Have you ever wanted to live in a medieval house? Now you can in the virtual world of Minecraft. The game allows you to escape from reality into a world of survival to build medieval housing.

The best part is with everything you learn; you can even apply it to the real world. So we will show you how you can bring your fantasy of the middle ages to life.

The only concern is you need big money to achieve this in reality.

How To Build Medieval Housing

In reality, you’re not living in the medieval period, but no one said you could not build medieval homes or peasant homes. We all can agree that in the later medieval period, the houses were sensual.

While you can make one in real life, you will need loads of ground and, yes, money. But let’s take a closer look at how you build a home to live in the medieval society on Minecraft. First, you can create your house in survival mode, but we recommend using the creative method as it only takes two hours to make.

Further, you need to use the Vanilla version of the designing game. Still, there are many ways to build your midland England abode with peasant houses in your town. Here you can see what you can include in your medieval houses:

  • You can make a basement leading to your mine or install a small area for the furnace.
  • Of course, you need a good work table to craft your fixtures with enough space for an anvil. Remember, it is medieval times.
  • Then you need a separate room for your chest to store supplies.
  • Don’t forget the kitchen as a man must eat and with all the peasant houses around you can provide them with work.
  • You can place your kitchen on the main or ground floor with enough space to keep wine barrels and a crafting table.
  • Great now the second floor can be your brewing area with enchantment area and anvil with bookshelves included.
  • Reaching your top floor, one needs an armor stand, your bedrooms, and of course a balcony to look over the medieval peasant house and remember the mobs.

You can let your imagination go wild with a farming area to keep horses in a stable, pigs, or whatever you like. Great, but how do you go about getting all of these things done? You start right here.

Planning Your Medieval Houses

As with any new building, in reality, you need to plan, and there is no better way to learn than playing Minecraft.

Find a Location to build your Medieval Period Home

Great as building in real life, you need to find a perfect spot to place your medieval houses. Whether you plan to develop peasant houses or later medieval houses, the land needs to be flat.

Depending on the buildings you want to create, you need to consider the blocks you use. Also, remember the ground needs to be in an area where you can dig comfortably.

Prepare All The Materials Needed

Any starting point after choosing your land is the material needed to create a family home with enough rooms, an open hall, chimneys, and more. So the essential materials to construct your house are made up of blocks. Depending on the housing you create, for example, a place with three floors, you will need:

The Main Floor

Gather some oak trunks, stone slabs for the stairs, cobblestone, cracked stone bricks, birch planks, glass panes, a door of choice, and iron bars. Remember, medieval houses had iron bars in front of the window.

Your Upper Floor and Top Structure

Same as above, you’ll need oak trunks, birch planks, glass panes, stone masonry slabs, iron bars, a door of choice, white wool, or you can use birch trunks.

Constructed Roof

Yes, and do not forget the central part of the roof. You can use acacia wood planks with acacia wood stairs and glass blocks to add a modern touch.

For the Exterior

Now you want your castles or medieval England home to look fabulous from outside. Gather some acacia slabs, fencing of choice, and remember the gate leading to the entrance.

Placing Your Foundation

Superb, you have your area with materials sorted out, and it is time to lay that foundation. Use your oak trunks as a support frame that is five high to connect with a structure of seven wide and eleven long.

Great, the frames are completed, and you can fill it up with cobblestone. Place two windows at the back with two on each side and leave room for a door in the front center section. Outstanding, there is more as you need to place the oak trunks outside on each corner of your building up to five blocks high.

Now connect the trunk along the bottom frame section. Next, place more trunk blocks in the center of each side, making sure they are level with the corners. Next comes the roofing frame using more layers of your support above the 2nd level.

Each level is about two blocks high and repeats on both ends of your home. Now comes the flooring, and as you know by now, we are using birch planks. Finally, you can add a staircase with stone masonry stairs.

Remember to dig one block down on your main living area to replace the dirt with planks to create your platform. Then, on the second floor, use the birch planks by laying them into the 2nd-floor frame. For the top two floors, you can fill the spaces using wool.

Build Your Middle Ages Roof

Now you need to frame out the shelter to add your top floor, as in reality, every home needs a cover. Next, add your flooring to line up the support going horizontal across the back and front of the platform. You can fill it in about five wide.

Place and line your oak trunks on either side, as it will be the bottom of the inside wall to help support the roofing. Next, arrange the acacia planks to get it ready. Fantastic on each plank placed; you are going to use an acacia stair. Do this along the length of your shelter on both sides.

Next, you can make your roof look fancy with a one-block overhanging the top. Next, you need to bring the plank and stairs out one block and use an upside-down stair at the bottom of each block. Finally, you can use oak planks for the backing by laying them down to make it easier.

Now, in medieval times homes had chimneys. You can use your cracked rock bricks and rock brick stairs to make it. Excellent, now you have a fire inside to make food, or you can add more than one chimney to create a cozy fireplace as well.

Oh yes, your shelter does not add in much light, so break up that roof to let in natural light by making six window panes on each side. Instead of using panes, you can use glass blocks.

Install Doors, Windows & Furnish Your Home

Just as in real life, every home needs windows, doors, and furnishings. To make windows, you can break down two stones to install your glass stones. Do the same for the doors you chose. Now you can become creative to make your furniture and fixtures.

Decorate Your Home With Medieval Design

You can use rock brick stairs, cracked rock bricks, and wooden trapdoors to decorate the exterior. You can even use glass panels for all your walls and windows.

Minecraft Medieval House Design Ideas

The above gives you some idea of how a building comes together in real life and the Minecraft world. But what style of medieval England home should you choose? Check out these different styles of medieval houses:

Small & Stylish Medieval House

Small & Stylish Medieval House

Now, this is the wealthier peasants’ type of home. It starts basic and looks lovely yet straightforward. You have white walls using concrete or terracotta combined with dark wood to add some style. Inside, you have your stairs that are placed from either side or in the middle. By mixing some simple blocks and stairs, you can add an exciting look without trouble.

Compact & Stylish Medieval House

Compact & Stylish Medieval House

The half-timbered houses with bricks have a simplistic design made for those starting in the survival world. Or, if you are limited with materials, you can still make a huge everyday living space. What makes these buildings so great it takes less time to build and still look amazing.

Minecraft Medieval Mansion

minecraft medieval mansion

Now, if you’re a veteran that wants to go all the way in medieval times, you can create Tudor houses. The home has over 15 stacks of blocks with 12 oak logs and is not cheap to build. But the outcomes are worth the effort.

Simple Medieval House Design

minecraft medieval house

These buildings you find in your survival mode and are another elegant yet functional home you can build. It is mostly built out of timber with some mortar blocks. Once done, you can make a beautiful small garden with a fence and gate. Check this medieval Minecraft tutorial for more details.

Rustic Medieval House

rustic medieval minecraft house

Now, if you want to stand out from the crowd, even from the peasants’ group, this rustic building is an eyecatcher. You will feel homey, and the dark colors are sure to catch everyone’s attention. Although you may only have two rooms and are small, it is still liveable for a starter home. Check out the blueprints here.

Final Thought

Whether you are a new homeowner searching for a place to live or want to build one, Minecraft provides you with many ideas you can put into real life. So what medieval house do you like?


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