With the best Minecraft base ideas provided here, you can get a starter base to get your creating on, mainly if you have run out of ideas. As you know, in survival mode, it can become a scary affair in the game.

Luckily Minecraft is always ready to cover your back. We have outlined some of the most impressive Minecraft base ideas ahead for you to get your crafting table working to build a shelter like you have never seen before.

Best Minecraft Base Ideas For The Survival World

Minecraft Skeletons | Modlust

When living in the real world, one thing is for sure you will not have skeletons wanting to break down your door. Still, you will find these characters knocking at your door in your Minecraft world.

So, it would be best to have awe-inspiring survival bases to keep you safe.

Whether you have a base design in your new world that is an underground base, cave base, treehouse fortress, castle base, or sky base, you need the ultimate survival base idea to survive.

Yet, you do not want disruptive builds. No, you need to think things through in the game to stand out from other Minecraft players. Also, make sure to check out these Minecraft cool house ideas.

Minecraft World Castle Base Idea

Minecraft Base Ideas l Modlust

A great tutorial to follow is by Disruptive Builds, as it offers you a great defense with lots of storage, and you can get a nether portal included. You will need a lot of building material, which is not starter-base friendly. You will have an efficient survival base with an enchanting room, four farms, and a storage area; you can play it alone or with friends. The four towers will offer boarding for up to four players.

The primary material used is:

  • Stone

  • Stone Bricks

  • Spruce Logs

  • Polished Andesite

  • A sound furnace system

  • You will need planks, fences, stairs, and slabs

The best part is that it does not involve much texturing, and the design relies mostly on the building material used. You can build the castle on a river or in the ocean.

Minecraft Underground Base Idea

Underground Base l Modlust

For a tutorial to build your underground base, we recommend checking out creator Moby Dick. You can get the best Minecraft base ideas with a picturesque design with tons of storage space. You will have large fields available but need many wooden planks, which are time-consuming to build.

The underground base you form in a circle, and it has enough space for storing items. You have a kitchen, crafting table, bedroom, nether portal, and more. Then you have enough fields to grow vegetables for food, offering protection from hostile mobs.

The primary material is as follows:

  • Oak Logs

  • Stripped Oak

  • Planks

  • Stairs

  • Glass Panes

It is a simple starter base palette and reasonably easy to obtain. But the digging of the underground base takes forever. So ensure an enchanted shovel with an efficiency of V and unbreaking III. You have an ultimate survival base with multiple entrances, a descending staircase, a ground floor, and a staircase leading to the fields.

Cool Minecraft Base With Mini Fort Design

Cool Minecraft Mini Fortress Base l Modlust

The tutorial of TheMythicalSausage is easy to follow and includes stables with an enchanting room. You can build it with cobblestone walls or use decorative blocks. You will need a lot of stone bricks with concrete.

Furthermore, you have an inner courtyard, and you can add a tiny crop field with an enchantment table to a small kitchen with upper bedrooms. For single Minecraft players, it creates a perfect balance for what you need.

The material is as follows:

  • Cobblestone

  • Stone

  • Spruce Logs

  • White Concrete

  • Stone Bricks

  • Diorite

You have two towers as lookout posts to see mobs, and all the resources are not difficult to find. The towers you can use for storage or designing a nether portal. Depending on how you want your building, this survival base is highly decorative, and you need to form small elements that are expensive—thinking of spruce trapdoors, gates, spruce fences, and campfires.

So specific materials are required.

Pirate Ship Base Ideas

Minecraft Pirate Ship | Modlust

One thing is sure: In your game building this ship, you are in the outside world and isolated from the mobs, except if you drown. You can have animal pens with loads of space, including different workstations. But when looking at this tutorial on Disruptive Builds, it is tiny and hard to build over the ocean.

So, ahoy matie as your pirate ship will be on the horizon and is the best Minecraft base idea to use in starter mode. The survival base idea is user-friendly early on in the game, and you can find materials in the surrounding area.

You can use different blocks, from spruce logs to oak logs, and the top deck with the lower half has enough interior space for storage.

The main materials:

  • Wooden planks

  • Deep Slate Brick Walls

  • Spruce Trap Doors

  • Spruce Fences

Or swap the spruce out for birch or oak. Another neat feature is the main entrance, a trap door at the bottom to get in and out without the need to climb your ship’s sides.

Treehouse Base Ideas

Treehouse Fortress

Instead of going out in the open, go up a tree with your treehouse fortress. You make a colossal structure using leaf blocks with wood for your base design.

You can use the vines for an elevation system if you do not want to form a wooden plank staircase in the middle to enter your home.

Furthermore, in a jungle biome, you have enough treetops to create a treehouse fortress to move around, but you will need to jump like a pro around your map.

The Sky is The Limit With This Sky Base

Cool Minecraft Sky Base l Modlust

Instead of heading up a tree, the sky is the limit with this survival base. The fantastic thing is the few mobs spawn in the sky. Still, for this base design in the game, you will need a lot of resources from the overworld. Or you will move back and forth to get your hands on the material.

Great, but how will you reach your raised platform? The best Minecraft base idea suggests using a ladder and placing railings on the side. Or build it with a tube over a pond in case you fall, as you can quickly jump into the water instead of getting down.

Desert Village Base Ideas

Minecraft Bases Ideas: With Required Material

The above is an image of how you can create a desert village if you do not have too much space available. For some inspiration, you can let your imagination go wild. You can add some nether quartz or a nether portal to your design.

You can cluster your small homes together and use them as different workstations. One can be a storage room with the other a bedroom. For decorations in the streets, you can use barrels for added storage. You will need sandstone and red sandstone for terracotta blocks.

Get some mud blocks from the Minecraft 1.19 update in the Mangrove biome.

Ultimate Wooden Base

 Large Oak Survival Base | Modlust

For a starter base using cheap material, check out the Folli tutorial. So, you can get away with building this survival base if you are low on resources to keep hostile mobs out. To create the outer walls, you can use dark oak logs as a vantage point. You will have plenty of storage and can create an enchanting area with fields and more. So, the main structure is mostly wood, but it is flammable and, of course, cheap to build.

Minecraft Snow Base Idea

Snow Base Minecraft l Modlust

Now if the desert weather is not to your liking, you can create a main building with surrounding walls in the snow. Use the snow to your benefit to design a wall. Then use sand and other materials like stripped spruce logs or cyan-stained glass to become creative.

Furthermore, use the silk touch enhancement to ensure you have a pickaxe on hand to mine for your snow and sand. The best Minecraft base idea is to construct a base with structures leading underground, or you can even form an underwater base on a frozen river if you want.

But for the best survival base, build it among mountains for protection and lighting. Remember to use end rods.

Modern Mountain Base Design

Modern Mountain Base Minecraft l Modlust

Instead of heading to the skies, underground, or the trees, use this new concept for Minecraft survival using mountains.

You can get inspiration from the mounts to use new blocks to create a nice place to live. The interior and exterior look attractive, and you’ll make other players jealous. There will be no lack of services to be self-sustaining in your survival base.

Build a kitchen, bedroom, first floor, or even a second one. Add a dining room, and do not forget the secret entrance to your modern house. The best part is you can mine the mountains to get endless resources from the mounts.

Floating Island Base

Floating Island With Unique Shape l Modlust

Draw inspiration from the above design, as you will primarily use wood in the structure. You can easily do this with custom islands linked together in creating the floating fortress. Each one has its purpose and works similarly to having a sky base.

Here is a link to a great tutorial on getting some building ideas to begin your starter base. Furthermore, if you want, you can even include stone blocks to your base or go wild with an underwater base instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard underground bunker makes for an ideal starter base. You can hollow out a hole to fill with base elements. Then make the ceiling a skylight as it will allow your crops to grow faster, and you have natural light available during the day.

To survive hostile mobs and deadly environments, it helps to collect lava buckets, identify the best diamond level and zombie-proof your survival base. Also, wear a pumpkin head to trick the Endermen.

First, torches form temporary air pockets when underwater and break stacks of sand into gravel. On the other hand, a torch can also hold up sand and gravel, and you can build off your torches. When you have signs and ladders, it can stop water from lava, while blazes do not like snowfalls, and lastly, soul sand will make you sink.

There are some strong mobs found in the game as follows:

  • The Ender Dragon is the final boss you see in the end dimension.

  • Another boss mob is Wither, which attacks you with a Wither Skull projectile and explodes on impact.

  • Lastly, you have the Warden with 250 hearts, and he is one of the strongest mobs in the game.


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