Are you planning to move to Greensboro, North Carolina? Are you trying to find out if it is a worthy option to look for homes for sale in the area? You will not be disappointed with Greensboro, NC’s real estate market or neighborhoods.

Greensboro Modern Architecture Design

It is one of those places big enough with everything needed yet small to bump into the people you know. The majority of people that live there have no reason to leave. The fact is that those who left return to raise their families.

The town is part of the Piedmont Triad, including High Point and Winston-Salem. The nickname for Greensboro is “Gate City,” and for a good reason. You have a short distance to travel to the major cities found in North Carolina.

You can quickly leave your home to travel safely to the Blue Ridge Mountains heading west or travel east for a weekend to the beach. Here you find entertainment, shopping, restaurants, arts, local businesses, to recreation.

There is no shortage of public parks, hospitals, gardens, or schools. The best part is you can find a diverse range of new construction homes to older ones in Greensboro packed with features.

The variety of neighborhoods presents you with something to satisfy all tastes.

Greensboro, NC Population and Real Estate

Greensboro, NC

The city has a population of 292,000 in Guildford County. You can enjoy a dense suburban feel living in your home. Here you find from young professionals to families that lean towards liberal. Even the schools in Greensboro are the best.

A Median Home Value starts from $156,300 compared to the national rate of $217K and is pretty impressive. Even the Median rent starts at $877 compared to the national rate of $1,062. So here you find 50% of people renting and 50% owning a house.

The crime level is not high, making it a haven for all to live.

What Can You Do In Greensboro, North Carolina?

One thing this town offers is attractions bursting out of its seams. You have the Greensboro Science Center, History Museum, ACC Hall of Champions, and Coliseum Complex.

The most famous attraction is the International Civil Rights Center & Museum, where you can peacefully sit down and take in the display.

Now, do not think it is only about art. You can find restaurants, nightclubs, biking, and walking trails galore here.

The Average Cost Of Living in Greensboro

north carolina average cost of living

Typically you can expect to pay the same average everyday expenses as most Americans, from groceries to transportation.

But where this place excels is in the real estate market. You can find homes for sale at reasonable prices for contemporary homes. In addition, you can expect to find mid-century, ranch-style condominiums available.

Yet, if you prefer a home with more baths and beds with a lake view, you can always have one custom-built. That is great to hear, but where must I start looking for a custom or modern builder? The good news is you can find one right here.

Top 6 Custom and Modern Builders in Greensboro

Great, you’re interested in finding a piece of ground to build your house. The good news is you can find land for sale on many of the listings in Greensboro, NC. Further, you can contact any of these custom and modern builders to help you with your new construction.

Disney Construction Company

When contacting Francis, you get the best in building management as he has loads of product knowledge. He provides you with a hands-on approach and uses loyal subcontractors that are service-oriented. Their custom home building process helps you with the design phase, keeps you updated with production meetings, and works with you through the selection process until the final walk-through.

Check out their portfolio of the different houses they have built right here.

Granville Homes

In Greensboro, NC, Granville Homes is famous for years of experience in the real estate market. You can enjoy a show-stopping home constructed from inside out and door to door.

With them, you can find unique floor plans made for value-driven homebuyers. In addition, you can enjoy a functional space with outstanding value located close to schools.

Check out their available homes today to choose your square feet of heated space with four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and more to make your own place.

NC ICF Builder

Do you need a new construction custom home? Look no further to find your shelter in concrete made available by NC ICF Builders. With Bryan Clayton, you get a solid foundation the wind cannot even blow over. He provides you with sustainable, energy-efficient, and green buildings.

They can help you with land acquisition right through to project development and the foundation of your family home. Contact them today to get your plans set up today.

Wilson Homes

If you want a family home built from scratch, then Wilson Homes can help. You can expect the best quality in-home building or remodeling if you prefer. Contact them for a consultation to discuss your project step by step. They will help you choose a lot and create a floor plan custom-made based on your needs.

For more information, click here to view all the projects they have handled.

Jeff Little Construction Inc.

With Jeff Little, you get a full production service providing you with classic craftmanship in this modern world. Whether you need new construction in 2021 or remodeling your bath, kitchen, the bedroom, they can help. With them, you can choose a floor plan to select the type of living space that works for you.

The best part is you dream it, and they build it for you. Check out their portfolio today if you want to have an open-plan floor plan set up in Greensboro.

Wolfe Homes

With Wolfe Homes, you can make your dream home a reality in the North Carolina state. Whether you want to build one or renovate your old home to make it more of a modernist property, they are always ready to help. Among all the builders and designers, you can also trust them with your development in the Triad.

Check out their completed projects and get a free quotation using their service today.

As you can see, using the above contractors save you time and searches online. All of them come highly recommended in the Greensboro, NC region, and they offer a competitive price as well.

Characteristics of Modernist Homes in Greensboro

Greensboro, NC, is not just a not-for-profit advocate preserving historic buildings but a place filled with mid-century modern designed living spaces. A favored residency such as the Howard home built in 1955 by Thomas Thurman resulted in a boom for developing living spaces easily accessible in the real estate market.

With the new contemporary housing in the neighborhoods, you can expect the following:

More Natural Lighting

natural lighting modern home

The days of dark interiors with closed-off rooms and small windows are a thing of the past. Instead, you can enjoy airy yet light rooms allowing in natural light from outside. Expect to see large glass windows with skylights or even solar tubes with translucent glass in specific areas for privacy.

Open Kitchen

open kitchen

The kitchen has updated spaces as everyone congregates there. You have energy-efficient appliances with storage for your amenities and tabletops that fit in elegantly with the design. Sometimes you may have a pantry leading from the kitchen area to keep all your goods hidden away.

Finally, there is a cupboard hiding everything to give it a streamlined effect that is clean with ample space to work.

Outdoor Terrace

outdoor terrace

Your living space brings nature inside your place. You can expect when making a sale to enjoy walking out onto a terrace to enjoy breathtaking views of the surroundings. Here you can sit and unwind after work to take in fresh air chatting about the day’s ordeal behind you.

Close To Nature

outdoor living

When you search for a place to live on the listings, your new home allows you to get close to nature. The open floor plans open up the interior to spread out to the exterior, becoming one with nature. Therefore, you can enjoy relaxing on your sofa, looking out on the patio and garden.

A Fireplace With Other Amenities

fireplace outdoor

For cold nights in winter, you have an inside fireplace to keep warm. At the same time, the hot summer presents you with one to enjoy a BBQ outside with friends. Even the technology you find hidden within the corners of your living space. There are hidden details to use with your TV, phone, computer, and more.

You can control every feature spread throughout the area, from lighting and security to heating and cooling systems.

So if the above has convinced you, why not check out the sale listings available to find a place you can call home in Greensboro, NC, today?


Frequently Asked Questions

In Greensboro, NC, the modern house design focuses on geometric shapes with clean lines. The shapes are simple throughout the property, inviting the outdoors into the home.

The town in the heart of North Carolina offers a unique blend of Southern charm with a rich history and many modern urban amenities along the street.

You can find some notable attractions that include the following:

  • Triad Stage

  • Greensboro Science Center

  • International Civil Rights Museum

  • Greensboro Ballet

Unfortunately, it is one of the least walkable places, and you will need transport to run your errands.

It goes by the nickname Gate City and comes from the railroad that once was prominent between the East-West to North-South routes.

Greensboro receives about eight inches of snow a year.


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