At the end of the day, after a long day of work and stress, you would find yourself lying in your bed and having some sweet dreams. Some people say that their bedroom is where they find their comfort and peace of mind. It is a place where they can have their own privacy.

It doesn’t matter whether your bedroom size is big or small, the important thing is, you love being in that space of your home. However, we sometimes need to renovate our small bedroom and give it some modern aesthetics. There are lots of things you can find on the internet, magazines, or books if ever you’re still reading one.

You can either repaint your white walls and add some decor scheme or wall art in it. You can also change the interior design of your bedroom. Either you want to add or remove some furniture or install some patterned textiles, it’s up to you what style you want your bedroom design to be.

You can minimize or maximize your space, whatever suits your visual interest best. Of course, you can seek some help from an interior designer if you ever want it to be professionally done, or you can just do it yourself. Either way is good but, be sure to value quality over quantity more.

Bedroom With Modern Kick

Designing your modern bedroom may sound like a hard task. You don’t know what to choose between soft colors or the dark ones. What kind of modern style will you do in your modern bedroom.

Either you want it to be a minimalist bedroom or not, what furniture is good to install or remove in your elegant space, or what kind of decor items can match up your bedroom . It’s really up to your style and preferences since it’s your bedroom that we’re talking about, but you might find this list of Small Bedroom Design Inspiration below to help you have some modern bedroom ideas and get on with your renovating slash designing.

15 Bedroom Design Inspiration

    Bright room with plants and planters

bright bedroom with plants

It is proven that plants are a big help to our health. They do not just breathe out oxygen but also purifies the air that we breathe. They also give a green scenery that helps calm and relax your mind, boosts your mood and brings out positivity in your day.

That is a good thing if you ever get tired after a very long day. It’s up to you what kind of houseplant you want to purchase but be sure to provide it with some bright room for it to grow properly. You can place it near a windowsill, or plant it in a pot and place it at your bedside tables. You can also use a hanging basket and hook them up wherever you like.

Clean and pollutant-free air makes your room, not just greener but also bright.

    Contemporary Bedroom Design

You might wonder, what can I add or put in my bedroom for it to have a modern feel? Well, with contemporary bedroom design, you can create a peaceful, sleek setting that is as appealing as it is stylish. You can add bold pops of throw pillows that have a design that will surely catch someone’s eyes.

You should also experiment on your colors, analogous colors can help you create a peaceful, modern space, in a contemporary bedroom. You should try using contrasting or contemporary colors because its proximity of bold colors will definitely create a modern, eye-catching vibe to your bedroom. You should make your modern bedroom have that sleek, neutral look or feel that will make you feel relaxed and calm.

You can also try adding wallpaper on your walls with a graphic or geometric design, or try to give it a black and white color scheme, or  a textured accent wall with a geometric 3D Design.

    Color Matching Theme

color matching bedroom

It is scientifically proven that colors affect your mood and energy level. The colors you choose for your modern bedroom’s interiors are also a reflection of your personality. Color has the ability to alter the shape and size of furniture it also has an ability to alter the shape and size of the room.

It is up to you what color scheme you want to color your room. Your bedroom is your ‘peace’ space so choose a color that would help you relax. Colors such as green, purple, and blue are the best recommended colors to use in a modern bedroom.

Green is believed to relieve stress and help with fertility. Purple but in lighter shades such as lavender and lilac can give you a relaxing vibe also, and blue is known that it can help lower blood pressure while also reducing breathing and heart rate. There are also colors that you need to avoid such as orange and pastel blue.

Orange is a very bright color and may counter the relaxing vibe of your bedroom while pastel blue on the walls might feel uncomfortably cold, especially in a room with limited natural light. There are lots of colors to choose to match your modern bedroom, make sure you choose one that is suited for you.

   Modern and Innovative

It’s natural to grow tired with your bedroom’s design scheme; after all, it’s where you spend the majority of your time. As a result, give your bedroom a modern design and a modern style, and make it look fresh and new. There are lots of ways to redecorate or renovate your bedroom into a modern bedroom.

You can have a minimalist bedroom to save up space for your bedroom or keep it simple. Or, you can set an atmosphere in your modern bedroom with wallpapers and complement it with the right accessories. Low furniture also adds a sense of depth and makes the bedroom feel stylish. Playing with light and shadow on the headboard wall may make a great impression in the modern bedroom decor.

Embedded LED lights is an innovative idea that is quickly gaining favour in modern decor. It is up to you how you will design your modern bedroom to give it a modern elegance and as long as it gives you the happiness and satisfaction that you desire.

    All Brown Theme

brown shade bedroom

Because brown is a neutral color, it’s one of the most popular colors to use when it comes to modern design. It is used and recommended by some interior designers because it gives your modern bedroom warmth and coziness,  it is also easy to match it with the other colors. Brown is one of the best hues in the color spectrum to employ in a modern bedroom to transform it into a relaxing retreat.

It can make a large bedroom cozy, and small bedrooms cozier. When you think of a rustic style, color brown goes into your mind. You can also buy furniture made of wood to match with your all-brown theme modern bedroom. Brown is also a good choice for Scandinavian designs. It is a color that matches well with modern and traditional elements.

    Black Theme

Black is also a neutral color that matches well with primary and secondary colors. If you are planning to go in a black themed modern bedroom design, you must know that if your bedroom is small with one or two windows only, and painted with black, the black color will absorb the sunlight faster and will result in a hot bedroom. That’s a disadvantage of having a black themed room.

However, having a black modern bedroom represents elegance, thus, it perfectly balances out other colors and gives your modern bedroom more depth. If you have a child, a black wall works for them too. Just make sure that you match it with light beddings and colorful pillow throws.

In an adult’s room, pair black walls with a white rug and a white bedding to create contrast in your black modern bedroom. Yellow is an excellent accent color for a black bedroom. Include splashes of yellow on your bed and in your modern bedroom’s decor for a coordinated design. White curtains or any type of light colors also goes well with a dark wall, as long as it distinguishes the window and curtains from the rest of the bedroom.

   Less is More

modern bedroom

Less furniture means more space. No unnecessary stuff means you have less things to clean. A minimalist bedroom is characterized by simple, clean lines, and a monochrome palette with color employed as an accent.

You should invest in furniture that has a hidden compartment for you to save up space and also ace when it comes to storage. By clearing the space of clutter, the bedroom might reflect the raw atmosphere of nighttime or sunrise. Because there is less material in the room, everything must be both beautiful and functional.

   All White Theme

White is such a versatile color to decorate with; it’s fantastic for creating a clean, neutral room, but it’s also a terrific canvas for bolder color schemes. It’s also a great color for smaller rooms that need a boost of brightness to seem more open and breezy. Having an all-white bedroom means having a cool atmosphere in your bedroom for white doesn’t absorb much heat as black color does.

White walls make small spaces appear larger and provide the ideal soothing environment for busy and working brains. But, white walls sometimes seems boring so you need to match it with lots of artworks in your wall. You can also put some houseplants for a calmer atmosphere.

An all-white bedroom can be more intriguing if you add different textures of white like beddings, pillows, and curtains.

    Gray Theme

modern gray bedroom

If you’re planning to make your bedroom into a gray themed bedroom, you can start with your bed frame. Tall headboards make an immediate effect and impact on your room. Adding gray prints above it provides symmetry.

You can also add bold grey and white patterned curtain, grey cushions and blankets, and a black pendant light. Muted pastels like purple, orange, pink, blue, green, off-white, and yellow are the finest bedding colors to mix with gray walls because they provide a soothing and calming ambiance that helps you relax and sleep.

However, gray color should not be used in kid’s bedrooms, nurseries and rooms for infants and children, or any room that needs creativity.

   Bright and Fresh

Bedrooms come in big and small sizes. It’s up to you how you can make it look bright and warm. Using colors such as white, lilac, blue, and green can add up to the modern style of your bedroom. Losing some unnecessary accessories and furniture can freshen up the look of your bedroom for it provides you more space. It’s up to you what kind of design you want your modern bedrooms to be, may it be a minimalist style, a rustic one, or the traditional one.

As long as you provide your personal space some personal home decor that suit it well. Also, you can add some hanging plants to add some green scenery in your bedroom.

   Glass Windows with full access outdoor

modern bedroom

Who doesn’t want to have a window that can make you see the breathtaking views outdoors? Modern bedrooms nowadays have either floor-to-ceiling glass windows that can get you the best view outdoors, some homeowners also want a sliding window with full access outdoors. Exteriors are as important as interior design, that’s why glass windows and doors are becoming a trend.

Large glass windows serve as a link between indoors and outdoors, providing natural light to the interior of a home while also providing spectacular views of the outdoors. During the hot summer or frigid winter, glass windows allow you to enjoy the sights of the outdoors while staying warm and comfortable in your bedroom. If you’re concerned about your privacy, you can install one-way glasses and drapery.

  Big mirror to make your small room bigger

If you have a small bedroom and you want it to look bigger, you can add a big mirror and it will do the trick. Using an oversized mirror improves the sense of visual space and is a big help for confined quarters – as long as you stay on a pretty simple frame. If you’re wondering how big your mirror would be, make sure that it’s really big because the larger, the better.

If you’re not planning to hang it over a headboard or a mantle, position it at an average person’s eye level which is 60 inches from the floor to the center of the mirror.

   Maximizing Under the Bed Storage

modern bedroom with under the bed storage

Your bed is your safe haven whenever you’re in your bedroom. It’s where you relax and free your mind from stress. If your bedroom lacks open space and you need some storage, why not try using the space underneath your precious bed? Under-bed storage keeps your things intact while keeping them out of sight.

Having an under-bed storage is also practical because less-used things are kept out of valuable storage space. However, like any other storage containers, you need to organize and clean the things that you keep underneath you. Rather than sliding bins or boxes beneath the bed, it’s a good idea to buy, repurpose, or create storage items that fit correctly under the bed.

Consider lidded containers if the room is dusty. You can choose storage solutions with wheels or install your own casters if you want regular access to your items.

  Large Frame or Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a way to transform your bedroom in a cheap and simple way, you can try putting some wallpaper in your bedroom walls. Wallpapers take up valuable real estate and instantly provide rich textures, color, and pattern. Considering that you’re about to purchase a wallpaper, choose a color scheme and pattern that complements your personal style. The best thing about purchasing a wallpaper for your bedroom is that in the simplest way it can transform your small room into a work of art.

Do you know that you can also frame your wallpaper? You can use framed wallpaper panels to add interest in your space. Installing large picture frames, whether it’s artwork, photos of you and your family, or just some paintings, can make a big statement in your room. For a beginner wallpaper hanger , the type of wallpaper that is ideal to use are vinyls. They’re not only the easiest sort of wallcovering to hang, but they’re also the easiest to live with because they’re long-lasting, dirt-resistant, and simple to clean. They’re also easy to remove.

    Hanging Shelves with Hanging Plants

modern bedroom with hanging shelves and hanging plants

Hanging shelves are a must these days. It saves floor space especially if you don’t have enough space in your bedroom, it also looks aesthetically pleasing. Floating shelves are used to keep books, frames, collectibles, including plants from messing your bedroom. Floating shelves like a Rope Hanging Shelf is perfect because you can easily mount them in your wall or ceiling.

You can place it near your window or above your bed. Hanging a plant on your hanging shelf is one of the good modern bedroom ideas. It not just saves some space but also gives your bedroom a fresh and warm room.

   Breezy and Cool Curtains

Curtains are one aspect of house decor that you simply cannot overlook. They’re one of those essential pieces of furniture that can set the mood in your bedroom. The possibilities are endless when it comes to curtains, from light and breezy to substantial and ornate, from simple colors to printed ones, from sheer materials to heavy opaque coverings.

Curtains are lightweight cloth panels that hang from curtain rods and are mostly used for privacy purposes. It’s up to you what color you want to choose, or what kind of design it will be. As long as it fits your bedroom’s vibe.

Final Thought

Whatever design or style you choose for your bedroom, make sure it suits your preference well. Your bedroom is your ‘space’, it’s where you get rest from a long, tiring day. Make extra time to redecorate it, or renovate it. We hope the contents above helped you in redesigning your precious bedrooms.


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