For decades architecture has provided impressive solutions for pressing issues concerning global warming. Architects provide accessible housing for the vulnerable.

Even if we feel off-the-grid prefabs and lush nature’s retreats give us a spark of flame, we all seem to forget this all.

So we here at Modlust want to admire all architects for coming up with some top trends. So today, we dedicate this article to some of the latest modern architecture trends making our lives simple.

5 Important Trends in Modern Architecture

Architect trends are essential when it comes to creating a living space for you. So what trends are influencing the future? Here are some of the latest architectural trends that will shape your living for decades to come:

Architectural Trends With Geometric Simplicity In The Forefront

Architectural Trends

When it comes to residential architecture, the industrial style of living is becoming a big thing. As a result, you see asymmetrical forms taking place in the construction. A notable thing is an aluminum, recycled plastic, wood, and more.

Further, exterior to interior spaces have simple lines without surface elements providing all the industrial style features. Another trend is home automation and smart homes making their way onto the urban scene.

We are seeing this taking place in newer buildings and retrofitted homes. In addition, automation is becoming a demand as residents want to control the lights, temperature, the security in their houses. Further, a smart house offers comfort while reducing the electricity bill and is beneficial for the environment.

These days you only need your thumbprint to get entry to your home. You need not even concern yourself with germs using self-sterilizing door handles. Or the kitchen cupboards are programmed. So, for example, you want to prepare pancakes, all you do is hit 30 on your keypad, and the drawers for everything you need open.

You see more decorative elements in the trends, covering walls with tiles or walls and floors with marble tiles. Textures and colors are not only limited to white, and colored cement is becoming fashion and mod.

Getting Close to Nature With Residential Architecture

modern architecture with outdoor accessibility

You can enjoy the outdoors all year round with balconies and terraces surrounding your structure. From glass enclosures such as glass curtains allowing light into the open-plan space. While you are surrounded by nature, the minimalist style is still present using avant-garde and modern materials.

Natural Light For Saving Costs

natural lighting

In the modern home, architects use the resources they have available, especially when it comes to lighting. The trend is sustainability, using less polluting fabrics to increase natural light flowing inside, saving costs on the power bill. So you get more solar arrays to sophisticated eco-friendly technology making its way into your home. The presence of a skylight to massive windows is now the thing.

Open Interiors and Spaces

open floor plans

You see different areas of your home becoming more transparent, adding more meters for moving around. There are functional spaces for the family using partitioned walls. Rooms are decorated in a consistent way to add light and space.

For example, you walk from the kitchen into your living rooms only a few meters apart. Or you can join your terrace with your living area or bedroom. Another highlight is using folding or retractable furniture to pass naturally.

Open Floor Kitchen

open floor kitchen

Yes, the kitchen is the most loved space in your home. You prepare your food and gather in it with family and friends. It is a preferred place for your kids to play or enjoy an aperitif with guests. Kitchens have connections with the dining area or the living room. You find a central island to use as a cooking place or a watering zone.

Another highlight is everything has a place in the kitchen. You have a pantry with dedicated space to keep essential food items. Even the kitchen has a space-saving design with cabinets filled to the brim. Having these cupboards makes your kitchen look clutter-free.

modern bathroom

Yes, even the bathroom is now a place to relax and feel comfortable. The area is dedicated to personal care connecting the outside with the inner space available. It is like a spa with a whirlpool, sauna, and hammocks surrounded by plant life. Or you can go for a freestanding bath to become the focal point.

Some of the latest trends are light to white colors using tiles to facilitate a clean yet calm serenity. Your shower becomes the central part of the bathroom with a hydro-massage cabin or even a screen. The furniture used is simple, and you have loads of storage capacity available.


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