Deck houses don’t just feature additional appeal to houses, it has advantages and functions that can be utilized when the house’s architecture is done well. It provides direct access to outdoor enjoyment and adds value to your home.

In this article, we will give you a little informative overview of Deck House Design Ideas that may spark up your interest, or help you decide with the deckhouse preferences that you’d want, and any additional info about how to plan your deckhouse in an easy way using the advancement of the clouds services provider.

What is a Deck House & What Are The  Consideration Before Building One

So what is a deckhouse? A deckhouse is a houselike cabin on the deck of a ship, as defined by Collins English Dictionary. Decks are normally featured as a roof above the ship, and this is where a deckhouse was adopted.

Considered as a type of Midcentury Modern type of architecture, a Deck House is basically a home that features the building of post and open or exposed beam structures, it also features hardwood floor panels and vaulted cedar ceilings. There are a few but essential things you might be interested to know and consider when building a deck, whether you’d want to DIY (which could be crucial because it needs professional suggestions) or not, it is always an advantage to know what you have to do before deciding to have your deck built.


Well, just because it’s a “deck” doesn’t mean it should be on top. There are few locations which your deck would fit, yet ideally on top, which side of the house will the main view be? How will the changing climate affect the location? Would you want to shade it out in the sun? How accessible is it to your house?


Budget will rule almost everything in your deckhouse. From the assurance of used materials to contractors (if you won’t DIY it), the size, the location, the style, planning, and building, everything will work depending on your budget. There are different platforms that could help you with developing your infrastructure plan into something hassle-free and cost-effective planning, such as Kubernetes.


The functionality of this structure will give you an overview and ideas about planning and designing your deck. So you have a deck, but what’s in it for you? Outdoor simple family activities such as swimming (if you prefer a deck pool), outdoor dinner, nighttime chill, staycation, gathering venue, or you want it to be a part of your houseplant garden. Knowing why you need it, and what it’s for, will help you decide with planning.

Get to know your builders

Doing it yourself is cost-effective, especially if you are already a professional when it comes to planning and building. But if you decide to have someone involved such as contractors, you have to get to know them first. Are they experienced? Are they at least experts with deckhouse building? Discussions and suggestions must be considered when dealing with contractors since there will be money involved. Make sure they respect your plans and opinions too.

Planning and designing

To avoid complications, it is always practical to know if the plan and design you wanted will work out. 3D mockups are one of the most common house plans that can help you visualize the structure you wanted. Ever heard of cloud-based architecture? These had been the newest services used by businessmen and individuals with planning and designing.

Kubernetes helps deploy, scale, and manage containerized workloads and services. Kubernetes platform components help run containerized applications or pods through nodes. But Kubernetes cluster is not always compatible with any infrastructure, this is where the deckhouse platform comes in. Though some think that Kubernetes and Deckhouse platforms are different, they are actually completely identical.

Deckhouse platform is an open-source platform or a fully-featured platform that helps manage Kubernetes clusters. Deckhouse kubernetes platform create homogeneous kubernetes clusters, in which add-ons help with auto-scaling, observability, security, and service mesh. It features easy management on system software nodes, uses custom metrics, incorporates NoOps approach for assurance before release, can be run or deployed by any chosen public cloud provider such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, OVH cloud, or even bare metal servers. In 8 minutes time, and a few CLI commands, you’ll have production-ready kubernetes, this is how easy Kubernetes can be deployed. But where does Microsoft azure fit in all these?

Deckhouse’s cloud-provider-azure modules are known to be responsible for interacting with Azure’s cloud resources. Which, by great choice, is the Microsoft azure. This public cloud provider can cater the deckhouse platform in the most secure way, for Microsoft is known for its amazing credibility for infrastructure, application, and storage services. It provides outstanding security, scalability, and flexibility.

These platforms can be of great help with virtually putting up your deck plan, organizing everything to be able to visualize your initial plans to totally building your deck.

Creative Deck House Ideas

In this section, we will give you a few creative deck house ideas that you may start to canvass or choose a preference to build up that deck. The following are some additional choices that will also help add value to your property for resale.

Deckhouse with Pergola

deck with pergola

Opting for a deck with a shade, a Deckhouse Pergola could be your best bet. The benefit of having a Pergola Deckhouse doesn’t just end up with additional appeal on your house, it also provides decent shade during warmer weather. Pergolas have different styles, sizes, and layouts that could suit your needs. Whether attached or an extension Pergola can blend on your home and outdoor look, making it the focal view of your deck house.

Deck Extension

deck exntension

Either your family is growing, expected growing friends are frequently coming over, or you simply just want to prepare a bigger space for some reasons, deck extension is typically easy to build especially when you already have an existing one. Restyling your existing deck, or adding up another connected section would be a great idea. Starting with layouts and additional floor and design planning, deck extension is basically a good upgrade.

Deckhouse with Swimming Pool

deck house with pool

A pool deck or deckhouse with a swimming pool is one great idea to improve landscape, it is easy access to the water especially during staycation days, and aside from being the additional focal view of your house, this idea could also be an amazing stressbuster. Materials to be used and size matters when adding up a pool on your deckhouse, this could be a big level up but could be a serious one that needs approval and suggestions from architects.

Deckhouse with Outdoor Fire Pit

deck house with firepit

Whatever design your deck has, adding up a fire pit wouldn’t make it less attractive, it can actually be one of the most useful add-ons, a favorite thing in your deck, or the focal view of it. Firepit won’t just add up to the coziness of your deckhouse especially when partnered with furniture, it could also be a good source of warmth in your deck. There are different types of fire pit to suit your deckhouse without compromising the safety of the deck, different types of styles and designs that can be picked to be able to make the outdoor fire pit work with purpose.

Add Hanging Plant and Invest on Houseplants

back deck with plants

Plants are versatile, and whether you are a plantophile or not, investing on houseplants to decorate your deckhouse, or even use it as one of the focal views of the structure is an amazing idea. Plants do not just make you feel like you are close to nature, houseplants mostly serve as an air purifier according to one of our most legit sources, NASA. If this alone doesn’t convince you, plants or houseplants on your deckhouse add on minimalist style, harmonious view, and boosts privacy.

Multi-Level Deckhouse

multi level deck house

There could be multiple reasons why Multi-Level Deckhouse can be a great option. This type of deckhouse can be built in any lot situation, giving your house an expanded, spacious view. Whether it is for additional space for outdoor dining, fire pit, or patio, there are various types of designs and sizes that can be able to suffice your need to have that multi-level deck built.

Make it look Modern

modern deck house

Though deck houses are considered historical or vintage, there can be number of ways to make it look modern by the materials used or the additional features that your deckhouse will have such as a fireplace, screen, railing, pool, lighting, and pergola. These can add elegance and a minimalist view to your deckhouse, making it look more modern. There are multiple examples on the internet that could help you on how to make your deck look modern.

Install an Overhang

deckhouse with overhang

An overhang on deck is especially an advantage. This overhang could be your ‘deck saver’ for it could help your deck last longer. Aside from this, it won’t just enhance the appearance of your deck, it will also provide shade that you may be needing during warm seasons, draws water away during rainy seasons, or a roof to avoid the snow covering your deck floor during winter. An overhang is a great idea overall.

Invest in Glass Railings

deck with glass railings

A great way to keep your view off your deck is by investing in glass railings. It is not only a good handrail but also a good guardrail, providing additional privacy and security, depending on the glass used. Glass railings also enhance modernity and additional aesthetic appeal, it could also serve as your windbreaker. Investing in Glass railings is not really something you will regret, for it is low-maintenance and durable. There are many types of glass railings that would suit your deck’s design and could help add value to your house.

 Final Thought

Decks are a good way to add life, space, and value to your home. It can be used in different functions other than giving out an additional sophistication to your house. Planning, designing, and building up a mockup couldn’t be that complicated when using the right tools that technology can provide such as the Kubernetes platform, and Deckhouse platform, and storing it won’t be too complicated when using clouds. You may be able to utilize each of the platform features which will help you with completing your deck house according to your plan.


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