Are you a baby boomer or millennial searching for a new home? You are then; you might beasking yourself “Are modern homes still popular in 2021”?. The short answer is yes, as the modern house design is still prevalent as it was years ago. The fact is the mid-century modern homes are here to stay, and we will tell you why.

What are Modern Style Homes?

The Mid Mod or MCM provides you with openness with simple lines making it one with nature. Mid-century modern homes have stood the test of time since the 1960s. Furthermore, if you’re lucky to have one, now is the time to do it up and capture the architectural feeling.

However, do not assume that the latest modern houses fit into the same category. The mid-Century modern architecture emphasizes form and function. You get loads of natural elements and glass, bringing nature inside your living space to provide indoor-outdoor spaces. You get more extensive floor plans with open rooms and living areas.

History of Modern Architecture

These days you can see modern architecture from Modern Art, Museums to homes. The mid-century modern architecture term refers to building modern house designs at the end of 1945 and mid-1970 after World War II.

The use of function and form became popular, as it was practical yet aesthetically pleasing. With the war ending and soldiers, returning people required more housing. It resulted in a cheap building that is fast, resulting in the residential developments filling up fast.

You found traditionally styled homes such as the Cape Cods in California. Other parts had a boom of modernist homes called MCM. Architects started building houses in a modular fashion with simple construction to help keep costs low.

However, the result was that the Mid-Century Modern Homes weren’t the quickest and cheapest to build. Yet, things changed as designers started looking to the future as transition progressed in the country. Instead of creating two to three-story homes, Americans began moving to larger plots in the suburbs with open-concept dwellings.

With Frank Lloyd Wright’s inspiration, the boom of the Space Age reconnecting homeowners with nature started.

What are the modern-style homes of this century? The mid-century modern house exterior comprises a one-story house with many windows on the sides and back. The living space has large expanses of glass with overhanging eaves and low-pitched roofs.

The mid-century modern house interior comprises open floor plans while the windows connect with the outdoors. There are vast expanses of glass, incorporating natural materials such as exposed beams, concrete with stone features, and wood-paneled walls—the outside connected with the home’s interior.

Joseph Eichler built the majority of these homes found in California.

Are Modern Homes Still Popular

Yes, it is! According to the 2021 Real Estate Trend Report done by Opendoor, many new homeowners are still moving into Modernity. They gathered data from November to December 2020 from 1,290 respondents in the U.S. planning to buy or sell their homes over the next 12 months.

They found that the COVID-19 affects why, when, where, and what they plan to buy in homes. The report included information from baby boomers to millennials. People are spending more time at home. For this reason, people have a specific amenity demand like outdoor spaces and home offices.

The homebuyers who shifted their wants the most are millennials, while baby boomers’ preferences remain. They want their homes to connect with nature, entertaining spaces, modern kitchens, and home offices. Many new homeowners want Ranch and Modern style homes. 40% of Gen X and Millennials are looking for modern homes for sale.

While the baby boomers prefer Cape Cod, Colonial, Ranch, and Mid-Century Modern homes, it is not only the homebuyer changing things! The home seller is also very eager to invest in newer digital options. While 71% of home sellers prefer selling their home online and 75% of the homebuyers are likely to consider a home available through a realtor with digital tools.

Why are Modern Homes still Popular in 2021

One of the main reasons that make this home amassing is the different elements available under one construction. These homes provide families with a place to live that looks like a work of art. Some popular features making even the small modern houses a worthy investment is:

The Laundry Room

People can stack their dirty laundry in one place with all their washing essentials. According to NAHB, it is one of the most-wanted features found in a modern home.

Energy Efficiency

The modern house provides a lot of natural light streaming into the home through the windows. Having this feature enables a limit on utility bills. This is one of the different reasons to why are modern homes still popular in 2021.

Other Features:

  • You have an ample expansive space to live in as one room flows into another.
  • The modern home interior connects with the exterior allowing you to feel as if you are in nature.
  • The kitchens are huge, and some even have walk-in pantries.
  • Bedrooms have a walk-in closet providing families with ample storage space.
  • Lastly, you can create office space in the home with the pandemic while still connecting with the outside world.

Advantages of Modern Home Architecture

If you are still wondering that why are modern homes still popular, modern architecture in another reason. When it comes to modern house plans, you can reap loads of benefits to make your home a friendly environment. Some of the advantages:

The Modern Home is Spacious

The space in the residence architects uses efficiently to complement the whole structure. You have ceiling space with corridors and hallways, maximizing the airflow while also minimizing transitional spaces. The living space is not limited, and the interior extends to your surrounding environment.

There is A Lot of Light

You get natural light entering the home with all the windows available without compromising privacy. This cuts down on energy costs as you need not turn on more lights in the summer or winter.

Are modern homes still popular

The Modern House is Aesthetically Pleasing

You get an eye-pleasing design that maintains the balance of the structure with efficiency and value. It has large and bold exteriors with flat rooflines. The mixture is natural wood, metal, glass, stone, with clean lines.

Different Customization Options

With the modern house, you need not overburden your home with loads of rooms or features, and you can customize it according to your needs.

Your Home is Earth-Friendly

There is no wastage in the materials used, AC, airflow, or insulation. You get luxury with water-saving plumbing, sustainable material in the construction, with energy-efficient lighting.

What City Has the Most Modern Homes

Where are the modern homes most common? You can find tiny modern houses in different cities throughout America. However, the top on the list is Palm Springs, California, comprising Mid-Century Modern Architecture. Other popular places are:

  1. Austin, Texas, comprises commercial buildings, schools, churches, and Mid-Century Modern Style Homes. To find out more, you can check Preservation Austin.
  2. Portland, Oregon presents all with a rustic look as the indoor space seamlessly blends into the outdoor space. You see the residence with low-slung silhouettes, wood-framed structures, and unpainted roofs.
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada, has some of the best MCM homes that include Paradise Palms. Make sure to check out the Nevada Preservation Foundation.
  4. Chicago, Illinois, presents you with a high-rise skyline with mid-century modern buildings. A standout is the ITT campus that is one of Mies van der Rohe’s works. There are also 24 homes designed by Keck & Keck in Forest Crest.

What is The Future of Modern Houses

While many modern house-building styles today still follow the traditional architectural style from the 1930s onwards, it still is different in many ways. You want a home with a stylishness that is comfortable and safe to live.

A modern house is more liveable to suit your everyday lifestyle needs and adaptable for the future as change takes place. You can easily make it energy-efficient while still embracing the natural sustainability ethos to accommodate the advances in architecture and modern technology at the same time.

MODLUST feels that a modern home has an excellent future. It provides comfort, warmth, and character, making it fun for families to live.


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