It is a known fact that not every homeowner can afford an interior designer to put together coordinated and fabulous designs. You want to incorporate your style but want a designer look without the expenses. So to help you make a room interior design look amazing on a low budget, keep reading.

How Does Interior Design Affect Your Emotions at Home

Without realizing it, the room’s interior design can affect your well-being and feeling. You are visually exposed to color in your home, and your surroundings can make you happy or sad. Many factors in the house can set the right mood, and knowing some of them helps create your DIY interior design to make your living space look modish.

Home Decor Organisation and Storage

If you have a well-planned and organized area in the home, it makes you feel calm, positive, and relaxed. But have you looked at your cluttered rooms? How does it make you feel? The truth is it makes you frustrated when searching for things, right! So yes, when you remove all the clutter and make it organized, you may find your mood changing fast. The same applies when you plan to build or design your interior space, the best is to keep it open and airy.

Interior Designer Perception and Function

Considering your spacing and layout is essential when you finalize an area to fit in with your emotional needs. Interior designers build studios to judge your space and arrange it to your advantage. By doing this, they can create the right mood according to your living style.

Choice of Color

Color significantly impacts your mood, feelings, and emotions, uplifting you or bringing you down. The same applies to texture, elements, and the materials used in your home. But, again, using the correct details can enhance comfort and well-being.

The Importance of Lighting in the Living Room

Having light is critical in all parts of the home, from the living room to the bedroom. The lighting you choose can make or break your mood and needs considering when decorating your home.

Top 15 Modern Interior Designs to Make You Feel Happy in Your Home

When undertaking your DIY modern interior design, think about how you and others will feel in your living space. When you know the emotional impact, you can channel it with the following considerations.

Add Color and Textures To Your Schemes

By now, you know color impacts your mood, so consider some of these effects when bringing color into the home:

  • Red gives you power and energy but is also related to love. However, too much of it can make you feel fiery or intimidated, bringing out anger. But used in moderation in your house, it can also be warm and inviting.
  • Orange again goes with youthfulness and creativity and works well in an office home. With an orange wall and space permitted, you can stimulate conversation, or even in a home gym, it keeps you moving on your treadmill.
  • Yellow again brings in the sunshine with happiness leading to positivity. Using pastel yellows in a kid’s room provides a gender-neutral base color. The truth is using yellow is more daring than ever in interior design. Further, it works well in a monochromatic living space.
  • On the other hand, Green represents nature, feeling as if it is summer and spring all year round. The best way to achieve this is with house plants, so do not shy away from placing plants or choosing an emerald rug or sofa.
  • Blue brings the sea and sky into your interior, providing a calming sensation. Trendy colors are baby and royal blue in your bathroom and kitchen. You can even use it in contrast with the red.
  • Purple represents a regal color to show luxury, and in bohemian style interiors, it creates mystery. Combine it with hues of blue and red to give your dining room a chic look.
  • White gives any place brightness and represents purity. You can accent your home decor in a white room with wooden floors, bold textures, or metallics.
  • Black might seem sad, but dark accent walls are famous these days. You can paint your kitchen in black and brighten it up with white cabinetry. Or use it in moderation in your white room or living room with white furniture and a black coffee table.
  • Brown looks natural and is a neutral shade fitting in well with white and greens. You can choose wooden furniture and floors but not too much of it.
  • Gray is very corporate and comes over bland but used in your kitchen or bedroom. It provides calmness but needs balancing out with other neutral shades.

Personalize Your Lighting

Having natural light shining into your front door and windows makes you happy. Of course, with more light shining in, it helps. But if not possible, you can always use translucent curtains to decorate windows, not dim the sun’s shine.

Also, think about where you spend most of your time with visitors when placing furniture. For example, if you sit in the living room, make sure to put your couch close to the window for everyone to reap the natural benefits.

Yet, if natural light does not shine in, use artificial lighting, or if that is not possible consider your light fixture placing and the light bulbs you use. Choose warm-hued lighting for a calming effect.

Add Some Feng Shui

The ancient philosophy of the Chinese helps bring peace with harmony into your living space. Here it all comes down to the optical placement of your objects and furniture to provide positive energy. You can do this with the following:

  • Add those plants as it provides you with something to nurture, and they help cleanse the air to provide you with oxygen while brightening up your space.
  • In your bedroom, try not to place your bed close to the door as it helps to see where you enter and leave. So place furniture in such a way as to see the doorway.
  • Minimize your clutter by adding handy holders, floating bookshelves to keep everything organized.
  • Always keep your entryway inviting and clean, as you do not want it to feel cramped. Invest in furniture pieces where you can add plants and keep items neatly packed away.

Add a Big Statement Furniture Piece

Remove all your small pieces in one room, such as leggy chairs and tables with knick-knacks resulting in clutter. Instead, mix up your living area with a large sofa, skirted club chairs, with two slender armchairs with attractive legs depending on your space. It makes the room look balanced and not bulky. Even in a small apartment, you can use a large statement piece such as a cabinet or armoire, which applies to using accessories.

Use Your Decorative Baskets and Bowls

Make use of your baskets and bowls for those loose items needing a home. For example, you can add a glitzy golden tray to your coffee table or use your ottoman as a side table. Place some pretty candles with books and a small bowl with colored stones on the tray. For a more rustic approach, try using woven baskets to make fabulous decorating tools to hide all that clutter. You can use them in your bedroom to collect perfumes or in a bathroom for soaps.

Add Some Color With Throw Pillows

Maybe you already have throw pillows looking a bit worn. Throw them out and replace them with making or buying them. Add some bright, fuller pillows or invest in new colorful pillow covers. You can mix and match the textures and colors blending in different groupings.

The more, the better, as there are never enough pillows. Still, do not go, overboard girls. If you have too many of them, you can change them out according to season. For example, you can use your velvety ones in autumn to winter and bring in lighter ones for spring to summer.

Add a Modern Touch With Crown Molding

Great, you have occasional artwork on the walls, but it is still on the bare side. Consider adding some crown molding on the baseboard, ceiling, or chair rail. It need not be Victorian-style molding. You can keep it simple with a single-depth piece or single-shape one to do the trick. Check out these fun decorating ideas that are not that expensive.

Do Some DIY With Built-in Structures

Whether you want to add a large bookshelf in the living room or cabinets in the kitchen, the best is to have them custom-made for the space. Installing bookshelves add sophistication to any place if it spreads from your floor to the ceiling. Even one spanning the whole wall looks expensive than one that stands alone. You can save money when making it yourself with these home improvement projects here.

Create a Visual Space Using Mirrors

Using a mirror or two in the interior of a small place will make your home look more prominent. The truth is mirrors make you think an area is more extensive when placed sneakily. With big mirrors in the bedroom, bathroom, or dining room, it makes it look spacious. Using a floor-length mirror might do the trick.

Refresh Instead of Buying New

Adding a fresh coat of paint can make a massive difference to a space. Even staining your cabinets in the kitchen gives a new look. You can do the same with furniture that looks old by giving it a pep-up with new upholstery or paint of varnish. Some furniture pieces allow you to redesign them as well. For example, you can buy salvaged chairs and paint them in a color you like to place at the kitchen table.

Create a Faux Concrete Wall

By bringing in different textures using paint, you can get concrete or marble-inspired wall. All you need is your gray paint, lint-free cloth, and dry paintbrush using a buffing technique to get the look you want.

Add a Pop of Green to Rooms

One way to achieve this is with plants placed in each room to bring in a breath of fresh air. Take an old wooden pedestal and paint it in a color of choice, fitting in with your decor. You can even buy them cheap at different heights to add fresh greens and stacked books to your living space.

Personalize a Wall With Hand-Painted Wallpaper

There is no need to head out to the hardware store to buy rolls of wallpaper. Instead, you can hand-craft it yourself using leftover paint with a sponge brush. You can transform a wall that is bare into something unique.

Create a Bistro in Your Home

Not everyone has loads of space or cash, right! Then instead of placing a large kitchen table, use a small bistro one instead. You can outfit it using charming chairs such as wicker ones and add comfortable pillow seating to them.

Brighten Up The Home With Curtains

If you have 12-foot ceilings needing loads of drapery, there is no need to spend a fortune as using drop cloths is a budget-friendly option. You can buy them in different shades to suit your decor style. Changing your curtain styles can make a huge difference.


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