When you think of a mountain place, what comes to your mind. What comes to our minds is a log cabin with bear rugs, a fireplace, and walls displaying deer heads.

Yes, you thought of the same thing. Still, things have changed as the mountain home design has changed. The home is not only made for weekend getaways but part of the residential living these days.

Today, you get the contemporary mountain sensation paying tribute to mountain life. There is no clutter, and living is comfortable. The best part is that the mountain house plans do respect the land.

Today, we will journey through different mountain terrains to see what makes a mountain house one of the best places to live today.

Characteristics of a Mountain Home Style

When you choose mountain house plans, you get the advantage of living in a gorgeous setting tailor-made for you.

Some features of mountain house plans include a spacious living space with large decks and exposed wood beams.

The abode also spreads over many square feet to provide you with everything you need. But there are some characteristics found in most modern mountain houses.

Luxury Mountain Home Plans Include Local Sourcing

local sourcing

The latest mountain houses are not your typical hike house. They connect to nature with clean lines and open areas. It might seem like an easy build, but it takes careful planning to use reclaimed material and local sourcing. Using local building material respects the land to blend in with the landscaping. You see these homes made with stone, steel, and wood.

Mountain Architecture House Plans Make Use of Uncluttered Interiors

simple interior mountain home

You do not go to a mountain home to visit filled with hunting trophies but greeted with style. The interior is uncluttered, with open layouts and ceilings that reach heights. The house is more extensive, with huge windows letting in light. Even the furniture with fixtures screams style.

A Unique Mountain House Plan Has Big Windows and More Light

natural light mountain home

Yes, the light place is an essential part of the modern mountain home floor plans. You see floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the spectacular view. So considering the sun is vital when situating the house.

Neutral Colors That Matches the Environment

neutral color home

We love neutral colors, and if you do, then a mountain retreat is what you need. There are no dark yet bold colors found in your rustic abode. No, the emphasis is on the materials used in the construction.

You see indoor and outdoor features fitting in with mountainous or rugged terrain. There is glass with rough stone or chunky woodwork.

You get textured concrete as the materials become part of your interior decor. The textures flow and look fantastic.

Small Modern Moutain House Plans Include a Unique Exterior

unique exterior simple mountain home

While the majority of mountain houses have similar shapes when made of timber or logs. You can find others with an A-frame or a rectangle shape. Still, the modern mountain retreat offers a fresh look compared to your log cabin. You see stylish edges that look great, considering the landscaping. So, you can enjoy a rustic feel with a modern take.

Mountain Contemporary House Plans Connects You to Nature

mountain home with nature

How often have you visited a log cabin in the mountain for a weekend getaway? If you have, then what do you feel when walking inside. You have your fireplace, and you look at the log walls. Great, throw that image out of the door.

These days you have bath kitchen features connecting you with the outdoors. Retractable doors open up the inside to the outside bringing in your surroundings. You can find outdoor showers to built-in hot tubs surrounded by foliage.

You even get prow-shaped great rooms leading out on a terrace to view the mountains.

Small Modern Mountain House Plans Provides a Low Maintenance Design

low maintenance mountain home

No, there is nothing fussy when you live in a mountain lodging. The interior displays exposed beams with space for extensive use. The home is filled with common features, while the inside to outside has native plants to local stone displayed. With a mountain house lodge, you get time to relax without the high maintenance.

Modern Mountain Homes Around The World

There is something about living surrounded by mountains offering exciting yet spectacular views. So, take a journey with us, imagining living in one of these luxurious homes with a collection of mountains.

Retreat Home on Reynolds Mountain

Retreat Home on Reynolds Mountain

With this retreat, you see the Reynold Mountains in North Carolina. No matter what season you live, the view is spectacular. Studios Living Stone Design + Build and Retro + Fit Design created this home using contemporary mountain home designs.

You see wood and stone integrating with the surroundings to make it look pristine. In addition, there are several terraces to bring the outside indoors. These designers did an excellent job creating this gorgeous living space.

V-Plan Residencein Aspen, US

V-Plan Residencein Aspen, US

The chalet you find in Aspen, US-built by Studio B Architects. One thing you will notice is the owner’s privacy preference but also taking advantage of the area. In addition, the residents have a view of the golf course. It might look like one residence, but it is part of two homes sharing the same roof.

The architects divided the interior into two even parts, each with its entrance found in the front. The two homes have a mirrored design with a basement level, entertainment area, ground floor, with bedrooms upstairs.

The Chickadee House by Surround Architecture

The Chickadee House by Surround Architecture

In the Rocky Mountain in Boulder, you find this mountain home designed by Surround Architecture. You see dense vegetation with big trees and the local wildlife surrounding the retreat. While it has a simple design, it looks clean without loads of ornamental features outside. The interior has bath kitchen features any person would love to have.

The Piampiano Residence in Woody Creek, US

The Piampiano Residence in Woody Creek, US

While the home is not part of the hill, it is part of a river retreat surrounded by trees in the center of the mountain. Studio B Architects designed the residence you find in Woody Creek.

We take our hats off to these designers. They had to work with a narrow site so close to the edge of the river. The featured designers had to work with other structures to bring in the old with the new.

You see large windows with combined living spaces and dining areas.

The Cliff House

The Cliff House

On the rugged lakeside of Payette Lake in Idaho sits this lodge high up against granite boulders. It has a steep slope that McCall Design and Planning manage to integrate with their mountain house plans.

Everything flows naturally, with breathtaking views from the bedrooms through the large windows. The best part is the lounge chairs placed on the borders for a spectacular view.

A Mountain Home With a Barn Design

A Mountain Home With a Barn Design

Yes, it is an unusual home found in Tyrol’s Sciliar Mountain from outside. It used to be an old barn way back in the 1850s. While it looks simple against the collection of mountains, once you step inside, it is electrified.

The mountain home plan features traditional to modern elements inside. Each of the elements blends, making this one unique yet special place. The floor plans have a common area that spreads to a dining table with a huge kitchen.

A Floating House in the Woods by Studio MM

A Floating House in the Woods by Studio MM

If you want to see something impressive in outdoor features in home construction, this house blows your mind away. The structure looks as if it is floating over the valley. Studio MM did the challenging design.

You find it in New York at the foot of the Catskill Mountains in the forest. While the views from the dwelling do not spread far and wide, the forest trees look amazing. In addition, the large windows provide a statement to relax looking at nature.

One main feature making part of the home plans is a fitness studio that extends over the ridge.

The Canyon House

The Canyon House

Great, imagine living in a canyon. You can if you live in this canyon house designed by Paul Hirzel. It is a vacation retreat to visit when you feel the city is getting too much. The home looks settled in with the surroundings as the views become part of the interior.

Two structures are found on the property separated with activities, while the main floor has an open plan kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms located on the second floor.

A Leisure Home at Teton Mountains

A Leisure Home at Teton Mountains

The vacation retreat built by Carney Logan Burke is in Wyoming, sitting below the Teton Mountains. The area is flat and open with a view of the collection of mountain in front of it.

While the architecture is simple with a flat roof, it has spacious outdoor areas. The bedrooms and public spaces you find are separated to make things comfortable to use.

You find the entertainment areas in an L-shape that opens up to the outdoors.

Steel Retreat Home in Montana by Carney Logan Burke Architects

Steel Retreat Home in Montana by Carney Logan Burke Architects

You would not expect craftsman-style mountain home plans when looking at this mountain home. The materials used with stone and weather steel adds depth, blending in with the surroundings. The best part is you can invite friends for a holiday retreat with views from every angle.

You have a collection of open spaces from the kitchen, dining room, to the living room to create a form of relaxation. The features mountain house plans even include a pool that spreads over some sq ft for a long swim. In contrast, the top floor allows friends to enjoy a quiet room with some of the best views.

Final Thought

Yes, the new architectural trend in modern mountain retreats is excellent. Whether you want to visit for a weekend or make it part of daily living, mountain home plans will provide you with that. You can enjoy a retreat while respecting Mother Nature for sustainable living without feeling guilty.


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