Are you contemplating if you should move to Ashville, NC?

Then think no further, as Ashville is a great place to live, and finding a home on the real estate market is easy.

In addition, you see the area nestles in the Blue Ridge Mountains. What more can one ask for?

Asheville Modern Architecture Design

The town is known as the “Paris of the South” with its stunning historic architecture, history, and creative community. You can find many homes for sale on the real estate available.

Asheville NC Population and Expenditure

Asheville, NC

The town has a population of 92,000 in Buncombe Country. You can enjoy a dense yet suburban feel as the majority of people rent homes here. The people have a moderate political view with many young professionals.

You can find highly rated public schools, making it a worthy option to raise a family. A median home sells for 0,400 on the listings compared to the national price of $217k on the high side.

If you rent, you can expect to pay a median rate of $1,043 compared to the national price of $1,062. Up to 52% of the people rent compared to the 48% that own a home.

What Is There to Do in Asheville, North Carolina

With the surrounding mountain and hills, you can easily find a spot to go hiking or mountain biking. The buildings have Art Deco on them in the streets, and you can find loads of historic homes to see. A highlight is the hospitality and tourism industry with many hotels, shops, and restaurants.

While in the River Arts District, you find it packed with murals, public art displays, and musicians. Even food enthusiasts love the place as the culinary scene is big and received the Best Food City America award.

If that is not enough, you may find the following even more interesting in your search for a condo or homes for sale on international realty.

6 Famous Modern Home Ideas in Asheville

While many visitors go to Ashville for their Christmas celebrations and visit the renowned Biltmore House, you can find some famous modern house designs throughout Asheville to remain here. So make sure to check out the real estate presented by Modlust today.

Riverside Properties

riverside modern home

One of the hippest places to live in Asheville, NC, is the Riverside Arts District. It is an exciting neighborhood expanding with a vibrant culture, from refurbished historic buildings to studios.

Here you can find a condo to homes for sale to enjoy downtown living in the center of the town. The best of all is that they might even be able to buy or rent a living space in a new residential and commercial concept proposed for RAD.

The development includes transforming two sites totaling 4.5 acres creating green space for more than 170 new housing units with retail space.

So you may soon find a place to buy and walk to work. No matter what square feet of living space you need, you can find it available here with full bedrooms to bathrooms.

Lakeview Real Estate

lakeview modern home

The Beaver Lake real estate is booming, and the community is one of the most sought-after in Asheville, NC. You can find more than 500 homes owned by residents with boating, walking trails, to fishing.

You can find various styles and sizes available, with some of the oldest homes dating back to 1917. But the majority of the newer constructions offer you contemporary, modern ranches, bungalows, to mid-century homes with some modern touches.

If you’re lucky, you can even enjoy a mountain view, but most of them provide a wooded feel with lush landscaping and trees.

Modern Mountain Views

modern mountain home

Or perhaps you prefer a relaxing view of the mountain. The western side offers you a place in the woods close to the town. You can enjoy a very well-kept and equipped up-to-date two-story home to call your private residence.

The modern mountain home remains secluded yet accessible all year round.

Many of these properties have a 1,000-square-foot view with multiple wraparound decks with accessible hot tubs from inside the home. You can entertain guests by the grill while lounging in a chair and might never want to leave. You have paved homes for easy access, and you can travel to them with any vehicle.

Alternatively, you can select other square feet of living space of choice when you search the real estate market in Asheville, NC.

Farm Style Living

farm style living modern home

Another unique way of living in Asheville, NC, is to enjoy a luxurious ranch-style home for farm-style living. At the same time, you can enjoy the view of the mountains allowing nature to the inside of your living space.

You can have your mountain getaway on a 200+ acre farm. Enjoy ultra-private settings with the surrounding woodlands, trails, springs, and even stocked ponds. Whether you want four bedrooms with four bathrooms and a mountain view, you can find a property listing available here.

Or you can check the grid-supplied open house listings as well.

Creek Lifestyle Living

creek lifestyle living

Another highlight Asheville has to offer is staying in a creek lifestyle modern home. On the MSL listings, you can find a secluded spot to buy in Haw Creek to enjoy the best living style. You can enjoy staying in a well-established neighborhood in a brick ranch home or live in one of the newer constructions available.

You get quick access to downtown Asheville and have a splendid view at the same time. All the homes have a modern touch with all the features you need for green living and saving energy. Make sure to check the office agent presenting the real estate with us in the property listings.

7 Benefits of Constructing Modern Homes in Asheville

When you buy a newly developed constructed home in Asheville, the benefits are outstanding. You get from low-cost maintenance to energy efficiency in contemporary design. One thing is sure your living space is move-in ready.

Minimalist Approach

minimalist modern home

The majority of the new home embraces an open-floor plan made for your modern lifestyle. The kitchen blends seamlessly into the living space. You get large glass windows allowing in loads of natural light.

Further, they are aesthetically pleasing, allowing flexibility in your furnishings with an open, airy feel.

Energy Efficient

modern home with solar panels attached

These modern constructions provide you with energy-efficient appliances and technologies throughout the house. In addition, all the homes are green-built with multiple levels of certification available at different price points. So you can save loads on your month-end utility bills.

Modern Design

modern home design

Compared to buying a home, having one built provides you with cutting-edge modern styles and designs. You get a beautiful place to call home with open-concept kitchens, granite countertops, covered lanais, and elegant master suites.

Eco-Friendly with Healthier Living and Natural Lighting

eco friendly modern home

The majority of real estate with new modern constructions has an eco-friendly living space. It enhances your indoor environment from the lighting, thermal conditions, and ergonomics to the air quality.

In turn, it protects your health, reducing stress while improving the quality of your life. All of this is possible with huge windows allowing sunlight while the materials used in the construction reduce the emitting of elements dangerous to your health.

Presents You With Customization

modern home customization

With modern construction homes, you can create your style of living in North Carolina. It saves you maintenance costs, and you need not do remodeling. There is no need to shop around on international realty to find a home that suits your design needs.

As you can see, choosing a modern house situated in Asheville provides you with vast real estate to make North Carolina your home. So make sure to check the property listings here before doing your searches online.


Frequently Asked Questions

In the 1ste quarter of the year, we had a prolonged slowdown in the Asheville real estate market. While the number of house sales decreased, the interest rates have halted some buyers from making reliable purchases of houses.

The strong local economy, tourism, low-interest rates, and limited range of available homes contribute to the high demand for prices.

While prices of homes are higher, the strong employment rate and the growing population make it a solid investment.

The city is near the outdoors, like hiking trails, camping, and rivers.

One of the main industries in the city is healthcare.

The city has an electric culture with a vibrant art scene, with the Biltmore Estate being one of the most luxurious places found.


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