Geodesic domes’ key advantage is their curvature, which allows them to be used in a single layer to cover a big area with a very thin layer. Finally, we should point out that, while geodesic dome buildings are lucrative, they also have a lot of aesthetic appeal. A cabin, on the other hand, is a modest home that was common on the frontier.

To put it another way, it’s a rustic home. When a house is constructed from logs and simple tools, it is dubbed a cabin. There are lots of geodesic dome structures nowadays.

Some people prefer building dome homes because of their style and the safety it gives during calamities. Dome homes are known to be energy-efficient, they are also known to be disaster-proof, even earthquakes or hurricanes cannot give them more damage than it can to regular box homes. No wonder why some homeowners replaced their square houses with sphere ones.

Geodesic domes are also becoming more prominent in natural settings including forests, beaches, and deserts. Below are some inspiring geodesic dome cabins that you might find amazing and of course, their location is already given.

8 Inspiring Geodesic Dome Cabin Anyone Would Like To Have

If you want to unwind or take your mind off things, what do you usually do? Yes, we go on relaxing vacations on the mountain, by the lake, or anywhere that might give you some peace of mind. But, where are you planning to stay? Regular square homes are a bit common and “boring”, why not try staying on geodesic dome homes instead?

It’s not just unique, it also gives a new perspective that beauty and homes come in all shapes and sizes. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in a circular shape home. You can have fun seeing the beauty of wildlife or the dark, starry sky with your partner and kids, your friends, or even by yourself. I hope you’ll get inspired by these geodesic domes that we featured below.

Floating Dome in Essex, CAN

floating dome

A stargazer geodesic dome structure that is located in Essex, Canada, floats on a creek to soothe you to sleep while gazing at the night skies. Because it floats on Fox Creek, this geodesic dome is unique. There is a barbecue, picnic table, an indoor fireplace, and an outhouse on the property.

The sink is also operated by hand. There is a tiny kitchenette and living space on the inside. The shower is powered by a lithium battery pump and is completely off the grid.

Because the water is room temperature, you’ll have to boil it to get a hot shower. The dome house also contains a small mini-fridge to store any food or drinks cool, air conditioning for hot days and a romantic and appropriate wood-burning stove for cold evenings. While you’re floating and stargazing, you can also see a lot of wildlife such as geese, ducks, bald eagles, fish, herons, and turtles.

Despite the fact that this geodesic dome house was created and intended for a comfortable stay, it is still a glamping experience with camping-like features. You will enjoy your stay in our floating, geodesic star gazer dome if you are a lively and adventurous type of person or couple!

The Forest Cottage Dome in Bowen Island, CAN

forest cottage dome

This geodesic dome on Bowen Island, although far from civilization, is an eco-friendly retreat. Guests leave this forest retreat feeling energized thanks to features like natural products and an outdoor shower. A typical day begins with breakfast delivered to your door, providing fuel for a dreamy yoga session in their geodesic yoga dome in the early morning.

The semi-sphere structure is tucked among the woods, offering an enchanting environment for mental relaxation. In the evening, guided relaxations are the ideal way to prepare for a comfortable night’s sleep in a loft cottage, cuddled under organic cotton sheets. If all of that wasn’t enough to melt your worries away, book a deep tissue massage in your room.

Also, the yoga dome is heated in the winter, and there are plenty of blankets on hand if you get cold during savasana.

Hawkeye Dome in Yucca Valley, CA

Hawkeye Dome

The Hawkeye Dome House is a one-of-a-kind geodesic dome residence set on 112 acres of land surrounded by the Mojave Desert’s natural beauty. Thousands of Joshua trees and yucca plants, large boulders, and panoramic desert views may be seen on the grounds around this geodesic dome house. The geodesic dome house interior design is light and airy thanks to the high ceilings, skylights, and architecture.

Almost every piece was created, and it’s tastefully adorned to match the dome’s 1960s atmosphere. The chef’s kitchen features handcrafted cabinets, large counters, and all of the appliances you’ll need to cook at home. More luxurious dining places and reading nooks can be found on the home’s second level.

The two bedrooms are basic, but they include comfy queen-sized beds. If you feel the need to keep connected to the outside world, there is also a TV and fast wifi. A bright orange chiminea and plenty of seating can be found on the outside deck, as well as a sleek new cedar hot tub for guests.

A BBQ grill, a covered patio, and numerous hiking routes are also available. Because the sustainable home is powered by solar panels and batteries, it is also environmentally friendly.

Fortress Dome in Pittsburgh, PA

yaca dome

This first-of-its-kind structure, known as a yaca-dome, was created in 1969 to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes up to 250 miles per hour, combining lots of practicality with its ultra-futuristic form. Thanks to its curving outside beams, vintage furniture, and round windows that allow a crystal-clear view into the gorgeous surrounding woods. This three-bedroom Pittsburgh residence continues to fascinate guests decades later.

The dome has wifi access, three bedrooms, an airconditioning system, a bathroom with a vanity sink and tub and shower combination, a living area with TV included, a dining area, a patio, and of course, a kitchen complete with kitchen appliances. Some areas that are not permitted to go to as they are for the owner’s personal use such as the red outdoor storage shed, the mechanical or boiler room, the indoor storage room next to the bathroom, or anything that is locked.

If you want to visit these areas to feed your curiosity, you can ask permission from the dome home’s owners.

Mountain Dome in Sisters, OR

moon ridge dome

This beautiful dome in Central Oregon, which sits on five acres, is just far enough away from civilization to enjoy a starry sky. Inside, a wood-burning fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen invite family and friends to share meals. Outside, you may find a pond, take a walk through an aspen grove, or relax on the large deck while watching the stars.

Because of natural cooling features, an energy-efficient wood stove, and a wide skylight, the interior of Moon Ridge Dome remains at a comfortable 70 degrees, rain or shine. The interior of the dome has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, while the adjoining outdoor deck is ideal for entertaining guests or taking in rare views of the surrounding mountainous five-acre site.

Rustic Dome in New Paltz, NY

rotating dome house

New York is known for its magnificence and wealth. But if you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind home in the middle of nature as your future vacation home or perhaps your primary abode, then this is what you’re looking for! This amazing dome home stands on 28 acres of private forest that is surrounded by woods and wildlife, including deers, turtles, wild turkeys, birds, and many more.

A new hot tub, baby grand piano, strong internet, house-wide sound system, outdoor tent, decent coffee maker, and towel warmers were just added to the house. It offers air conditioning and central heating. The massive glass panels that run the length of the dome give the impression of being outside while still being indoors.

The room is showered in both invigorating and comforting warm and brilliant sunlight or heat. There’s a terrific, well-designed music system, as well as a fantastic, well-equipped kitchen in which you can cook delicious meals for your guests and family. The heated outdoor tent allows you to eat outside, and the hot tub under a dome tent on the outskirts of the woods is ideal for a daily dip.

There is also a balcony with a good breakfast space for 6 people, and the house is also surrounded by a 30-40 foot curving deck that is ideal for family gatherings and barbecues. Residents may also rotate this geodesic dome house by remote control using passive solar energy.

Aesthetically Engineered Dome in Pittsburgh, PA

rustic dome

This geodesic dome house features a distinctive concave inside for excellent airflow and little heat loss and was designed for both aesthetics and energy efficiency. The combination of triangular and hexagonal windows that adorn the dome’s open floor plan provides a sense of expanded proportions while flooding every space with light, warmth, and flair, whether you’re in the kitchen, dining room, living area, or bathroom. This is a one-of-a-kind residence.

This geodesic dome house is situated on the wooded, quiet property. You may take in the beauty of nature all around you. The kitchen is open to the large main area, which has a high ceiling and the bedroom is decorated in a loft-style.

Inside this dome house, there is a lot of light and space. On the second level, there is a lovely deck that you can access from your bedroom. The balcony is quite secluded and beautiful. While you’re sitting in the woods with a beautiful view, you can hear lots of bird music because of its peaceful surroundings.

Coastal Wooden Dome in Duncan North Cowichan, CAN

coastal wooden dome

The owners dedicated forty-six years of their time creating this geodesic dome house and now, they want to share it with people around the globe. There is a connecting conservatory where you can have breakfast and enjoy the view of the bay. There is also a microwave oven, refrigerator, coffee machine, and kettle; the owners serve a continental breakfast of home-cooked treats, as well as dishwashing!

Even if there are no other culinary facilities, a microwave and a toaster can accomplish a lot. On the lower level, there’s a lovely bedroom with a queen-sized bed that looks out over a landscaped garden with a view of Salt Spring Island across the water. The full private bathroom with a shower is located next to the bedroom.

The house is situated on 2 1/2 acres and is surrounded by nearly an acre of landscape, including grass, flowers, rockeries, and a swimming pool, all of which you are welcome to use. The Maple Mountain Park and its hiking paths are located just behind the house.

Final Thought

It’s not bad to go on vacations every once in a while, it’s a good thing to unwind and go to places that will help you calm your mind. The happiness that a vacation can give can’t be paid for by any money or luxury. But, of course, you can have a stress-free vacation if you have a place that you can stay in the meantime.

Traveling for a few hours can be tiring, so be sure to find a place that can ease the tiredness in your body. We hope these Geodesic Dome Cabins that we mentioned above gave you some ideas on where to stay in your next vacation.


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