Are you in the market for a new home? Do you know how to identify modern style homes? Have you driven past houses in the neighborhood blown back by different design tones? As you start to pay attention, you notice differences in front of you with the homes standing there for decades.

A fact is as art changes with time, so does architecture. The style and finish look similar to social trends. In contrast, some are subtle, and others are more dramatic, defining home design’s actual evolution. Today MODLUST is going to help you to identify modern style homes as it’s continuously changing.

However, we can highlight some of the modern house characteristics found today.

What is a Modern Style Home?

It’s all about a clean geometry, decluttering is the new word found everywhere. It’s about removing items that have no spark of enjoyment. Modern style home design emphasizes clean lines with geometric shapes— eliminating window shutters, ornate columns, arches, outlandish ornament, and more. It brings in intended irregularity with simple shapes, and the past is no more.

Furthermore, it favors vertical elements to horizontal solid lines, creating a sense of order and, in contrast, standing out in unadorned contrast blending in with your natural surroundings. The ultimate goal is to simplify your living space, emphasizing function while removing all the frills. As your busy life with technology leads to stress and simplicity provides you with calmness welcomed in your home.

But before we get to modern house styles, let’s step back into time with some modern architecture.

History of Modern Architecture

According to Rost Architecture, there is no clear beginning or a particular building one can mark as the start of modernist architecture. During the 1800s-1900s, several elements developed, showing the modern movement connection.

Buildings that resulted from the ideas were associated with industrialization, technological advancement, and new building material developments. Many people also say it started as a rejection of imitations of the past, referring back to the Renaissance. Once these values eroded, architects started looking at other ways to express their reflections of the modern world.

Different things played an essential role from the Industrial Revolution as people’s lives changed from how they worked, traveled, and enjoyed leisure. Furthermore, it led to new construction materials evolving in taller structures, longer spans, and open floor plans.

It changed the way buildings looked, branding the modern architecture as new patrons, tycoons with wealth capable of funding different new projects. During the 1930’s many people lived in poverty and started rejecting their inhumane conditions of living.

Architects provided solutions to the problems and started developing housing blocks with gardens creating suburban developments for single-family homes on the city’s outskirts. Of course, the demand for single-residence began to flourish. Many became icons after World War II became a modern movement.

Since then, you can find several movements that have come and gone but not the same as the time’s severe modernism. While it’s outdated, the principles remain.

How to Identify Modern Style Homes

What is a modern house, and how do you identify it? When you look at modern and contemporary architecture, they have similar visuals based on what is the trend at the moment. However, it relies on livability, simplicity, and form that follows function.

Here are the modern architecture characteristics:

  1. Modern-style houses have clean curves and lines.
  2. There is little ornamentation.
  3. The asymmetry and rooflines are interesting.
  4. You have skylights with large windows utilizing natural light.
  5. The home is built with eco-friendly materials and is innovative.
  6. You have open floor plans with expansive modern interiors.
  7. The modern house styles present you with energy efficiency equipped with technology.
  8. It has extensive single-story layouts.
  9. And you get integration of the interior to exterior space.

Modern Style Home Exterior

When it comes to the exterior of the modern home, you can find extraordinary designs. The peripheral is simple, lacking ornamental details. It is geometric yet sleek and functional with unusual angles and curved walls.

However, you can find some homes featuring a steep roof, flat/low-pitched roof, or one with low gables and wide eaves. You see them with windows throughout the structure with simple shapes and expanses of glass letting in natural light.

how to identify modern style homes with its exterior

Stepping inside a modern house style connects you with nature outside. The walls and windows are strategically placed to let in light while maintaining privacy.

Modern Style Home Interior

Another easy way to determine types of houses to know if it has modern styles is by stepping inside. The first thing you notice is the open floor plan with rooms providing multiple functions to feature modern home design. The floor plan features a single continuous living space except for your bathroom and bedrooms. Walls are few between your rooms to give an open feel allowing in more light.

The modern style home décor has a lot of experiments inside showcasing the construction techniques and material. You get smooth materials used from concrete, stone, steel, to chrome. The beams are exposed with contrasting wall materials.

The color is neutral to emphasize the design and material. The color used in modern style home décor needs to have a purpose and white rooms as it’s a reflective color. However, you can find exceptions when they use highly reflective metal like gold or a mirror-like silver. Other characteristics of modern style home interiors are:

Updated Kitchens

You must agree it’s one of the essential rooms in any house style. It’s the area where you congregate with family and friends and is the place where all the action happens. The kitchen is elegant yet appealing and equipped efficiently with high-class appliances, ample storage, and available space for amenities.

You Gotta Have Storage

Furthermore, every person has loads of possessions, and we love to hoard things. For this reason, homeowners are always looking for new ways to store their items. So storage is high on the list in a modern home to keep things neat and tidy.

Separate Laundry

With the modern home, you need not place your washer and dryer in the garage. It has a specific spot to keep all your laundry essentials dedicated for the purpose.

Lastly, It Needs to be Entertaining

For most families with kids, the home needs to be functional yet entertaining. With the modern home style, there are bonus rooms included with ample space to keep them entertained. Furthermore, these spaces are great when guests drop in as well.


Here we have left the best for last when it comes to identifying the modern style homes. Not everyone can afford a mansion, and the smaller house is also on the list when applying for a new home. These house styles offer simplistic yet smaller designs. A fact is that you can find the luxury in grand houses in smaller homes as well.

While all the homes do not have the modern architecture characteristics listed, many are going through changes accommodating these amenities for you. With that in mind, if you are house-hunting, make sure to keep these features in mind before you make your final decision when choosing a modern-style home.


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