Best Modern Living Room Curtain Ideas

Do you want your living room frilled from top to bottom? Then we’ve got you all wrapped up with the best living room curtain ideas. Find out here how to choose your living room curtains from the fabric, length to the pattern, and texture to use.

10 Most Loved Living Room Curtain Ideas

Are you uncertain where to start as a drapery dreamer? We are here to help. Here you can find some of the best living room drape ideas from the experts to get it right.

Choosing Your Living Room Curtains

When spending dough on your living room curtains, your window treatments need to be correct. The fact is when talking to an interior decorator. There is one thing they tell you. Your curtains make your room. Yet, only when done right.

When choosing curtains, whether it is blackout curtains or sheer curtains, it all comes down to the length, color, lining, and fabric. But you face many decisions, and it becomes overwhelming. So here is some advice to make your selection to choose curtains simpler.

The Fabric and Color

Choosing curtains for your room all comes down to the fabric and color you desire. The material dictates how well it will hold up for years. If you have too heavy drapes, it might look drawn while too light. It might not fall well, according to Tilton Fenwick decorator DePedro Cunningham.

So what should you do? First, hold a piece of the fabric up to your window, even if it is only in the showroom. Then, start to pleat it like an accordion at the top and allow it to drape. If your fabric flares like the crinoline, then the likeliness is it will not drape nicely on your window.

Where possible, take a sample of two yards as using smaller pieces does not provide an actual drape. Still, think about the sun as well, as it might fade the material with time. So if your room gets plenty of light, avoid colors that tend to disappear.

If you swap and change your living room curtains often, it helps to go with neutral shades as they do not often fade and blend well into any room decor. Fabrics that hang the best are velvet, linen, faux silk, and silk.

The Length

Great you have decided on the material and color, but now you need to know the length. Yet, before grabbing that tape measure, decide how high you want your curtains to hang. For a sense of height, it helps to hand your panels high.

So if you prefer a dramatic look, hand your curtains more than six inches above your window frame. Make sure to measure from the top with added inches of the height where your drapes will hang to the floor. If you prefer a modern yet crips look, let the panel fall flat with the floor.

For measuring the window width, it helps to add from four to eight inches on both sides. Then double that total number to provide your curtain with fullness.

Do You Want Dry Clean Only or Washer Machine Friendly?

Before buying your fabric decide if you want to wash your curtains yourself or have them dry cleaned. Further, keep in mind that washing high-quality drapes can ruin them, according to Consumer Reports.

Should You Buy or Make Your Living Room Curtain

Great, now you’re ready to invest money in getting your living room curtains made. But do you want to buy it off-the-shelf or have it custom-made? Not sure which one to choose, then we can help with the following tips.

Selecting custom window treatment offers you loads of benefits:

  • First, you can customize the dimensions to the window size.
  • Second, you can have your curtains tailored perfectly to the window.
  • Lastly, it will look fabulous, and it’s available in endless designs, fabric, and head styles.

The only problem is it costs a fortune compared to buying them off-the-shelf. Or you can always choose an in-home or online consultation. Companies like Macy’s send a consultant to your house to decide on the texture, color and finishes saving you loads of trips to the store.

Laurel and Wolf are interior designers you can work with online if you prefer to go online.

10 Elegant Modern Living Room Curtain Ideas

Now that you know what you need to revamp your room with curtains, it helps to inspire some living room curtain ideas. Here are some curtain ideas to make your living room modern with a personal touch.

Make It Fun Mixing and Matching Patterns

Are you looking for different ways to brighten up your living room? Then mixing mismatch curtains is one the most fashionable ways to achieve this. However, if you do, it is best to mix two different patterns and colors evenly. Further, if combining window treatments, stick to only one look for your treatments. Here are some ways you can do this:

mix and match curtains style

Use uniform style by mixing all your window treatments to give it a clean look.

Or you can use different curtains to help frame your living room. Doing this works well in living spaces with loads of light. Finally, you can use two sets of bulkier treatments with dark material that helps to frame specific walls.

Alternatively, you can use the same pattern with a different treatment. For example, you can use a Roman blind with a regular curtain to give uniformity, switching things up.

Or, you can go with a monochromatic style by mixing your curtain styles to match a color or pattern within the room. For example, you can use polka dot patterned curtains with different shades in your room.

Consider The Rod Design

curtain rod matching the furniture color

When selecting your living room curtains, choosing the rod to hang them on is also essential. Using a curtain rod in color matching your furniture with white curtains hanging with floor-length can make a room look stylish. You can make it look shabby chic, industrial, modern, or add some rustic glam.

Choose Sheer White For Your Living Room Curtains

sheer white curtain for living room

Now, if you prefer something more minimalist that is loose, light, and airy, sheer is the way to go. The drapes provide you with privacy throughout the day. The interior designers prefer using sheer curtains to give your living space an upgrade.

A Classic Earth Tone Shade

earth tone living room curtains

Add some brown, green, beige, or brown earth tone colors into your drapes to tie up with your living room space. The color palette compliments any interior design to make your place look and feel comfortable.

Choose Horizontal Striped Curtains

horizontal stripes curtains

Do you want to keep your living room dark at night, then choosing blackout curtains with horizontal lines can do the trick? The lines create boundaries with dimension and character. So to add a hint of size and personality, using stripes is the way to go.

Make Your Living Room Look Like Royalty

deep blue royal curtain

Yes, it is possible when you choose a deep blue, royal curtain for your living space. You can use it with vibrant colors of yellow, orange, red, purple, and green. So get decorating from the floor to ceiling hanging these gorgeous colorful curtains.

Embrace Your Living Room with Neutrals

neutral color living room curtains

Choosing a neutral texture works with most colors in your living room. Further, it helps if you have multiple shades around the space available in your furniture and accessories. Furthermore, it helps to tone down an intense color as well.

Splash Out With Green

splash of green curtains

Oh, my word, no! Oh yes, if you want to make a statement in your living space, then green curtains do the trick. You can use it with bold colored walls from burgundy, fuchsia, or plum.

Or you can keep it neutral to blend in with your green and purple tones in the fabric. It works excellent if your furniture and flooring is a neutral palette to provide balance.

Decorate With Fresh White Curtains

fresh white curtains

The ideal trimming for any window in the home is fresh white shades or drapes. The color fits in with every style you can think of.

Further, the selection of choosing white sheer, velvet, cotton, and other fabrics online is endless. One thing is sure your living room will look decorative, bright, elegant, and is sure to make a statement.

Go With a Sofa Palette

modern living room curtains

To anchor your room, you can go with a sofa palette match to let your living space look balanced. For example, here are some colors you can use with the following couch palette:

  • A red sofa works well with ivory walls and solid red velvet drapery in the same color tone as the couch.
  • There is no need to match the curtain shade for beige or gray furniture, and you can keep things neutral with whites, taupes, smokes, or off-whites.
  • For brown or black, do not use a sofa palette; instead, go with black velvet drapes with a brown sofa but make sure to edge the borders vertically in the same couch color. Yet, for a black sofa adding white or any other shade will do but do not use black curtains unless you have a pop of different colors in your living room.

As you can see, you can do loads of things in your living room. The important thing is to balance your patterns, solids, and brights, whether using curtains or blinds.


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