Features of Modern Houses in North Carolina

You must agree surviving in the 21st-century comes with many challenges in-home designs. So choosing a contemporary house plan is the way to go for many reasons. Finding space, privacy, and energy is becoming hard to find. The best way to reap the benefits is with a modernist home plan allowing in natural light from the outside. But this is not all that the project has to offer. You can find the best features in North Carolina when building or buying a modern home, as seen here.


One thing you will enjoy with modern houses in North Carolina is the spacious open floor plans. You get the emphasis on lounging spaces with minimal walls enclosing sections of your living space. Yet, it does not mean everything connects as the kitchen, family room, and lounge area might have a connection with a slight transition. Architects use different flooring and lighting heights to define the space without completely closing them off. So the key feature is a roomy place with everything built around the design.


Contemporary home architecture has a striking color palette inside and out. You see concrete to glass over your common wood and brick. It brings in the natural lighting through the massive expanse from the floors to the ceilings. The hues are neutral with bold yet bright accents. Therefore, you get minimalist undertones with an industrial look. 

We are not saying you cannot bring in pastel colors, but it helps if it complements the style and provides a well-balanced interior expanse. Thus, neutral shades accented with bold and bright tones are the thing. Shades that work well in the form are red, silver, brown, cherry, ivory, mocha brown, and slate. You can even add a pinch of lime green, bright yellow, and more.


The majority of homeowners in North Carolina with a modern design have open expanses with shaded areas for you to breathe. You notice no crowded layouts found, and you have high ceilings with loads of windows. You can use any furniture you like as long as it fits into the range. For large places, use big furniture and for small spaces, place smaller ones. The best part is the inside extends to the outside allowing in the natural beauty of your surroundings.


A variety of materials is used to create your house unique and natural. You see different masonry styles, from using concrete on the exterior to the interior construction of the walls and amenities. Some even incorporate steel, aluminum, and natural stone. In the rooms, you see oak wooden or tile floors, while the kitchen has marble tabletops.


Most importantly, in your contemporary styled home, you find bioclimatic and energy-saving forms. Everything inside and outside is protected to help save electricity. For example, you have passive solar systems that work with climate changes to provide thermal heat and cooling throughout the year. These solar power systems keep heat inside buildings in winter, providing them with lighting as well. During the summer, the inside is cool, preventing overheating of the building.

Benefits of Buying Modern Houses in North Carolina

Owning an ideal modern designed home provides you with environmental and energy-friendly use. The elements used to construct insulated doors and skylights with your appliances might add up the price, but it saves you a lot of dollars on the budget. Here are some of the essential benefits of choosing a contemporary home in North Carolina constructed by experienced builders.


From the properties to the land has an eco-conscious perspective. You get green spaces with detail without anything going to waste from the products, structure to the landscaping. The insulation is better as the airflow is maximized to save money on utility bills. Power is recycled to prevent wastage from water-saving to the lighting. With the natural lighting and airflow in the structure, you end up saving:

  • 30% less of wastage on material
  • 50% less water used
  • 50% less power usage
  • 40% lower cooling and heating costs.


The heart of any modern residence is to use the expanse efficiently to make it feel livable. The living areas are not limited to the inside and flow to the outside without wasting any view. You become one with nature with the zoning laws and nearby properties taken into consideration. So you can expect your place to flow harmoniously from the interior to the exterior.


All contemporary houses in North Carolina from Francisco, Vegas, Raleigh to Houston shine with structural efficiency and a balance of perspective. You get bold exterior elements, shallow sloped flat roofs with a mixture of stone, metal, glass, and natural wood.


Some of the popular modern homes in North Carolina are not only reliant on the old-fashioned or symmetry conventions. You still have loads of room to customize your living space with future expansions. So you can still include your personalization to add a touch of your class to it. You get the flexibility to add a storage room, remove a walk-in closet or add a pantry to your kitchen. The choices are endless.


You get oodles of light from the vast window panes facing the south side with smaller skylights in different places bringing in natural light. A contemporary house plan includes the usage of each room to make it perfect. Even the direction of your home-related to the sun is considered to get the most out of it. Having natural light cuts down on the overall cost you spend at the end of the month.


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