glass doors

Frameless glass doors don’t expand your area, but not having one gives the impression that it does. A frameless shower door is not only beautiful because of its simplicity, but it’s also an ideal choice for highlighting particularly distinctive or detailed shower tile patterns. Frameless glass door don’t require metal support to work. They give a clean, innovative and more stylish appearance to your modern bathroom. Advantages of installing frameless glass doors are; they come in a variety of design possibilities, provide a wide range of motion, are easy to maintain, and, last, they draw attention to the design characteristics of the rest of your bathroom. A frameless glass shower door gives any bathroom a beautiful appeal, but the rationale for installing one may not be purely aesthetic. Because there is no shelf or lip to walk over to access the shower, it is ideal for elderly family members or anyone with mobility issues.

    High Roof for extra lighting

When renovating or upgrading your bathroom, you should consider upgrading your roof and making it higher. It will make your walk-in shower look bigger and spacious. Also, it can provide better, natural light. Adding extra bright lights to your modern bathroom design and concentrating on in-shower lighting is the ideal technique to glamorize your bathroom. Natural light is a terrific concept that will help you relax and enjoy your shower experience without you even realizing it. No one wants to go in a shower with dim lights, right? Be sure to install overhead lighting that matches your walk-in shower’s aesthetic. Every shower, whether it’s a walk-in shower room or the old one, needs better lighting. If you have trouble deciding what type of lighting is good, you can seek a professional’s help.

    Separate shower and tub with a glass

You don’t need to sacrifice your bathtub just because you want a walk-in shower. Why not put them both together? You can install a glass panel to separate them. Bathtubs are fun especially with children so it’s okay to install both shower and bathtub in one walk-in shower room to save space. Installing glass between them has some advantages. If your children are quite hyper even when taking a bath, the glass panels can lessen the splash or mess in your bathroom. Glass gives a sleek look to your walk-in shower room. You can also lessen the risk of slipping or any minor accidents. The bathtub can also turn into a steam room. If ever you’re having a hot or warm bath in your bathtub, the steam can’t escape immediately and can fog up your bathroom. On the other hand, if you’re not a ‘tub’ person, you can install showerheads in your bathroom. A larger shower room can give enough room for two showerheads if that’s what you prefer.

    Glass shower door for a sexy feel

Not only does it add a chic style to your shower room, it’s also known as simple and elegant. Glass shower doors can be sliding, hinged. or pivot styles. There’s a lot of it to choose from. Taking a shower with glass doors can boost your confidence in yourself. Because transparent doors are made entirely with clear glass, be careful not to expose yourself while bathing. The perfect shower door can transform your shower into a one-of-a-kind and stunning work of art. Each style of door has a distinct appearance that might appeal to a variety of interests. Some are designed specifically for certain shower designs, such as those that are built into a corner. Some have metal frames around the glass, while others have no frames at all, like what we mentioned before.

    Embrace monochrome

monocrhome walk in shower

If it’s not your thing, monochrome doesn’t have to be moody and dark. A lighter, brighter space will be created if you balance the black-to-white ratios in favour of the latter. There’s a reason why black and white is such a popular bathroom colour scheme. Combining these two colours, black tile absorbs light and white tile reflects it, which is one of the most efficient methods to create a bathroom that punches above its weight. When we talk about patterns, the possibilities are unlimited, and they can be as simple as a black and white tile set in a checkered pattern. When coupled with white tile, black taps and brassware, as well as black framed shower panels, are popular choices. When paired with contrasting grout, such as black tiles with white grout or vice versa, the same-colour tiles stand out. If colours could have soul mates, black and white would be the ideal match. When you put them together in a modern, master bathroom, you’ll get a striking look that will last and give an innovative vibe to the rest of the bathroom.

    Minimalist design with bathroom thriving plants

If you’re more of a ‘less is more person, minimalism may suit your style. The minimalist look is quite appealing and calming to the eye, making it an excellent choice for bathroom shower ideas. In minimalist bathrooms, you don’t have to hide or remove everything, but there should be designated locations for toiletries like your shampoo bottles, body wash, and many more. You can also put some bathroom thriving plants in your bathroom shower. Indoor plants give a minimalist bathroom a lot of vitality without adding a lot of clutter. Placing some plants in your bathroom gets rid of dust and pests. Shower plants not only assist to improve air quality but also absorb excess moisture and fight bacteria that may be lurking in your bathroom. They can also improve your mood in the morning. Examples of plants that you can thrive in your bathroom shower are; Orchids, snake plants, moss, begonia, and many more.

    Large mirror

walk in shower with large mirror

Installing a large mirror in your walk-in shower isn’t just because of vanity only. It also lessens any unfortunate minor accidents that will happen. Large mirrors should be placed either on glass doors, tiles, or anywhere in your bathroom. Depending on the design of the mirror and the mounting location, you can opt to mount it temporarily or permanently. If you’re not that fond of large mirrors, you can purchase a double vanity mirror. It also comes with storage so you can save space. It also adds elegance to the rest of the bathroom.

    Built-in storage

Adding functional and attractive storage to a lovely bathroom can take it to the next level. It’s common for bathrooms to become cluttered with cosmetics and grooming goods; modest bathroom storage modifications can help you organize everything. To add interest to the area and break up a wall of cabinets, mix open and closed shower storage or use frosted-glass door inserts. If you’re going for a minimalist shower, try to purchase a double vanity that has built-in storage that will store your cosmetics and extra toiletries.

Final Thought

No matter what bathroom shower ideas, shower designs or style, your walk-in shower has, just make sure that it still gives you the completely personalized experience that you need and deserve. A bathroom remodel may cost lots of money but if you see the result like the beautiful marble flooring, the gorgeous tile work, the seamless entrance, and a larger shower room, you’ll say that it’s all worth the expenses. I hope that the contents above helped you decide what will you do next for your bathroom shower ideas that you need for your next renovation.


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