Are you a Minecraft gamer and stuck with ideas on how to build your home? We know how you feel as there are so many options available, and it can be a bit overwhelming. Still, Minecraft does not offer you as a player much. Instead, you find infinite worlds and options available to stick to your classic survival.

Neither can you turn on cheats. It is a big no-no. Or you cannot switch over to the creative mode and start building away. Then you have a wide selection of building blocks and need to wait for them to expand.

So to help you get some inspiration, we compiled a list of Minecraft house ideas to help you when playing in creative or survival mode.

8 Best Cool Minecraft House Ideas

Do you need some inspiration in survival mode to build your wooden house or even a modern luxury house? Then we have got you covered with some cool Minecraft house ideas here:

Mountain House With Moon Shape Design

Mountain House With Moon Shape Design

Now, if you want cool Minecraft houses to inspire you, nothing comes close to this one. Instead, you get a mountain home with a modern house design. The fact is this current build has been a famous creation for many new homeowners.

It is made of stone with a solid foundation and leaves you without restriction. The moon shape looks spectacular despite its modest size. You enjoy a great view, and the best part is it is an excellent building idea.

Another great house Minecraft idea is building a mountain hut in the creative mode. In contrast, flat ground is best for designing most homes. The cabin has a perfect location, and you must agree the sky is the limit.

It may seem impossible to have houses on a mountain, but it is perfect for constructing one. Your hut hugs the side of the hill and works well in survival mode house design.

A Dream Modern House

A Dream Modern House

Now, if mountain living is not your style, why not opt for a modern Minecraft style. You can find many building ideas to create your unique abode. Your materials can range from slabs, stone, clay, large glass windows, and more. While the materials are a bit more challenging to come by, it is worth building in the end.

You can add a balcony to soak up your gorgeous views, and it provides you with a comfortable living space. You can start with a small garden and change it as needed once you have more materials available. You can even build it out of concrete. Your design choices are endless.

The important thing is to use loads of glass, multiple floors, a staircase, and white colors. So get some quartz, wool, and blocks gathered to create your dream home. Then, check out this video tutorial to build one.

Luxurious Wooden Mansion

Luxurious Wooden Mansion

When it comes to playing a creative game and needing some Minecraft house inspiration, take your wooden cabin to the next level. Yes, you can by creating a modern wooden house. While it does take loads of planning with decoration, it is not impossible.

Still, you do not want your modern luxury house to look boxy but have an exciting look. So if you’re stuck, why not check out the tutorial presented by Zach4455. The Minecraft survival house has four levels built with blocks you can find in the game.

The windows are shaped with gates and fences with a touch of elegance using lanterns.

Minecraft Treehouse

modern minecraft treehouse

For great Minecraft house ideas, many gamers build a treehouse with contemporary design. Just imagine living up in a tree in survival mode. So you can escape your enemies that usually come at night. Further, it helps you prepare your Minecraft shield and is a simple way to enjoy the view from above.

So start building your modern house in the game using the tree design to protect you from Minecraft mobs. You can choose a tree or build one from scratch. The best part is you can conceal it with some rose bushes, and remember the trapdoor with a ladder.

Unwind in Your Beach House

minecraft Beach House

Okay, not everyone wants to live in the forest or along with a mountain range. Luckily there are various types of modern homes you can build that are fun. An excellent example is this beach house you can build into a villa along the coast.

No matter what style you want, your living arrangement, you have different options. For example, you can construct a three-tiered mansion with a pool. Or you can build a ramshackle to a villa.

You can decorate the building with trap doors and loads of quartz blocks.

Escape the Mobs With an Underground House

Underground House

You’re playing the survival game, and what better to steer clear of the mobs than building your modern house underground. You can do this in an existing structure using an amethyst geode.

You find them commonly under the water or underground. As seen in the image, widici used purple blocks to form a fantastic modern Minecraft house.

The open side of the geode has a large window looking out onto the ocean. So how does it fit in with the underground house? Well, once you walk inside the outpost, it has a place to store some supplies and a place to sleep.

But once you step through the trapdoor, you enter a new world with a massive underground base.

A Tranquil Living Space the Japanese House

minecraft japanese house

Yes, the Japanese home provides you with peace as living for survival; you also need harmony. You can build your red roof house with acacia logs, sandstone, and cobblestones. You can surround your home with a small garden of blossom trees using pink wool. To add a modern touch, do not forget your pond filled with fish and a bridge.

Minecraft Farmhouse For a Cozy Living Place

Minecraft Farmhouse

Nothing is cozier than living on a farm. So you can build yourself a farmhouse that is reasonably easy to do. While the home is not extravagant, it remains perfect.

Final Thought

The modern Minecraft house ideas should help you get inspiration to create your modern mansion, tree houses, or any other home you want. You can add a swimming pool, garage, or you can go underground.

So get started building your living area as you need a place you can go to after fighting your enemies. As with any real-life journey, traveling in your virtual world helps if you have a place to brew your potions. So what are you waiting for become creative in playing the Minecraft survival game?


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