Yes, friends, there is a new craze in contemporary house design happening right under our noses. You walk out of your door seeing a new home built, and a couple of months later, you notice this black house standing on the corner.

You stand still amazed at the matte black exterior standing out from the rest of the homes in your neighbourhood. Yip, my friends, this is a new fad in the modern house age with black exteriors standing out from the natural surroundings.

But why is this happening? Is it because architects are becoming lazy, or is there more to it? Please stay a while longer to hear what we think about this rage filling up the streets.

Why Are There Black ModernHouses

When you look a the new homes built turning all black, the answer is more complex than a hundred years ago. Years ago, nearly every building in a town with colder climates had a black facade. Because residents used coal to heat their living place, it left the soot stuck to anything, even their homes.

So instead of painting their home with white walls, they opted in using black so that it does not come over filthy. Then, during the 50s, with pollution concerns and the burning of coal declined, things started changing.

Homeowners switched over to gas and oil, leaving residents to paint the exterior in any color preferred. Gradually architects moved away from the idea of making the exterior wall black. Now years later, as black is not seen as a predominant shade associated with filth and soot, it makes a big comeback.

Why not as it stands out in a surrounding landscape with its geometric shapes and pitched roof giving modern homes a new meaning of life

8 Most Loved Black Modern Homes You’ll Love To Have

Now that you know why you see black exterior makes in an existing home and new contemporary houses, let’s look at some great examples seen here:

Blackbird Contemporary House in Colorado, USA

Blackbird Contemporary House in Colorado, USA

The single-family home in Aspen is an excellent example of a house with a matte black exterior. The living space was completed by Will Bruder, who is a Phoenix-based architect. The residence stands on 5,829 square feet of land in town in a quiet cal-de-sac three blocks from the ski lift.

The home was built as a spec house with flatware, furniture, linens, art on the walls, and more. While there is no particular architecture style, the floor-to-ceiling windows are part of a modern design element. The residence has a burnt-wood exterior, nearly making the contemporary home disappear when viewed from the street.

The copper butterfly roof gives the birdlike quality resulting in the name of the home Blackbird. Then the living space you find is filled with luxurious rustic and other materials. These fabrics range from white rift-sawn oak doors, walnut floor planks, a gray-stone master-bedroom fireplace, and more.

There are five bedrooms and three levels with large windows and large glass panels letting in enough natural daylight. So it evens allows the family to see views of the mountains.

Black Floor to Ceiling Windows Home in Virginia, USA

The James River House

Now, this riverside retreat is a place where three young boys are growing up learning everything about their surroundings. The James River House is a place you can explore inside and out. The black exterior stands out against the dark forest and provides the family with enough outdoor spaces to relax.

Before arriving at this modern house, you have 1/2 a mile to travel through a wooded site to reach the studio and garage where visitors leave their cars. One thing is sure you get the feeling of hiking as you slowly leave the city life behind.

The central volume of the living place is the kitchen and living room, while the attached structure has a space for the parents and kids. The kid’s rooms have eight built-in beds for their friends. Above the bluff alongside the James River bend, a section of the house hovers over it.

There is a campfire with scattered stones, and family with friends can slip through the house to view the river and woods. The interior design is impressive as it is built around a colossal gathering space that expands from the interior to the exterior.

The home also has a distinguished back and front side with large windows facing the river to the Northside. Throughout the living space, the family enjoys views of the river from different angles. In addition, there is a third section dedicated for their guests detached from the central part but connected with a deck.

Natural Light-House 3 in Yucca Valey, California

Natural Light-House 3 in Yucca Valey, California

When Oller & Pejic Architecture received instructions from their client to build a dark black house portraying a shadow. The architects faced a challenge as they needed to provide their clients with enough outdoor space in this modern home.

They used the natural surrounding as their starting point, with the black bedroom and other rooms arranged in a linear sequence from the living room. The living spaces are lined with the kitchen and dining room wrapped around the inner courtyards in the middle.

The home you find is situated in the desert and stands out from nature, allowing natural light through the large windows from the rocky ledge.

The Music Box Residence

The Music Box Residence

The home is designed around communal and intimate qualities for the love of music in the family. You have a steep lot with views of Mr. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens in this multi-level structure. On the lower level, you notice concrete walls that reside in a timpani rehearsal room.

Here is where the husband practices for the Oregon Symphony when needing some space for quietness. In contrast, the main level has a piano studio for his wife and her students coming for lessons. The studio opens up to the main living room with an outdoor living area.

On the upper level are the bedrooms for the kids, guests, and parents. Further up, you reach the electronic roof hatch that pivots open to reveal a rooftop deck with views of the park and city with the mountains beyond.

On both sides of the modern house, there are glassy two-story entry spaces found in the middle. A long bridge with a magnificent bamboo forest below leads from the sidewalk to the main entrance.

On the exterior, you see a black siding that is stained reminiscent of the charred wood paying homage to their Japanese ancestry.

Fallsview Residence in Ontario, Canada

Fallsview Residence in Ontario, Canada

On the outskirts of Toronto, you find the Fallsview Residence nestled among the wilderness of Webster Falls and Tews. You must agree it is a breathtaking home that sits on the Bruce Trail, one of the oldest and longest footpaths in Canada.

What made this black house a challenge the architects had to work with land that had strict building regulations. The main rooms are open, facing nature to view the surroundings. House divides into two sections, creating a private space with a spacious open-plan living area, kitchen, and a bedroom wing.

The upper dent has folding doors between a cozy lounge and fireplace with views of the Bruce Trail. While the master bedroom also has green vistas with full-length and height windows to bring the outside inside. The color is a natural palette fitting in with the surroundings.

Black Courtyard House in Washington, USA

Black Courtyard House in Washington, USA

The black exterior home designed by Robert Hutchinson Architecture has a compact size and impacts the surroundings. You see the exterior covered with a red cedar cladding that is stained black, blending in with the trees.

At the front of the home is a courtyard with black walls wrapping around the space. It features gravel flooring with paving stones, a bench, and vistas up to the trees. The best is that all the schemes you find are organized around the courtyard, allowing light and ventilation to the interior.

Blackened house in North Carolina, the USA by In Situ Studio

Blackened house  in North Carolina, the USA by In Situ Studio

The home you find is a wooded site on a winding drive. While it looks like an industrial-style low black box, it is not. The residence is on the edge of a hill above the creek. You find the house oriented in such a way to allow in the natural daylight. From all sides of the home, there are views of the forest. Further, the home you find is divided into three sections. One is where the carport is, while the rest is for the main living area and bedrooms.

Mojave Desert Residence in Nevada, USA

Mojave Desert Residence in  Nevada, USA

The home is just as extravagant as Vegas found at the edge of the Mojave Desert. The house from Blue-Heron is a cutting-edge design and has five bedrooms. The residence overlooks the bright lights filled with comfort and, of course, security.

There is a bedroom over a glass bridge with glass walls. When guests arrive, they are invited into a reception room. Here you find a digital den with a giant TV screen. For visitors, there are eight bathrooms and bedrooms.

While the master bedroom has a concealed mirror found in the ceiling, further, there is a vast deck space with three pools and two outdoor kitchens with outdoor showers. Here you also find a full working bar, lounge, fireplace with the deck providing views of the Las Vegas strip. Believe it or not, there are eleven garages as well.

Final Thought

Great, we have arrived at the end of these spectacular modern homes. As you can see, black homes are not a thing of the past but the present. All of these homes have luxurious features with vistas of unique landscapes. What do you think would you make your home black. You must agree it does not look bad at all but brings out the surroundings where it stands.


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