It is no surprise that North Carolina is the American destination spot for beaches stretching miles along the Atlantic coast. You find lively crowds with bustling city nightlife. It’s also one of America’s places with a red-hot housing market.

Maybe you’re looking for a modern home design, modern home décor or modern home builders in north Carolina. You have arrived at the right destination, especially looking for the best modern home architects and modern home builders in North Carolina. Every contractor provided on the list is worth checking out with exceptional customer service and quality construction.

Jade Mountain Builders – One of the Modern Home Builders in North Carolina

362 Depot Street Asheville N.C. 28801 Contact

Hans Doellgast, the owner of Jade Mountain Builders, is one of Asheville’s reputable green building companies. With his team of artisans, he provides you with ecological arts of work you can call home. In addition, they offer you a modern home design installing everything from the windows, decks, porch to interior/exterior trims.

Jade Mountain Builders - One of Modern Home Builders in North Carolina

As a GreenHouse provider, they respect the land the house is built on and provide you with good indoor air quality and reduce your energy consumption. You can contact them to make your dream home a green one and recommend the best modern home architects built within your budget.

One of the homes they helped create is going for $399,000, and you can check it out here while it is still available.


5521 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037 Contact

Dvele is a famous modern home architects firm providing you with innovative, off the grid and healthy prefabricated homes for up to $670k.  Whether you want modern home décor or a modern home builders in North Carolina, they offer you many customizable options to suit your timeline and budget. For example, you can find a place to call a home ranging from $150, such as the Baldwin Mini Home with two loft spaces with 430 square feet of liveable space.

Alternatively, you can select the Royal Palms costing $530K with open glass windows, sliding doors, and outdoor living spaces. Check out the customizable options here.

Dvele home builder


1213 W Morehead St, 5th Floor, Charlotte, NC 28204 Contact

Live in an expertly designed modern home interior created by these renowned modern home builders in North Carolina. You can design your dream house and spend over $800, or you can buy one of the completed homes for less. Live in style with customized modern home décor expressing your personality and way of life.

Toby Witte will help design and build your house to call your own.

Wittehause home design

Go Green to create an energy-efficient living space to sleep better at night. You will lower your carbon footprint and make an impact. The modern home design includes solar panels free, building innovative, and providing you with certified programs. Check it out here today.

Dialect Design

248 Keswick Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28206 Contact

Are you looking for modern home builders in North Carolina? Look no further than these modern custom home builders. They help to put everyday living within your reach, creating the perfect livings space for you. You get custom details with a distinct design and can feel assured that no two are alike when building your house.

A home design by Dialect Design

Furthermore, you can expect expertise as they choose materials with quality throughout the construction process, keeping a sustainable practice. For more information on the different projects to get an idea of how your home can look, check out all the projects they have completed over the years.

 Blu Homes


For one of the best prefab home builders found in Raleigh, look no further than Blu Homes. With them, you get a modern home design that fits in with your living style. One philosophy the modern home architects believe in is a sustainable building. Furthermore, they help you to obtain permits for building your current modular home.

A house designed by Blu homes

Alternatively, you can buy land for sale in Raleigh with an average cost per square foot of $144, with a median sale price for land going for $375k.  For a better example of what you can expect when designing your home, the Breezehouse is one of their iconic creations. The home seamlessly connects the open interior with the environment displaying the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Oxide Architecture

217 Dexter Place, Raleigh, NC 27605 Contact

Another one of the best modern home architects is Oxide. The company believes that each home and building can enrich culture while nurturing humanity. With them, you get a two-part customer service from the book-ending traditional process of the design to the construction. Then, with your inspiration, they work with Latin ideas to form the space for you.

Furthermore, they blend the modern with the sensuous creating a sustainable home for you to invite guests to enjoy the living space with you. The architect-built home cost with Oxide varies $250 square feet with the architect-builder process, design, sustainable practices with natural light and the materials.

a home design with a pool by Oxide Architecture

Alternatively, you can expect to pay $380 square feet for a more integrated home with unique features of wood, steel, casework, pool, and more. Check out the chart presented to the pricing here.

Steel Root Builders

225 Coxe Avenue, Asheville, North Carolina 28801 Contact

Steel Root Builders is an award-winning modern residential architecture firm specializing in building sustainable homes. Whether you need a complete modern house plan, renovation, or a commercial up-fit, give them a call. You can create a green home that provides you with a low-impact custom-built house.

Enjoy a creative and environmental living space with the green building concepts used by the company. The mid-century modern home builders in Carolina and other places as well provide exceptional craftsmanship, so check out their portfolio today to make your dream come true.

Front view of a home design by Steel root builder

 Mills Eloge

2923 S Tryon St Ste 220 Contact

Mills Eloge is a famous modern home architect who helps streamline the process when you need modern home designs. They put together a team of architects, designers and provide you with financial resources. On average, you can expect to pay $250k to $500k using their service to build your home.

Everything they do is done with an intelligent approach redefining your customer experience, focusing on several critical and undervalued aspects of your project.

Furthermore, they are not a price-driven builder and provide you with value from creativity to craftsmanship. Once they complete a job, you will feel proud of your home. Check out some of their creations here.

Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington

2450 N. Church St. Burlington, NC 27217 Contact

If you’re looking for modular home builders in North Carolina, you have found the right architects to help design and build your home. They present you with a fantastic experience of what is offered by walking through their modern home designs without getting out of your seat. Why Carolina Custom Homes presents you with a virtual walkthrough, you can inspect every cranny and nook of some of the popular floor plans.

So why choose a modular home. One thing is sure for any person it is a big step to build a new home. When you make a custom modular home, it is more affordable to create a perfect living space you can call home.

Furthermore, the building costs vary and are based on the floor plan with upgrades you choose. So if you want to save money, why not give them a call today or complete the online form available on their site.

Artistic Contractors

5960 Fairview Rd, Suite 400, Charlotte, NC 28210 Contact

With Artistic Contractors, you get a modern masterpiece that you can call home. You get the most incredible attention to detail from the planning to customize the house, leaving you with a modern home interior and exterior. The famous modern home architects have taken on different projects, such as a $1.7 million Condo renovation in Mecklenburg county.

Included in the features was a 24-foot ceiling with a hot tub. Check out their most expensive condominium project and portfolio to get more ideas. Whether you need drafting, custom homes, green building, home extensions, or modern home plans, they can help.

Front view of a modern home built by Artistic Contractors

Fasse Buildings

Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480 Contact

Get a sustainable boutique-style home built by this modern home architect. They have more than 20-years’ experience with an outstanding reputation to provide you with a personal building experience. In addition, you get a complete design building experience from the initial concept to your final construction.

Front view of a house built by Fasse Buildings with a car in font

With their local and national reputation, you can have an intelligent liveable home to provide you with energy-efficient living space. All the homes they build are functional and healthy to express your lifestyle. With their services, you can even get home design consulting, general contracting to project developments. Furthermore, they are SIPs, LEED, and NAHB certified. Get the best idea of what they offer by checking their projects here.

Red Tree Builders


Do you want an eco-luxury mountain home, then look no further as this is among modern home builders in North Carolina. Red Tree Builders can help build your dream home. They have the expertise, artistry, and sustainability to design and build your house. Every home they build is Green Built and registered with the N.C. Green Built program.

Front view of a house with a garage and chairs built by Red Tree Builders

You get a modern home interior with contemporary finishes for healthier living. Furthermore, they present you with plans for a modern farmhouse, mountain, or craftsman design. So if you want a modern home décor that stands out, contact Red Tree Builders to set up your meeting to get your dream home built today.


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