Using classic furniture in a modern home might sound like a difficult task, right? However, when done right, it creates a one-of-a-kind, multi-layered area. And I am here to tell you that there are many ways to alter your classic furniture to fit a new environment in your own modern home!

Below are some tips on using classic furniture in your modern home design!

Tips on Using Classic Furniture In Modern Interior Design

Choose Your Dominating Side To Be the Center Piece

dominating furniture in a modern home

You may be able to redefine styles as a result of downsizing. Decide on the type you want to dominate the space before looking for furnishings. This will then serve as your foundation, with antique pieces serving as highlights.

Harmony and Contrast

Colour and texture are the simplest ways to introduce contrast to a space. Layers and structure are also vital; the “glue” that holds the look together is the structure of the arrangement.

Color Coordination

color combination with old funirture

There is an approach to color when combining the two decorating styles. One option is to use a modern, neutral color palette with old furniture pieces. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors too for a modern look!

Choose The Details

Picking up on the small details of your furniture is one of the easiest ways to create harmony without being matchy-matchy. A modern sofa will look great next to an old armchair with its high back and comfy seat upholstered in a contemporary fabric!

Consider The Mood of The Space

modern home with classic furnitures

Play with primary lines and materials that are delicate, light, and timeless. When it comes to creating a cohesive feel, the placement of accessories is crucial!

Don’t be Afraid to Accentuate

modern classic interior modern home design

A classic piece of art can be given a modern twist with accent items. Botanical-inspired prints are more traditional, whilst abstract art is more modern and diverse.

Layering and Lighting

Vintage pieces can be incorporated into modern spaces with the help of contemporary lighting and art. Lighting fixtures are one of the easiest ways to mix old and new.

Amplify with Plants and Planters

modern homes with plants and planters

Houseplants are low-maintenance and can be placed anywhere in your house! They also provide charm and texture to your room or home.

Final Thought

You can now decorate your house based on your perspective and a professional’s perspective. We hope that the information above gave you inspiration for using your classic furniture for your modern home.


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