The kitchen is where creativity takes place, providing family and guests with delicious meals. Luckily the modern kitchen is both functional and aesthetic. So today we want to bring to you the best modern kitchen designs that surely will suit your taste. So whether you want a bit of sophistication, monochromic, subtle, bold, or bright, you can find it here. And if you’re going to start creating a contemporary interior design that suits your needs, read the following tips first.

Tips for Creating a Contemporary Kitchen

Your kitchen provides you with a space for everyday tasks, right! So it needs to look good and work for your needs. No matter what you do in your kitchen, from entertaining, eating, cooking, to cleaning, you need to enjoy being in it. So it requires careful planning when designing. Hence if you plan to do a kitchen renovation, keep some of the following in mind:

Things to Consider Before Decorating Your Kitchen Floor

Before decorating a kitchen floor, you need to plan, organize, and consider the must-have features you want in your kitchen. With the following planning tips, your kitchen looks gorgeous and functions well as you need it.

Remove Wasted Steps

Think about where and how you use your kitchen items when organizing your kitchen. For example, do you plan to have a breakfast nook? Store your foods and bowls in cabinets near your table. Keep all your plastic containers and wraps in a handy spot close to your work surface for those leftovers. Place your flatware and dishware close to the dishwasher to ease processing and unloading to make tasks simpler.

Direct Your Traffic Through The Kitchen

When designing your kitchen, traffic is a crucial consideration and needs to be kid-friendly. Where possible, keep the cooktop out of your traffic zones to prevent the handles from catching children causing spills. Likewise, make your refrigerator easily accessible for you and passersby when cooking or cleaning up.

Also, make sure the walkways are wide when looking at your kitchen floor plan. Doing this provides enough room to move between the island and cabinetry without bumping yourself. The general rule for pathways in a kitchen is at least 36-inches wide.

The isles within your cooking area need to be 42-inches wide for a one cook kitchen, while a two cook configuration needs to be 48-inches wide.

Keep Corners Clear

When deciding where to place your cabinetry and appliances, pay attention to the corners. You want your cabinet doors functional with clearance to open and swing direction. Where possible, prevent placing your devices in corners. Check to see if the doors bang into each other when opened.

The same applies when placing your microwave up high. Again, check for the correct location and height you want it placed. For adults, it helps to have the microwave at an elevation of 15-inches above your countertop. If you have children, the best is to put it below the countertop as a safer option.

Determine The Function of The Kitchen Island

Form follows function with kitchen islands. Consider how you want to use it within the space you have available. It helps to plan enough room for your cooktop separated from your dining space for cooking and eating. For added functionality, you can add a sink or dishwasher.

Placing Your Kitchen Appliances

With a huge family, you need extensive cooking needs and double up the appliances you often use. So it helps to have a second microwave, mini-refrigerator, or refrigerator drawer close to your work center. In turn, you need space close to these appliances to place items when preparing meals. So, keep in mind to add at least 15-inches of landing space on each side of your refrigerator and cooktop.

Think About the Countertops

What are your needs when preparing meals? If you cook a lot, it helps to have more counter space between your sink and range. If you enjoy baking, installing two countertop designs makes it more accessible, and you can get the kids involved.

The same applies to storing your cooking essentials, as it helps to have them around your range. For example, you can place a shelf behind or beside your oven to keep utensils, spices, cooking oils, and more. The same applies to other items in your kitchen, and having them within reach makes life simpler.

Further with careful design helps to make cleaning up easier. For example, consider using glass shelves in your fridge compared to the wired ones. Also, use a flush-set or an undermount sink for catching crumbs.

Recycling Made Easier

Plan where you want to place your waste and recycling items to make sorting easier. You can equip cabinets with containers for your plastic, glass, metal, and more. Or you can use a spare drawer to hold all your papers for recycling.

Think About Your Power Outlets

A kitchen needs a lot of electrical outlets for all the appliances you use. So installing multiple power outlets along the backsplash on the island helps. You can even outfit drawers with USB ports and outlets to make a remote charging station.

Color Consideration for Cabinets and Flooring

Do you have a small kitchen? Then it helps to use soft shades on your cabinets as it helps make them huge and inviting. Next, fit your kitchen with huge windows to bring in natural light. Finally, decide whether you want wood flooring, tiles, laminate, or vinyl in the kitchen.

All of these are great styles to use in a modern kitchen. The important thing is to keep your color scheme in mind when choosing your flooring. The rule of thumb is to place light-colored floors with dark counters and cabinets, providing contrast to stand out.

Top 16 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Aah, yes, the kitchen remains the heart of the home. Now that you have seen some tips on approaching your kitchen to revamp, here are some modern kitchen design ideas you can follow.

Creating a Minimalistic Look With Monochromatic Interior Design

Adding a minimalistic trend with a monochromatic style provides you with all the principles your kitchen need. It is easy to work in and pleasing to the eye. So how do you create such perfect kitchens as the all-white kitchen needs not come over boring? Here are some helpful ideas to achieve this provided by The Kitchen Company.

#1 You Need no Precise Color Match for That wow Effect

A big mistake is to make everything the same shade as it becomes overwhelming. By incorporating slight variations of white, gray, and other colors makes your monochromatic style kitchen look appealing. Instead, you can use the same color in different tones. For example, choose a color choice if white or gray use it in your paint color, countertops, cabinetry with a slightly different style to match with it.

#2 Add Some Natural Wood

Using wood provides a neutral break up of using a single color look. You can shade the cabinets inside the island utilizing a wood finish with the same finish on the framing around your oven. This adds interest to the only gray or white kitchen, and choosing a wood island countertop provides contrast.

 #3 Create a Contrast Between the Walls and Flooring With Wood And Tile

It can become overwhelming when deciding to add black, blue, or yellow tiles along the walls above and below the cabinetry with white walls. It need not become overwhelming adding a light floor. The same applies to dark walls and floors: all you need to do is choose a lighter shade cabinet and countertop.

#4 Create Contrast With Accessories for Small Areas

 Do you have wall and cabinet colors that match? Add a personal touch with your seating, lighting, and counter display into your interior design. Add colorful chairs with custom artwork and a natural wood ceiling to give it that wow look.

#5 Bring in Some Metal

If you decide to keep your kitchen in one color from the floor, backsplash, and cabinets, break it up using metal fixtures. There is no need for your appliances or items used to pop but needs to work into the design of your cabinets smoothly.

Install a Wooden Island

Kitchen islands provide you with the added space that most kitchens lack. But before installing one, consider the following first:

  • Do you have the available space for using one? The important thing is to have room around your kitchen island for ease of use. Consider allowing at least up to 40-inches on all sides of your island.
  • Consider how you want to use the kitchen island. For example, do you only want to use it as a working surface, or do you want to add seating? For seating, it helps to add at least 24-inches of space for each seat when eating.
  • The truth is that you can find different islands providing different uses. Think about how it needs to function. Do you want to prepare all your meals on it, wash dishes, place food when entertaining guests, and more? The important thing is that the island needs building according to your lifestyle.
  • The material is also essential to choose. For example, if you have children, use a porous material that is easy to clean, such as marble.
  • How it needs to look is also important. Do you want open or closed shelving added? While most provide only a workspace, you can find them with storage beneath. Furthermore, you can buy read-made ones or have them custom-made with add-ons. Think about electric or USB charging stations built-in or a built-in cutting board, dishwasher, and more.

12 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas With Marmoleum

Yes, we know when you hear linoleum or Marmoleum, you think of grandma’s bathroom and kitchen. You think it is boring, and how does it fit into your modern kitchen. Well, the truth is things have changed, and linoleum has a new selection of colors you can add to your kitchen. The dull grays and beiges are a thing of the past. The fabric is made with natural and renewable materials with excellent designs. Check out some of these great ideas using linoleum throughout the home.

Add a Touch of Industrial Style to Your Kitchen

Industrial kitchens make more than a statement but need proper planning. It works well with exposed brick walls and pipes, wall-mounted rails, wood beams, and retro-styled appliances. But if your kitchen does not have all of these, there are other ways to add that industrial touch.

You can merge your leather seating with stainless steel, equipped metal worktops with appliances. Or choose a toned-down palette when picking lighting from copper, brass, to black steel. Alternatively, installs a concrete countertop for sophistication and practicality.

Use reclaimed wood on your kitchen island and shelves. Or add burnished wire mesh to your cupboard doors combined with brass handles.

Design a Brown Kitchen With Marble L-Shape Island

Create an L-shaped breakfast bar with a marble top to fit in with your brown kitchen. The kitchen island is handy to have and doubles up your workspace with seating. In the L-shape, you can create a comfortable cooking space and use it to serve drinks and food.

Design a Natural Stone Kitchen Island

An excellent idea for a kitchen island is using stone to make it the focal point. One such stone is marble used for its aristocratic and splendor appearance. In addition, it provides an unmatched beauty with its white or black appearance. Alternatively, you can build the bottom section using river stones with marble, granite, quartz countertop.

Add Some Dark Drama

Often dark shades are purely for accent combined with white walls and cabinets. But you can go all dark with black walls, work surfaces, and cabinetry. It makes your kitchen liveable and inviting for guests with dark texture woods and a pop of color added to the seating and appliances colorfully displayed. Or you can go all dark with lighter recycled wood flooring with white countertops.

Make a Statement With Lights

Check out the pendant collection at Original BTC for show-stopping light statements to add to your kitchen. For example, if you have an open space with a small island, add one of their drop series lights above the counter. With a statement collection, you can add light and sophistication to your kitchen.

Add a Pantry

Do you have a small kitchen without added space for a pantry? Then it helps to invest in a pantry cupboard for your kitchen staples. You can find loads of pantry ideas available, making it a must-have for your modern kitchen. You can place all your goods in one place without them scattered around the kitchen. Further, having one frees up wall space to put attractive pieces in your kitchen.

Play Around With Gold Finishes

One thing we love is the wide selection of colors and finishes found in faucets and sinks. You can find them available in different shapes, sizes, and color designs. So make a statement adding a gold touch or any other color to your wet area to give it a great overall look.

What About a Curated Kitchen

Outfit your kitchen with glazed cabinets and opening shelving for a curated look. Then, carefully style them with decorative ceramics, artworks, curiosities, and your cookery books. Doing this adds a personal feel to your living space. So instead of hiding your personals away, display them in your contemporary kitchen instead.

A New Trend Appliances in Drawers

For a streamlined look, invest in a dish drawer or cool drawer that works for different functions making life simpler. For example, placing your appliances inside drawers at bench height provides you with ease without bending down too much. All you do is open the drawer to put the dirty dishes inside to clean.

Add Floating Shelves

Adding floating shelves to your kitchen or any part of the home is functional. It provides practicality, and you can show off your accessories. Or you can place all your essential items within reach above your cooktop.

Use Materials in Interesting Ways

You want a kitchen that does not feel off-the-shelf, right! Yes, but the cabinets in the kitchen, from appliances to cabinetry, are standardized. No problem, think about adding style using practical elements in your interior design. For example, add a rustic shelf above your sink to display your pottery with a brass or gold backsplash tiling creating the perfect decor for your kitchen.

Be Brave With Colors

Pick two shades of the color wheel like green and pink to achieve a bold contrast. For example, paint your walls green and make your cabinetry pink. Or you can go with the following ideas:

  • Use earthy tones, a big trend at the moment bringing in brown to clay shades. So choose earthy cabinets with a pale worktop, even if you use white.
  • Go wild with black or other dark colors to add some drama to your kitchen. For example, you can paint your cabinetry in dark shades to bring in alongside your other pieces.
  • Bring sunshine into the cooking area with yellow making it playful and fun to be there. You can use the shade on your cabinets to give it a pick-me-up vibe.
  • Changing the color of your kitchen island will make it pop. In addition, you can choose a brighter or darker shade than used in the kitchen.

The Revival of The Sink Skirt

Yes, we know it sounds old-fashioned, but the strange thing is it is making its way back into many modern kitchens. You can use any texture or pattern to soften your kitchen scheme. One thing is sure you will add a touch of nostalgia to your wet area. Instead of having a base cabinet with doors underneath, use a pleated curtain instead of a rod. You can update the element often, making for a beautiful place to keep the waste bin hidden at the same time. Or you can remove the doors on the cabinet and place the curtain to close it.


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