Minecraft Base Ideas

As in the real world, any living space needs a base for survival. Well, when it comes to the virtual world of Minecraft, the same thing applies.

You want a functional yet convenient without feeling the sting of loss when your world is ripped apart.

So you want to defend your place using a defensible base first to take you into the harsh world. So use the following Minecraft base ideas that can protect themselves.

Best Minecraft Base Ideas For The Survival World

While in the real world, you do not have to worry about zombies breaking down your door. Still, in Minecraft, these characters and others can cause havoc.

So you need a strong base whether living in modern houses, castles, or even underground. You have a wide selection of blocks with terrains you can use.

There is no such thing as a limit to creativity, as seen in the following base inspirations.

The Skies is The Limit With This Sky Base

sky base

While the concept of building your base in the sky is not new, we just wanted to remind you of it again. The cool thing is it is one of the popular mods as fewer mobs spawn in the sky or your area.

But you will need quite a bit of resources from your Overworld before starting your new base. Or you might be going back and forth to get the materials below.

Great, but how do you reach your survival base? The best way is to use a ladder but make sure to place railings on both sides. Or you can encase it in a tube built over a pond if you do happen to fall. Think of it this way jumping into water is fast instead of getting down.

Underground Base in Creative Mode

underground base

As seen in this image, you can always create a double-pod underwater base to increase your survival rate. You can live near the water to enjoy the marine life and resources available. The base protects you from skeletons, creepers, spiders, and more.

It will provide you with calmness when looking at marine life. The best part is this building gives you access to the essential thing water and the surface. Still, it is a durable fortress without water leaks as it has glass panes made with quartz blocks in the construction.

Yet, if building in water is not your idea of fun and you prefer keeping your feet on the dry ground, get inspiration for the survivalist underground base. The bunker has a contemporary design from a bedroom, kitchen, furnace to a Minecraft storage room.

Further, no one will even know your location as you are within wood walls living it up cozily in your quarters. Use the stone bricks available to surround you. Finally, to make your place secure, invest some in using Redstone traps to prevent unwelcomed guests.

Lastly, to build underground, you can always create an underwater mountain home. It is the perfect place for surviving. You can construct your kitchen, toilet, bedroom, crafting room, and other essentials for your living space.

You can lie in bed watching the marine life or head to the top to see the blue ocean. The best part is you can go exploring around the sea when stepping outside. Still, you can even reduce your risk of getting attacked by the creatures of the sea. To add security build a hidden entrance to your house.

Snow Base With Minecraft Storage Room

snow base

Now, if you prefer the colder weather surrounding you tackle this project of building your base and houses with snow. Or you can create a desert biome if warmer temperatures are your thing. Use snow, sand, and other variations to create a wonderland that fits in with your surroundings.

The main challenge you may face is to make the buildings look stunning with the limited resources you have available. So for creating this effect, you will need a pickaxe to mine the sand and snow using the Silk Touch enhancement.

You can construct your base with structures leading underground as well. However, for the best protection for your land, create a space surrounded by a mountain.

Concrete Fortress

concrete fortress

One of the best-created bases in Minecraft is the fortress that looks like a castle. You can add a tower as a lookout point, and the base has a three-dimensional layout. So you will have enough place to hide your essentials and get rid of enemies that spawn at night.

Further, it acts as an underground base looking like a fortress. At the entrance is a massive gate that is hidden to prevent unwanted guests.

Once you enter your post, you see massive walls of concrete or stones. In addition, there is a smaller wall made of glass panes, oak blocks, and cobblestones that looks attractive.

Treehouse Base

tree house base

Create a village for yourself high up in the trees. While it is not in the sky or a mountain, this colossal structure of leaf blocks and wood provides you with enough cover.

As an elevation system, you can use vines or use them for decoration, so if you found a jungle biome, why not head up to the trees as you will be halfway to the sky. The best part is you will have enough resources and treetops to use as transportation.

But you will need to jump around your map like a pro.

Modern Mountain Base

modern mountain base

Instead of heading to the skies, underground, or the trees use this new concept for Minecraft survival using mountains. You can get inspiration from the mounts to use new blocks to create a nice place to live. The interior and exterior look attractive, and you’ll make other players green of jealousy.

There will be no lack of services to be self-sustaining in your survival base. Build a kitchen, bedroom, first floor, or even a second one. Add a dining room, and do not forget the secret entrance to your modern house.

The best part is you can mine the mountains to get endless resources from the mounts.

Floating Island Base

floating island base

In real life, everyone dreams about having their island with a modern house. However, in the virtual world of Minecraft, you can build a base created from custom islands linked together.

Each one has its purpose and works similarly to having a sky base. Here is a link to a great tutorial on how you can get some building ideas to begin your starter base.

Build The Eiffel Tower as Your Base

Who said the Eiffel tower needs to be in Paris. In a Minecraft environment, you can place this survival base anywhere. For some great tutorials for building this tower, check out these links:

Fortified Tower

Fortified Tower

Here is a fortified tower you can use in desert biomes or any other biome you prefer. With the stone foundation, you can top it with a wooden wrap using a house-type structure at the top.

So what you get are splits in your building comprising of two layers. One acts as your entrance while your accommodation is at the top. You can use any wood you like to create walls and floors.

Final Thought

These are some of the best ideas to complete your base to keep you secure while still surviving in the virtual land of Minecraft. Give it a try. You may even get a better design that most players use.


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