The idea of living in desert homes might not be on your mind. But you must agree it is an inspiration for many other homeowners. You will find some of the most impressive desert houses out there.

As you will see here today, you find avant-garde retreats to dune-like clubhouses and even mirror clads to explore.

Desert Landscape Architecture

Mojave Desert @Jeremy Levine Flickr l Modlust

As you will see, the go-to destinations are Arizona and California, without a doubt. These modern desert retreats are becoming a haven for new homebuyers and their families.

You can find modern desert houses in Paradise Valley, Arizona, or live in a mid-century modernist home in Desert Hot Springs, California.

One thing is certain: Palm Springs is the desert utopia for desert houses. So, let’s look at some of the most stunning desert homes without further ado.

Best Desert Homes For You To Consider Living In

These architectural designs will be a pleasure if you want a desert living place to absorb the scorching heat.

Ridge Mountain Desert Houses

Ridge Mountain Residence

You find this property in a rocky desert landscaping in Palm Springs. The Ridge Mountain Residence is a sculptural presence for all in the rugged setting. The architect who created this house is EYRC, using uncluttered geometric forms to blend with the Corten steel.

You see a blend of natural stone used with concrete, developing a patina integrating the structure to fit in with the natural setting. In addition, there are contemporary elements with open spans in the desert landscapes.

Even the deck and living room become a considerable space that opens with sliding glass doors. An infinity swimming bath, outdoor lounge area, a built-in fire pit, and dining space you find on the terrace. Just imagine residing in this house a thrill.

Thunderbird Heights Residence

Thunderbird Heights Residence

The house is open yet light-filled, with views of Coachella Valley below the Santa Rosa mountains. The architect Stuart Stilt ensured the family had a living space connecting with the natural landscape.

The residents can enjoy entertaining and living outdoors in this house. While the home was built in 1960, updating it to a mid-century modern house was challenging. One thing the desert architecture did not do was sacrifice its charm.

The home has a natural landscape to enjoy the sun coming up and down. In contrast, the living room and kitchen open up to a balcony. There is a pantry combined with a mud/laundry room. The design also has several bedrooms for the family.

The main bedroom opens up to a private garden with an outdoor shower. How cool is that? The pool pairs with a spa in the rising mountains’ backyards. The interior design has a monochromatic color scheme with unique elements bold, and rich textures.

Casa Marana in Arizona by SKL Architects

Casa Marana

This small desert home, with a Catalina and Tortolita Mountains view, is built outside Tucson, AZ. You see the landscaping integrating with the residence using natural materials to preserve the vegetation and topography.

The saguaro cacti are a standout feature surrounding the desert architecture, while the entry sequence starts at a bridge connecting the main house and garage. The rugged landscape fits in with outdoor spaces.

The entire home consists of three adobe boxes with private areas of the laundry, guest rooms, den, and main suite. You get the roof connecting the public and social sites with the residence comprising the dining, living room, and kitchen.

You see steel lintels with rough surfaces on the exterior, while the interior design is filled with old and new fixtures. The entranceway with an antique door in a steel frame adds a modern touch to this desert-inspired abode.

Troon Modern by Kendle Design Collaborative

Troon Modern by Kendle Design Collaborative

Here we have a bold yet minimalist residence found at Pinnacle Peak. The modern desert abode has an organic softness of the desert floor that rises to the mountain range. The opaque metal slots with block walls stand out against the desert landscaping.

The foyer is tall, connecting the upper master suite with a two-story window with the scenic surroundings. You see bands of light flowing from outside, making the walnut stair treads stand out. The planning in the desert architecture is carefully choreographed to shield the views of the neighbors.

Retracting glass allows the air to flow inside, becoming one with the local vegetation surrounding it.

Kaufmann Desert Architecture Designed by Richard Neutra

Kaufmann Desert House designed by Richard Neutra

Who knows about this famous desert house now on the market for millions? Yes, the modernist masterwork found in Palm Springs. The award-winning restoration done by Marmol Radziner comes with high standards.

The five-bedroom modern desert home built in 1946 became a retreat for winter, connecting the family with the desert landscape and local vegetation. The abode has massive sliding glass walls that open up rooms to terraces.

A pool with a garden paves the way for indoor and outdoor living with huge windows.

Desert Home in Cahuilla Drive Palm Springs, CA

Desert Home in Cahuilla Drive Palm Springs, CA

Another modern desert home for sale is this one found in Cahuilla Drive, Palm Springs. The place provides a magnificent view and was built in 1964, making it an impressive old-timer. But do not expect it to have old designs.

The residence has a private driveway connecting a grotto-like pool area with a spa hugging the home. There is a rock fireplace wall spanning the whole living room. You enter from the travertine into spacious living areas.

Other original features include the sunken marble tub, bard, and bathroom countertops. In addition, you have volumes of ceilings with towering windows to blur the bright light outdoors. The kitchen has undergone remodeling and has a clean, modern look.

The main suite is spacious, overlooking the pool, and it has two walk-in closets, a bath, vanities, and a separate shower. There is another suite with similar views and a bath. In contrast, the third bedroom has an adjacent bath but is used as a den.

So, why not make this your holiday home or, at the same time, your permanent residence?

Scorpion House by Jones Studio in Phoenix

Scorpion House by Jones Studio in Phoenix

Yes, this property displays a home shaped like a scorpion fit for desert landscaping. You find the place in Arizona, and it is one brilliant desert architecture design—the curved walls of concrete fit into the surroundings with wide-open spaces.

You see distant vistas with contours and shapes cast in place into the ledge with interlocking curvilinear walls to protect the shell of titanium plates. But it is not only the exterior that makes a dramatic punch. Once you step inside the scorpion’s belly, you are welcomed with a stunning kitchen featuring red cabinets if that is your thing.

There are double ovens with double sinks outfitted with aluminum appliances. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide you with the most breathtaking view from the five bedrooms in the home. Now, you might wonder how warm it will be to live in a house surrounded by desert.

But, no, there is more as the hemispherical pool you find in the courtyard to enjoy cooling down.

Modern Steel Home in Paradise Valley

Modern Steel, Glass and Concrete home by Construction Zone

Nestled in a hillside in Paradise Valley, Arizona, you find this gorgeous desert house with dramatic vistas. The Construction Zone is a dwelling for a couple with a teenage son. One thing is sure: it gives a WOW factor when you enter inside with the ground and upper floor.

The residence has a glass box design hanging off the land made with concrete and steel. It has enormous windows and immerses in the rocky site. The walls are exposed with concrete and steel to give them an industrial look.

There is terrazzo flooring, while the cabinetry in the kitchen is white. The walls expand from the floor to the ceiling with glass in the living area. Above the garage is a guest room with high yet narrow windows framing the mountain.

A marble fireplace in the living area for the cold, harsh climate in winter, while the pool invites you for a cool down in summer.

Black Desert House Desert Architecture

Black Desert House by Oller & Pejic Architecture

This desert landscape black home offers expansive vistas of the Joshua Tree National Park in California. It is a low-profile dwelling desert retreat that is constantly changing—the desert home is built around an external yard with the kitchen and dining areas as the focal point.

A stairway leads to a sunken living area with soaring panes of glass to view the terrain. You find black walls with midnight quartz and darkened steel to form the backdrop throughout the place. Three bedrooms open to a black-tiled pool with a patio sheltered between the bolder and the house.

And, of course, they have the famous Joshua tree found around them.

Final Thought

As you can see, living in the desert is not so bad if you can afford a modern house with all the amenities you need. So whether you want to live in the Sonoran desert or surrounded by the Atlas Mountains, you can make your dream possible to reside in one of these designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Desert house architecture is a house designed for living in a desert environment. These homes are designed to be energy-efficient and sustainable, with features such as natural ventilation, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting systems. Most architects build modern desert houses in California and Arizona, making a property available for a family to enjoy the desert landscape.

Standard features of a desert house include thick walls to provide insulation from heat and cold, flat roofs to collect rainwater, and large windows to allow in natural light and ventilation. They may also incorporate outdoor living spaces, such as patios and courtyards, to exploit the desert climate. Furthermore, a family can access a swimming bath surrounded by the desert landscape.

Desert homes are typically located in arid regions, such as the American Southwest, the Middle East, and Australia. Some popular locations for desert homes include Palm Springs, California, and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Some benefits of living on a desert property include lower energy bills due to the energy-efficient design, a connection to the natural environment, and a sense of peace and tranquility. A desert house is often located in remote or secluded areas, providing privacy and seclusion.

The cost of a desert house can vary depending on factors such as location, size, and materials used. Nevertheless, many desert homes are designed to be affordable and sustainable, as architects focus on using local and recycled materials to build the house from rusted metal to stone.

Absolutely! Desert home designs offer a wide range of possibilities for personalization. While they embrace the natural elements of the desert landscape, you can still incorporate your preferred architectural styles, interior design choices, and unique touches to create a desert home that reflects your taste and lifestyle.


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