Yes, it is nearly that time of the year when festivities are high on the list. Your living room becomes the essence of your home. It becomes the focal point, especially over Christmas.

Yet, it becomes even better when you have a fireplace as it triples up the excitement with a Christmas tree standing in the corner. So you want to add some festive cheer, and to do this, it all comes down to decorating your living room.

But how do you do this? We are here to help bring festivity back into your contemporary living room with the best Christmas decoration ideas you can find.

Creating a Christmas Living Room That Sparkles

While your living room is the center of attention in the holiday season, there are other ways to make your whole home look Christmasy.

Best of all, you do not need to have an interior decorator help as you can achieve this all by yourself. Adding some Christmas decor throughout the home gives it a personal flair to feel bright and warm.

Here are some simple ways to make your house festive this year.

Create a Christmas Tree Outside

Yes, you can add a string of twinkle lights outside on your trees, welcoming guests inside. But it does not stop here as those twinkle lights make for great decor by the fireplace and other family spaces in the home.

Add Some Christmas Decor Ambience to the Bedrooms

Make up those beds using holiday sheets in December. You can choose holiday quilts or even comforters to create a festive mood for all. But if going all red and green is not your thing add some holiday pillow mixed with other cushions for a festive feel.

Bring in Some Holiday Scents

There is no need to buy candles to add a festive aroma to your home. There are many other ways to achieve this as well.

  • Make a simmer pot that is an age-old tradition using a classic recipe of quartered apples, 15 cloves, whole orange peel, and two cinnamon sticks. Add water to your pot of ingredients and leave it to simmer on low. Yet, remember to keep adding water, or you may end up with a mess.
  • Buy some cinnamon incense and burn it throughout the home for a pleasant smell.
  • Or, if you have diffusers, add a blend of essential oils from frankincense, peppermint, cinnamon, orange, ginger to myrrh.
  • Another handy thing to have is wax warmers to give a fantastic strong candle wax smell.
  • Lastly, making a pomander is also great. All you need is a thick-skinned orange and poke some holes in it using a toothpick. Then, create a fancy design covering it with cloves to place throughout the home. The best part once it starts drying out, you can put it in your cabinets and cupboards.

Frame the Doorway With Christmas Decor

Welcome your guests with a holiday spirit by framing the doorways with garland, holly, popcorn strings, or anything that tickles your fancy.

Great, now that your home for the festive seasons is coming alive, it’s time to tackle your living room with the following decorative ideas.

15 Modern Living Room Decorations For Christmas

You to can celebrate your festive season surrounded by style with the following Christmas decorations choosing a color scheme you like. Here are some favorite ways to organize your seasonal design in the living room this coming winter.

A Romantic Living Room for Christmas

hold christma decor

You can co-ordinate the best living room Christmas look, accessorizing it with metallic colors from silver to gold. Then, layer up those shades with warm metallic colors to adorn your mantel and fireplace. Keep to your color scheme and the decoration shapes you use.

Even a string of white lights sets off the best effect. Mix it up with baubles and a mixture of bronze with soft gold. For the mantelpiece, drape it with a garland using oranges, seed heads, and more—even the gifts covered with co-ordinating paper with a big bow on top.

Yet, you can mix up with matching metallics from rose gold, silver, and yellow gold to give a sense of luxury. Or, if you prefer, you can bring in red and white this holiday season, making for a great color palette.

Your white tree is decorated with red, silver, gold, and bronze to create a big effect. Still, it does not stop there. You can also go for all-white Christmas decor. Doing this works well in a white living room with a green holiday tree.

You can add some ivy cuttings from your garden to place around mirrors or the fire mantel and pictures.

Decorating Your Tree

redecorating your tree with recycled materials

There is no need to go the traditional way when decorating your Christmas tree using only ornaments. Instead, you can make your decorations using recycled materials from paper to fabric. For example, make some pompoms in different sizes using old yarn or use old garments to make the yarn.

You can make paper fans from old music sheets, wallpaper offcuts to vintage book pages. Design a Christmas card tree as you may have ones stored in a box from years ago. Pick the best ones for your display and add them to your tree.

Still, if you are handy in the kitchen, make a batch of edible Christmas tree decorations to add to the tree with sweets.

Redesign Candles for a Christmas Living Room

christmas candles

When it comes to candles, any color will do as long as it fits in with your living room for Christmas. You can create festivity with these decorating ideas and some candles. For example, you can make velvet-wrapped candles using velvet ribbon in a choice of color wrapped around a votive candle using pins.

Or choose a damask with a print to bring class to your Christmas decorations. A great way is to alternate the ribbon using plain or printed paper to make a unique design. Yet, a leaf-wrapped cancel is perfect for a natural pop of color in your white living room for a classic Christmas feel.

Or decorate your candle with some jewel ribbon and pins to keep it in place.

Create Twinkling Magic With LED Lights

The festive season is not entirely merry without lights, right! Of course not, so use that fairy light to design a cozy atmosphere in your living room.

You can create a winter wonderland by adding the most modest string of twinkling fairy lights matched with two or three more in different designs.

modern christmas decor

You can find different shapes of lights, even star-shaped ones, to generate some magic above your fireplace to fill up that bare wall.

Or go retro style with colored fairy lights by stringing them around the table, furniture to make everything colorful in the living space.

Make Your Coffee Table a Center Piece of Attraction

christmas coffee table

Whether you have a square or round coffee table, add some festive spirit using Christmas elements added to them. Start with a round wooden tray to form a gorgeous foundation, or place your ornaments directly on the table.

Next, select a Christmas wreath from simple to ornate, or even a pre-lit flocked one. Now, add some glittery balls or snowflakes or a touch of silver glitter spheres. Great, now you can add your candles using a tall, medium, and short one.

Last you add a touch of whim, such as a small bird on a perch or whatever makes you happy.

Make Things Cozy with Seasonal Pillows

seasonal throw pillows

You already have throw pillows on your couches. All you need are some festive seasonal pillows, and the best part is you can find different covers to buy online. No matter what your taste, you can find holiday pillows to use for every season of the year.

Bring Life to Your Mantel

christmas mantel and a fireplace

Nothing makes your living room look more festive than the fireplace and mantel. You can add some great designs in red and white this holiday season. Use garlands or bring in branches with twinkling lights for a romantic feel.

Fresh greenery added brings a natural scent inside. Hang your Christmas stockings for a great display. Or make the mantel a colorful one creating it into a cheerful one adding a bright garland with rainbow bottlebrush trees.

Finally, spraypaint some paper mache houses to create a Christmas village above the fireplace.

Wrap Presents With Non-Traditional Wrapping

non traditional gift wrapping

There is no need to use traditional wrapping for your presents. Instead, use your imagination to change thins up with the following bright decorative ideas:

  • Display the gifts in baskets found in different shapes and sizes. Using a basket works well if you plan to make homemade essential oils.
  • Do you have leftover wallpaper scraps? Then put them to good use for wrapping presents.
  • Use those old newspapers lying around to wrap gifts and color them up with some big bows.
  • Paper grocery bags is the in thing. You can cut them up and turn them inside out to use as wrapping.

Fill Up Empty Corners With Planters

christmas planters

Does your living room have an empty corner needing creativity? Then use your planters to fill up the space to create a cozy corner. For an eye-catching design, add color and texture with branches from your trees outside.

You can even use the shrubs you find in the garden. Use a fresh spray of cedar to create a green crown around the. Cover lichen sticks with yellow dogwood twigs with seedpod laden branches to add height.

Add an assortment of pine cones wired to picks with some dried roses or redwood seedpods for display.

Or you can trim a small tree to place in the corner using a steel bucket. Wind it with a clementine garland and fill it with some apples. You can even make a fruit garland by threading fruit such as oranges.

Decorate the Bar in Your Living Room

bar christmas decoration

Whether you have a complete bar or just a bar cart, you can make it fit in with your Christmas decor. By adding some candlesticks and greenery, it becomes part of the holiday festivities.

Design a place where you can make drinks on the spot. Have your bowl of lemons with a small chopping board and knife available.

Do not forget the squeezer to refresh drinks and add some vintage glassware for flair.

Add a Small Tree to Your Small Living Space

small christmas tree

Not everyone is lucky to have a vast living area, and adding a giant Christmas tree might not be an option. But the good news is you can add a smaller one standing in the corner. The important thing is to make it the focal point in your living room.

Have a Classic Christmas With More Candles

christmas candles

You have the fireplace, but it lacks something. Add some candles to the mantel and recycle that old mirror frame into a tray.

By giving it a make-over to use as a candle tray placed on the coffee table, it becomes a focal point of your place.

Add big to small candles displayed throughout your living room, creating a cozy feel for all visiting you this festive season.

Make Huge Wreath With Oversized Ribbons

oversize wreath with oversize red ribbon

Whether you want to hang a wreath at the front door or above the mantel, nothing displays better than one with a big bow. All you need are two different sizes/patterns of wire-edge ribbon with pipe cleaners. To find out more about making that massive bow check out this handy tutorial here.

String Some Lights on a Stack of Books

christmas tree of books

Why spend a fortune on buying a unique Christmas tree for your living space. We are sure you have loads of books lying around the home. Put them to good use in creating a book tree stringed with some light.

DD Cozy and Easy to make Patterns

crochet christmas decor

Get out grans old crochet needles and start crocheting some great ornaments for your living room. For example, make some Christmas mug cozies to snuggle up on your couch drinking hot chocolate. Or crochet a set for your teapot and teacup to keep things nice and warm.

Still, you can crochet some Christmas night ornaments for your tree. For a white Christmas crocheting, some snowflakes ornaments will look fabulous in your white living room on a green tree. You can even make the Christmas stockings hanging on the mantel.


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