Are you planning to move to Wilmington, NC? Or looking for more information on real estate in the area? We have everything you need to know about living in Wilmington, no matter what you have in mind.

It is the top destination for relocation in North Carolina and has one of America’s best riverfronts. In addition, the port city has small beach neighborhoods that have exploded in popularity.

You can enjoy local seafood, the best beer scene, and the most affordable living cost in the historic beach town. Still not convinced. Keep reading.

People with Modernist Homes

You will not be disappointed when you decide to make Wilmington, NC, your home. You can find many things to do for a relaxed or active lifestyle. Enjoy the walking trails, restaurants, art scene, and more.

The growth in home value increased since 2019 by 6.3% and continues to rise. You can expect to pay $234,800 for a median home. Even the living costs are 4% lower than the national average. But that is not all here. You can find homes for sale in different work categories seen here.

Wilmington NC Artists

Wilmington boasts its artist famous around the neighborhood. Let us introduce you to them.

Pamela Toll

Pamela is a painter and one of the four founders of Acme Art Studios. She is an instructor in arts and North Carolina Wilmington University. The majority of her painting is narrative, telling you a story. Her art collection has traveled the world from Italy right through to Turkey.

Michael Van Hout’s

Michael is a sculptor of heart and brings most creations to life. He uses his hands, pliers, and wire to make figurative sculptures. His recently historic shirt factory has been converted into a South Front Apartment at the 1510S in third street Wilmington.

Wilmington Academics

Maybe you want to send your kid to UNSCW and need a place for them to stay. Near the University, you can find different academic housing available. In addition, the North Carolina regional area provides students with college pads for off-campus housing nearby.

Wilmington Architects

Yes, the town even has its famous architect Michael Kersting leaving behind a legacy for all to enjoy. His residential work on Figure Eight Island, Wrightsville Beach, and Intracoastal Waterway shaped the city. You find his designs, from contemporary and neo-traditional to shingle styles surrounding the town.

The best part is all of them are one-of-a-kind without repeating a design.

Mid-Century Types of Homes in Wilmington

No matter what you desire in living space, you can find a place to call home in Wilmington, NC, from homes for sale to new homes under construction around North Carolina.

Architect Design Real Estate

An award-winning custom home design and build company found in Wilmington, NC, is Tongue & Groove. Their 20 years of home expertise provide you with visionary designers and contractors in the real estate market. They provide mid-century homes from the design, construction, and maintenance to the interior.

With their realty expertise, they can help search for a lot right through to the purchase, whether buying or selling your home or property. So whether it is a farmhouse retreat or Lilly pad, give them a call.

Modern Oceanside House

Or you can live in contemporary homes on the list of homes for sale or new custom-built homes near Wilmington. A place for you to start is with Coastal Designs, renowned for building contemporary houses.

Their 40 years of expertise present you with unique house plans to design your living space. Choose from their luxury list of Snow Cut, Courtside, Beach View, or SEASPRAY homes.

If you’re looking for properties or a lot, they can help you get the best site to build houses when needing new construction.

New Construction Modern Homes for Sale

For a more classical approach when looking for newly constructed homes, it helps to turn to the professionals such as Kersting Architecture. With his help, you get an enhanced life with progressive designs. They have received many awards, and you can view their portfolio of properties with a wide selection of styles offered when looking for a home.

Oceanfront Modern Duplex

Or perhaps you would like to get the feel of the town before deciding on spending the rest of your life in Wilmington, NC. Then grab the opportunity of living in an Oceanfront Duplex in Wrightsville Beach.

Enjoy an ocean view with four bedrooms and a 3.5 bathroom at the top level. You even have a private elevator to your apartment, making it perfect for an ocean retreat.

In addition, you and the family can enjoy open-concept living with amazing views, and the kitchen is updated with all the latest appliances. So make your dream come true before deciding if Wilmington is your place.

Bridges Luxury Homes

Alternatively, you can always look for a luxury living property on the other coast with Wilmington real estate listings similar to the Bridges House. The home on the southeast coast proclaims a coastal context with the nearby bridge as part of the architecture.

The house is surrounded by water with trickling fountains and a koi pond that welcomes guests. You get full-length windows with folding partition doors, full baths, a pool deck, and a bridge between the interior and exterior living span.

A catwalk links the north and southern bedroom wings while you walk up to the second floor with open stairs. In the luxury real estate market in Wilmington, nothing is impossible. You can live in many of the luxury homes in the city.

Barrier Island House

Or you can always find a place with a real estate brokerage similar to this summer retreat constructed by BKSK Architects. Enjoy a 270-degree view of the marshland. With the casual feel of patterns and integration with the surroundings, you can relax after work.

The interior provides interlocking layouts with available features and private bedrooms with visitors’ quarters. Choosing a home that is already classical yet contemporary awaits you in Wilmington. So, go ahead and invest in similar luxury homes.

Gangway Home in the Historic District of Wilmington

Lastly, you can choose a classic design like the new Gangway house. It is a centerpiece 13-story highrise with the Gangway, a penthouse on the northwest side. The place was custom-designed by Danielle Saintard Valiente of the Port City Design Group.

The living area has more streaming with less nailing and supple curves. Here you see bamboo floor planks with serpentine tile inlays, cork walls, and ceilings. The palettes are subtle, and you can enjoy an iconic view of the Battleship NC from World War II docked near the left bank.

Nothing is impossible in the real estate market presented by Wilmington Homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wilmington properties stretch along the coast, and you can enjoy a laid-back southern life in luxury homes with modern amenities.

The cost of living is 1% higher than most averages of other states and 4% lower than your national average. Hence, Wilmington house is 23% cheaper than the United States average, while the utilities are 4% more costly.

When you live in downtown Wilmington NC, it is bikeable and walkable.

You can make your way around the city on foot, but you will need transport to see the attractions found in Brandywine Valley as it is quicker by car.

The minimum combined sales tax for 2023 is 0%, the total of the state county with the city sales tax rates.

For the current FY 2024, the property tax rate is $2.145 per $100 of the property’s assessed value. This property tax, on average, is 25% of the total General Fund revenue of the city, about $46.5 million for the Fiscal Year 2024, which began on July 1, 2023, and ends on June 30, 2024.


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