We can be too spic and span about our home’s details. From landscapes to everything that we could see inside the house. As far as entry is concerned, we love it when our entrance possesses simplicity and elegance at the same time, giving it an impression of being a nice home.

Who cares about a door design? Not many. When your lawn is already a sight to see, and your entrance has an exceptional design, whether it is potted plants, ceramic expensive jars, stacks of pebbles and stones, or some sophisticated details like those, we tend to care less about our door’s design.

Even for the fact that our door welcomes each and every person that enters our home, how it looks mostly doesn’t matter to us. We can probably change your mind and capture your interest once we list down some Modern Door Designs that may fit your home and make your visitors stare before they knock or come in.

12 Modern Front Door Designs

Wow! So doors have different types, huh? Yes, they have. They matter too! Here are some of the different Modern Front Door designs that may look amazing to your home…

Come on in!

 Smooth horizontal wood panels with silky black handle

Front doors often feature a traditional look because of the material used. Wood doors are actually the most common door one may be bumped into due to their simplicity and yet can be built with different door designs. Some prefer natural wood, while you can level it up with smooth horizontal wood panels with silky black handles

What will give emphasis to your very front door is its simple, natural, and smooth panels. The silky black handle gives a minimalist touch to the door, making it look inviting to hold and comfortable to touch.  This door could help add up curb appeal to your home.

 Wooden, natural door with steel exterior

wooden door with steel exterior

Since there are not many versatile doors that you may change the actual color or experiment designs according to your visual interest, a wood door would still be a good choice. A wooden, natural door with a steel exterior looks stunning especially when adorned with green potted plants on your front door.

Since a wood door is already a winner, the steel exterior of this wooden, natural door features firmness making it look more solid. This type of door will also look amazing when used as an indoor door.

Timber planks with alternating glass strips and metal bar handle

Timber planks are one of the most typical and solid custom doors. Front doors with this design are often admired because of their appeal. This type of door gives a natural touch with modern features when designed with alternating glass strips.

Timber planks with alternating glass strips and metal bar handle is actually a solid wood-and-glass combination type of door. This will provide you with indirect little lights coming through its glass design.

Glass panes door with steel exterior

glass door with steel exterior

Sturdy and strong, glass panes doors are more of an interior door, usually sliding when used as a kitchen door, the steel exterior always looks classic and can fit almost any architectural home. This type of door is best for catching natural light. The steel exterior, as usual, gives an additional firmness and solid look, making the whole part of the door bold. Different types of glass may be used depending on how you visualize your new door.

Oversize glass door

oversize glass door

This door is actually the best choice for plantophiles that have plants that need more natural light. This door is also best for minimalists. An oversized glass door is made as a sliding door or two-door type and is usually used for patio doors.

If you are not very privacy-conscious, or your home is not really in front of any public places in which security can be compromised, this type of door and its oversized door type will make you a happy homeowner.  It can also make you feel as if you are taking advantage of the hot sun without being buried under it.

A door that reaches from top to bottom

glass door

Normally called a type of Dutch door, a door that reaches from top to bottom is usually a two-door type. If you are very particular with door size or space, this can be an amazing choice. Some types of these doors are also divided in the middle so homeowners can open the top while the bottom remains closed, and has a glass and wood panel or design. and is meant to be installed or done in standard sizes.

Shiny black using simple modern material

black,shiny door

Another minimalist door you may want to try is the shiny black door using simple modern material such as wood with wood grain panel for a little matte look, or a shiny glass material. This door has a shiny finish for a brighter and eye-catching look, especially when the light reflects on its glossy black style.

This is also often amazing for homes with an upper-level window or windows visible just near the front door, it will also look great and sophisticated when your exterior and entryway have a cream or clean motif.

Artistic wooden door with steel bar handle

If you want to flaunt a symbol or art that is significant or has sentimental value to you, this door is going to be a perfect choice. An Artistic wooden door with a steel bar handle is a type of door that you may have your favorite symbol or style carved on.

A good color or finish will also help emboss the design that you’d like to put on your artistic wooden door. This will create a great impression on your entrance especially when it has a steel bar handle, since this type of handle blends rather than messes up the art you have.

Tiny panes with frosted glass incorporation

If we are talking about an interesting door with your privacy and security not being compromised, you may want to try a tiny pane door with frosted glass incorporation. This type of door couldn’t be too open from the outside since it is paned with frosted glass, and visible lights can be dim from the outside.

These designs of doors are usually installed in the shower or bathroom for a more modern yet conservative accent.

Cardinal Red door

cardinal red door

Soothing yet strong, bright yet solid, this is how a Cardinal Red door will express itself. It could be wooden, or glossy steel, but this door does not just catch attention or steal the view of your front house but also shows the boldness of your home.

The Cardinal Red door is especially beautiful when it’s glossy and designed with potted plants or greenery on either side of the front door. Cardinal Red doors sometimes have connections with some beliefs including luck.

Emphasize a cheerful entrance by using a yellow entrance door

yellow entrance door

Yellow is a happy color, an energy star color, and yellow is one unique color that may give a glow-up impression to your visitors. A yellow door will definitely emphasize your entrance. You may find your visitors already smiling as you open the door. Any modern materials that can be painted or carry the yellow color will do when it sure fit the style of your home.

What could possibly go wrong when talking about the first impressions if your door is a head-turner?

Stainless steel finishes

Your entrance will surely look especially aesthetic and solid when you install a stainless steel finished door. The first thing that will come into anyone’s mind is elegance as they look at the front doors with this material. This type of door is especially the best when your home is located in a high environmental place, commercial place, or even industrial place.

This door will also reflect light that will give it a shining shimmering impression.

Final Thought

Whether you are about to install new doors or want to change how your front door will look, it is always important to first know the type of door that will surely fit the architectural structure of your house. Some things that you may also want to consider are privacy, security, and what is its edge when you set your house for sale. The location of the new doors you’d want to install will also matter whether it is on your front door or indoors; in the bathroom, kitchen, or patio.

Always remember that what gives the first impression of your home is your entryway, and doors should not be an exception when you decide to customize your entrance. Sizes, height, width, and actual colors will also matter when choosing doors to install in your house. But if you prefer a wider door that reaches your ceiling, there are also samples for that.

Color samples can also be provided as you choose. Doors have a modern and wide variety you may choose from on our website and can be ordered once what you prefer appears online.

The beauty of your house begins as the people stare at its exterior, and you can always give it an additional sophistication by starting with how you choose the doors it. But above all, choose the door that will surely make you happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your main door needs to be in a home’s north, northeast, east, or west direction. Avoid having a gate as your main entryway on the south side.

The steel door remains the most robust for entering your home as it provides safety from the outside as a front door.

Add colorful accents like potted plants to furniture or a welcome mat to refresh your front door.

Your doors opening from the outside tend to open inwards for safety reasons. So, to open the door outwards, the hinge will need to be on the outside, but they pose a risk to the homeowner’s safety.

A steel door is more durable, and with glass, it allows in more natural light, but it will stand up well against the sun.

Having an inward opening door is safer as the hinges are on the inside, and no one will be able to tamper with them.


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