Contemporary can mean different things, especially when embarking on new interior paint projects.

Some feel that white paint is modernity personified, but you can use them in every room, while others find deep hues dramatic. Yet, both types can liven up spaces depending on where you use them.

Contemporary interior paint colors you do not only reserve for contemporary architecture but capture the contemporary sensibility. More people are straying from the faithfully bright whites and bringing in neutral tones of white and gray in recent years.

Therefore, what forerunning color trends are thriving in today’s paint projects? Let’s find out.

Benjamin Moore’s Flora a Living Room

The popular internal paint color is the dark blue-green paint from Benjamin Moore (AF 470), which is rich in color without being too dark.

According to Rebecca West, a designer from Seriously Happy Homes, the earthly tint gives an earthy texture without feeling too heavy for any living space.

You can pair it with dark wood tones or even medium ones, and it works well with different modern and traditional interior styles. However, one thing is sure you will never go wrong with this soft sage paint color from Benjamin Moore’s interior design collection.

So if you want to instantly add a relaxing, soothing feeling to any part of the home, try this interior paint color idea.

PPG Porter Paints Chalky Blue

The PPG Porter Chalky Blue Paint (PPG1153-5) works well as wall paint colors for modern paint. But, first, you see a gray, blue, velvety shade to use as a neutral color, says expert Kristen Chuber from Paintzen color.

Next, you will make an impact using it with a rich black or warm white trim. Furthermore, it works well in a monochromatic palette with shades of blue-gray on the lighter or darker side.

Finally, try this paint if you need a classic color for kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, kitchens, or living rooms. It will surely brighten up any home.

The Spruce Best Home Sundream

Add some energy to your living space with this pale orange paint color. With an orange or red shade, you can add some happiness to any living space. It will make your house inviting and welcoming for guests. The SPR-03 (Spruce Best Home Sundream) is a warm beige part of the orange family. It is one of the best modern paint colors for living rooms with a subtle look on walls or evokes positive vibes.

Benjamin Moore Black Beauty

Nothing creates a more dramatic effect than painting your walls black. With the Benjamin Moore Black Beauty, you can make a chic way to elevate the colors in your home. It gives a warm yet rich tone pairing well with hues from deep greens, pinks, and pure white to metallic tones. A tip is to use it in small spaces like your entryways, powder rooms, and dens.

Farrow & Ball Card Room Green

Use Farrow & Ball Card Room Green (No. 79) inside your home to give a sense of balance that is calming and relaxing. It even works as an exterior paint color on doors paired with white walls to make a statement. According to Moll Anderson, an interior designer, the paint colors are therapeutic, as the green harmonizes well with other shades of white, mustard, pebble, and gray paint.

Sherwin-Williams Alabaster

For a perfect paint color for the living room, the Sherwin Williams Alabaster (SW7008) comes highly recommended by designer Claudia Leah. The white texture gives warmth to any home with a north-facing view. This creamy white works with anything, no matter what room you want to give a new paint.

With its versatile use, you can match it with any furniture style or design. If your interior furnishings change, there is no need to redo the walls with this paint, which will become an accent wall in the home.

Sherwin-Williams Poised Taupe

The Sherwin-Williams Poised Taupe (SW 6039) provides a broad appeal and timeless versatility for a neutral hue. The color is easy to live with and looks stunning paired with white, blues, denim, and country blues. The coloring works well if you want the best interior paint colors for a modern or retro home.

You can use pink, mauve, terra-cotta orange, or avocado to add natural light to your place.

Benjamin Moore Excalibur Gray

The modern paint color for a bedroom that works exceptionally well is the Benjamin Moore Excalibur Gray. It has a slight violet cast that works well in bathrooms as well. In addition, the shade provides a romantic yet moody feeling allowing you to breathe new life into your living place.

PPG Paints Whiskers

For modern exterior paint schemes and something that works well on interior walls, the PPG Paints Whiskers is something to consider. The pale color fits in well with hot home trends to promote happiness in your living place. The subtle pastel representing the new hygge Danish movement is the Whiskers (PPG1025-3) by PPG Paints. The delicate shade envelopes any building or room to feel cozy, wanting you to retreat to a magical paradise.

Glidden Red Delicious

If you prefer an energetic hue, then the Red Delicious (00YR 08/409) from PPG Paints will surely raise eyebrows. However, you can use it as an interior paint idea to accent walls when paired with white trim. It is a timeless version that will remain gorgeous and rich for years. Pairing it with the correct shade, such as tans, blues, and whites, is important.

Sherwin-Williams Carnival

The Sherwin-William Carnival works well as a modern exterior paint scheme for the interior color. It gives a mid-century modern look and feels to any place. The vibrant tint might not be for the shy decorator. However, it indeed makes a statement behind your wooden bed. You can use it in the foyer to add a pop of color or use it on exterior walls.

Farrow & Ball Nancy’s Blushes

The No. 279 works as well as an exterior paint color paired with white door trims. In addition, you can use it inside your living place to add color to any room, giving it a neutral feeling.

To complement any other color, you can even bolder to make it look brighter in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms.


Frequently Asked Questions

The boldest color is from the Benjamin Moore colors, the Raspberry Blush, a lively orange-red to transform your living room dramatically.

Colors with blue undertones, pale gray, bright white, a gloss finish, green color, soft peach, matching yellow/pale peach/ mint green, or mauve/dusty blue/sage are ideal for the modern home.

The decor rule is that 60% of a room must have a dominant color while 30% of it should be secondary with color or texture, and 10% accent.

Always find paint colors that inspire you, use color theory to create your color scheme, become creative with neutral painting colors, and always look outside your ideas.

A good rule is to use not more than five distinct colors in the home, but you are not limited to only using five.

The common thread uses colors that run from one room to another for a harmonious scheme.


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