Charlotte NC Modernist Residential Architectural Style

Charlotte, NC, is one of those places with the hottest real estate market. For this reason, new home builders scramble around to keep up with the demand and take design risks. So you’ll find Charlotte streets varied with new contemporary houses with European, Craftsman to modern homes. So if you want a fun place to live or want to become a professional stager, then a modern-style home in Charlotte can provide you with many reasons why to live there.

Modern HomesTruth to Materials

The majority of Charlotte, NC, and south homes for sale have modern materials in the design. You will see steel structural supports, steel roofs with synthetic sidings with open floor plans. Architects use green materials as they embrace sustainable practices. These include the following eco-friendly features:

  • Bamboo flooring compared to your traditional hardwood. You find it displayed in various styles and colors.
  • Reclaimed wood builders use in the home design from the exterior to the interior.
  • Cork flooring is another popular green material used in modern homes and offices.
  • Recycled steel is also becoming popular with builders as it is durable against high winds and earthquakes.
  • Low-E windows bring in the natural energy from outside to keep the building cool or warm.

Real Estate Highlights Open Floor Plans

When standing in your kitchen, you want to be part of the company in your living space. Kitchens connect to the dining room or to your living room to chat away while entertaining guests. Walls are a thing of the past, with walls present providing privacy in your bedroom. You can sit in your bath while chatting to your loved one sitting on the bed.

Enjoy More Natural Light

With natural light flowing into your condo, townhome, or ranch home, it leads to healthy and happy living. The best part is you are not only healthy but happy as it saves on your home energy efficiency. Builders constructing contemporary houses work hard to make the modern home for sale in Charlotte, NC, efficient to save energy and water. You might notice solar panels in images with an agent presenting the information. So if you want to breathe in fresh air Carolina is the place to be.

More Open Windows

In the contemporary home, you have huge windows to bring in a synchronous vibe adding comfort and natural light. Further, it enhances the interior, providing you with a gorgeous view while improving curb appeal.

Yet, you can see the modern style with MIS grid-supplied open or not. Therefore, window grids (muntins or grilles) serve a decorating purpose, and you can go with them or without them. For example, windows can be sleek with a thin frame without grids compared to other windows stretching from the floor to the ceiling creating a glass wall.

You Come Close to Nature

Whether you live in one of the streets Charlotte, NC townhome, condo, or next to a park, you connect with nature. Your living space connects with the outdoors to view the landscaping. You can view your attractive garden or enjoy outdoor entertainment as it is the top feature of most modern homes. Other features are adaptable yet mixed-use space flowing smoothly into your living space.


Many of the older properties have retrofitting designs to modify the existing building to save energy. As a result, the home structure reduces the carbon footprint and includes increasing comfort for you. Thus, you can enjoy better air quality, ventilation, to damp management in a North Carolina home.

Minimal Approach Throughout the Neighborhood

When you walk into new construction of an independently reviewed and verified home for sale, you notice a minimalist approach from:

  • The simplicity in the form to the function.
  • There are no uncomplicated wall finishes and cladding.
  • You get clean open, light-filled living spaces.
  • The detailing is simple without too much decoration.
  • Lastly, all the material used provides visual interest in texture to personality.

Charlotte NC Homes Have White Rooms and Less Furniture

From the bedroom to the bathroom, you find white decor with minimal furniture allowing more space. While white might seem outdated, it still is a strong trend that is never-ending. Yet, it does not mean you cannot personalize your condo or townhome to suit your style. The possibilities are endless when it comes to interior decor, from changing the color of your bath or adding industrial-looking beds to your bedroom.

It is All About Simplification

Several modernist architectures embrace simplicity when looking at the overall form of the Charlotte, NC, homes. You have massive windows allowing in natural light with a physical connection to the surroundings. When you look at a farmstead home, it usually has one extended gable going across without cathedral ceiling space inside. But many architects in Carolina are embracing simplicity, adding one creating an airy room.

Famous Residential Architectural Style

Charlotte is a thriving city where you can find independently reviewed and verified real estate to view. In addition, you see different styles of house architecture you may want. Here are some residential architecture styles found in North Carolina.

Single-family Style Modern Style Home

Do you want a freestanding property like a small independent house or villa with open space inside and out? You can find single-family-styled homes for sale in Charlotte. These homes provide privacy without sharing lobbies to public spaces. Instead, you find 3-bed living spaces with concrete walls and clean, minimalist lines. Whether you want new construction or one already built, it is possible to find it for sale in Charlotte, NC.

Custom Built Luxury Home

When looking for a new property on the IDX listings, the one you like may not be listed. So why not have your custom home built in Carolina. You can enjoy a luxurious home, adding some traditional, modern, to a contemporary touch. The choices are endless as you can, from many baths, beds, kitchen to a pantry with open space allowing the natural surroundings inside your home.

California Ranch

Charlotte even has a California Ranch-style house on the listings to find in the community for you to live in. When you open the door, it welcomes you into a bright setting with custom millwork and wide planks with white oak floors. You can find one for sale with an inviting dining room, spacious living spaces, and halls connecting your main living area to the bedroom. The choice is endless on the Charlotte, NC listings.

Shed Style Homes are In

Maybe you prefer a home located in the foothills. Then a shed-style home might be your thing. You can enjoy an overview of the mountains with expansive views of beyond. Your primary living space can be in three groupings with glass connecting links providing privacy.

Contemporary Modern Homes

The properties may be located in town or the surroundings when it comes to contemporary living space. Or maybe you want an extraordinary modern home. Why not have one built, customizing it with your personal touch. You can live in a 2,950sqft space surrounded by nature. You can even have an artistic twist added.

Top 5 Mid-century Modern Homes in Charlotte

Lastly, on our listing, you can find on the grid as of 2021, Charlotte also has some five popular properties to view, as seen here:

The Cohen-Fumero House

The property you find in the neighborhood of 1154 Cedarwood Lane, Charlotte, NC. It is an excellent example dating back to the artistic, social life of the 1960s.

The home displays art salons designed by Architect Murray Whisnant. Further, it has an enclosed courtyard with multiple windows.

The walls appear to float above, while the interior has mahogany walls, glass shelves, tall slab doors with narrow oak flooring.

1300 Queens Towers

Currently on the IDX listings for homes for sale obtained from various sources is the Queens Towers Myers Park Flat. You get a brilliant floorplan with an incredible location and luxury living space. The pristine condo has three bedrooms, terrazzo floors with a chic lobby. You get loads of natural light from Queens Street and have a European-styled white kitchen with a large living room and dining room to impress.

Lynbrook Home of Mann Family

Whether you love MCM homes or are a history buff, you will appreciate this home in Charlotte, NC. The home restored by Susan and Gus van Soestbergen checks all the marks of an MCM-style house. When you enter the courtyard, you cross a small bridge to the front door when you step into this retreat—it greats you with open spaces revealing slate floors with high ceilings and a touch of modern in the staircase. The design features invite you to make you feel at home.

1124 Dilworth Crescent Row House

Last on the listings of properties for sale is this spectacular modern townhome found in the heart of Dilworth. When you enter the living space, a steel staircase spiraling up greets you leading to another story of the building. Again, you get open concepts with high-end finishes. But that is not all:

  • The custom-styled kitchen is outfitted with eco-friendly appliances.
  • You notice paneled walls with fantastic lighting and a wet bar.
  • The living space stretches over 3890 sqft with a massive courtyard with a grill, fountain, and open gas f/p.
  • The living areas are massive, with four beds and 4.5 baths.
  • The master chamber has a gorgeous master bath with a steam shower.

You can find the house for sale on listings obtained from various sources such as Zillow and more. The above-mentioned homes listed by the office are subject to change without notice. These are some of the fantastic MLS grid-supplied open properties for sale on the real estate market in Charlotte, NC. Make sure to check them out.


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