Apart from watching flicks on Netflix, the unusual Minecraft medieval houses are the second most popular thing found on the planet.

The game has become famous, and everyone is addicted to building their home with cobblestone stone brick stairs with wooden trap doors, depending on your settings with windows and more.

More options are available, especially when you want a medieval-style survival house.

So, we have covered you here whether you want a sturdy castle with a medieval interior or a simple build on a nice flat place.

Here we will tell you in Minecraft how to build your medieval house with some simple steps. But before we do this, let’s tell you some basic things you can find in any Minecraft medieval house.

Must-Have Minecraft Medieval Features

In every Minecraft medieval house, there are specific feature seen that makes these homes stand out.

Temple Fortress in Minecraft | Modlust

Standout Features:

  • Every Minecraft medieval house needs a basement with a furnace and chest storage. You also need direct access from your basement to a mine shaft to install the furnace.

  • Then you have your kitchen on the ground or main floor with loads of storage space with a crafting table.

  • On the second floor, you have your bedrooms with a brewing area and a walk-out balcony to check for enemies.

  • The top floor can be your library with a relaxing space.

  • Then you can build a farming area with a stable to keep your donkeys or horses.

How To Build Medieval Housing

Huge Minecraft Castle Town | Modlust

Now, regarding the question in Minecraft about how to build this fabulous eccentric home, we have all the answers here.

First, you can create your house in survival mode, but we recommend using the creative method as it only takes two hours to make.

Further, you need to use the Vanilla version of the designing game. Still, there are many ways to build your midland England abode with peasant houses in your town.

Planning Your Medieval Houses

As with any new building, you need to plan, and there is no better way to learn than playing Minecraft. Remember the crafting table.

Find a Location to build your Medieval Period Home

Great as building in real life, you need to find a perfect spot to place your medieval houses. Whether you plan to develop peasant houses or later medieval houses, the land needs to be flat. Consider the pattern blocks you use depending on the buildings you want to create. Also, remember the ground needs to be in an area where you can dig comfortably.

Prepare All The Materials Needed

Any starting point after choosing your land is the material needed to create a family home with enough rooms, an open hall, chimneys, and more. So the essential materials to construct your house are made up of blocks, and best to prepare a layout of what you need. Depending on the housing you create, for example, a place with three floors, you will need the following:

The Main Floor

Gather some dark oak planks, stone slabs for the stairs, cobblestone, cracked stone bricks, birch planks, glass panes, a door of choice, and iron bars. Remember, medieval houses had iron bars in front of the window. Another notable thing, if you want, you must also remember to add a mining shaft.

Your Upper Floor and Top Structure

As mentioned above, you’ll need oak trunks, birch or spruce planks, glass panes, smooth sandstone, iron bars, a door of choice, white wool, or birch trunks. Still, it all depends on your texture pack and the list of available materials.

Constructed Roof

Yes, and do not forget the central part of the roof. To add a modern touch, you can use dark oak planks with stone brick stairs and glass blocks.

For the Exterior

Now you want your castles or medieval home to look fabulous from the outside. Gather some acacia slabs, the fencing of choice, and remember the gate leading to the entrance. Oh yes, and do not forget all the windows and keep track of your block count.

Placing Your Foundation

  1. Superb, your area with materials is sorted out, and it is time to lay that foundation. Use your oak or spruce logs as a support frame that is five high to connect with a structure of seven wide and eleven long.

  2. The frames are completed, and you can fill them with cobblestones. Place a window at the back with two on each side, and leave room for a door in the front center section.

  3. Outstanding, there is more as you need to place the oak or spruce slab outside on each corner of your building up to five blocks high.

  4. Now connect the trunk along the bottom frame section. Next, place more trunk blocks in each side’s center, ensuring they are level with the corners. Next comes the roofing frame using more layers of your support above the 2nd level.

  5. Each level is about two blocks high and repeats on both ends of your home. Now comes the flooring; as you know, we are using birch or spruce planks or smooth sandstone if you like. Finally, you can add a staircase with stone masonry stairs.

  6. To create your platform, remember to dig one block down on your main living area to replace the dirt with planks. Then, use the birch planks on the second floor by laying them into the 2nd-floor frame. For the top two floors, you can fill the spaces using wool.

Build Your Minecraft Medieval Roof

Minecraft Medieval Roof l Modlust

Now you need to frame out the shelter to add your top floor, as in reality, every home needs a cover.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Next, add your flooring to line the support horizontally across the platform’s back and front. You can fill it in about five wide.

  2. Place and line your oak trunks on either side, as it will be the bottom of the inside wall to help support the roofing. Next, arrange the acacia planks to get them ready. Fantastic on each plank placed; you will use an acacia stair. Do this along the length of your shelter on both sides.

  3. Next, you can make your roof look fancy with a one-block overhanging the top. Next, you need to bring the plank and stairs out one block and use an upside-down stair at the bottom of each block. Finally, you can use oak planks for the backing by laying them down to make it easier.

  4. Now, in medieval times homes had chimneys. You can use your cracked rock bricks and rock brick stairs to make them. Excellent, now you have a fire inside to make food, or you can add more than one chimney to create a cozy fireplace.

Oh yes, your shelter does not add much light, so break up that roof to let in natural light by making six window panes on each side. Instead of using panes, you can use glass blocks.

Install the Door, Window & Furnish Your Home

Like in real life, every home needs windows, doors, and furnishings. To make windows, you can break down two stones to install your glass stones. Do the same for the doors you choose. Now you can become creative to make your furniture and fixtures.

Decorate Your Home With Medieval Design

Great, now you need to decorate your home in style.

Decorating Exterior Ideas:

  • Eock brick stairs

  • Cracked rock bricks

  • Wooden dark oak plank trapdoors

  • Creat dark oak stairs

  • You can even use glass panels for all your walls and windows

These you add to your materials list to keep them as reminders. So, now that we have covered Minecraft and how to build medieval houses, let’s check out some examples.

Minecraft Medieval House Design Ideas

The above gives you an idea of how a building comes together in real life and Minecraft. But what style of medieval home should you choose? Check out these different design styles:

Small & Stylish Medieval House

Small & Stylish Medieval House l Modlust

Now, this is the wealthier peasants’ type of home. It starts basic and looks lovely yet straightforward. You have walls using stone bricks combined with dark wood in the layout to add some style. You can even add a chimney with dark oak stairs on either side or in the middle of an hour medieval house.

Compact & Stylish Medieval House

Compact & Stylish Medieval House l Modlust

The half-timbered houses with bricks have a simplistic design made for those starting in the survival world. Or, if you are limited with materials, you can still make a huge everyday living space. What makes these buildings so great it takes less time to build and still look amazing. So, gather some stone bricks or even cracked ones when starting a new one.

Minecraft Medieval Mansion

Minecraft Medieval Mansion l Modlust

Now, if you’re a veteran that wants to go all the way in medieval times, you can create Tudor houses. The home has over 15 stacks of blocks with 12 oak logs and is not cheap to build. But the outcomes are worth the effort. One thing is for sure you will have a Minecraft medieval house that stands out from others. The block count is high, but with some stone bricks, you will get far.

Simple Medieval House Design

Minecraft Medieval House l Modlust

These buildings you find in your survival mode are another elegant yet functional home you can build. It is mostly built out of timber with some mortar blocks, but a stone brick will also do. Once done, you can make a beautiful small garden with a fence and gate. Check this medieval Minecraft tutorial for more details.

Rustic Medieval Houses

Rustic Medieval Minecraft House l Modlust

Now, if you want to stand out from the crowd, even from the peasants’ group, this rustic structure is an eye-catcher. You will feel homey, and the dark colors will catch everyone’s attention. Although you may only have two rooms and are small, it is still liveable for a starter home. Check out the blueprints here.

Final Thought

Whether you are a new homeowner searching for a place to live or want to build one, Minecraft provides many ideas you can put into real life. So what medieval house do you like?


Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to get a layout, gather your needed material list, and do a block count. Then find a flat surface to place your home. Start with the foundation, then add the doorway and flooring. Next, add the frame and construct the walls with the tower. Then round your home off with a roof.

When you look at the Minecraft medieval city, you need features like towers, a moat, and a drawbridge. Most importantly, it would help to have a marketplace with a blacksmith near your castle. Then add other essential structures like a church, town hall, and inn.

You can build a Minecraft medieval castle using any material available in the game, from stone bricks to dark oak stairs and tables, if you have enough blocks in your preferred style.

You find the ancient cities mostly underground, but they are rarely seen. You will likely find one at a Y-level of -52 or under the mountain. But if you find one, please mention that you found a Depp Dark Biome.

The name Steve originated as a joke by one person, and the official name was in the Bedrock Edition. The face of Steve consists of an 8-by-8-pixel image adorned with a goatee.

Evil Steve is the opposite version of Steve and appeared in the SMG4 videos of Sonic The Derphog and the Evilness of Eggman and SM64, which is Steve’s cameo.


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