Recently a new trend has hit the modern house layout, and that is Minecraft. Yes, it all started with a popular game where you build and explore to survive.

But, as with the game, people need a place to live, and the Minecraft modern house is rising in popularity.

Yet, building this style of home is challenging, and today we will explore these modern Minecraft homes as each design varies in the material used to the size.

Why People Choose Modern Minecraft Houses To Build Their Modern Houses

When you play the Minecraft game, you start improving as you hone your skills. Then, finally, you change your dirty old shack into a modern house such as a villa. Yet, there comes a time when you want to bring that home you created into real life.

That is why many architects, designers, and new homeowners use Minecraft to design that modern Minecraft house. A fact is that the two popular building styles most players use are modern house ideas from the game to contemporary ones.

While many people can grab a pen and paper to start with their floor plan, Minecraft helps you design your dream home. But why choose the game? Here are some reasons why so many people opt-in using the Minecraft house ideas.

  1. Buying architecture design software is not cheap and can range between $50 to $5,000. But when you turn on the Minecraft game, it does not cost you that much to design your Minecraft house with a swimming pool and more.
  2. You get access to a world made of cubic blocks from the soil, wood, stone, and more. So your inventory is loaded with every kind of block to create wooden houses and more.
  3. There are no rules, and you can design your home with the modern house tutorial in the game.
  4. Another advantage you have is you see the exact weather and time of the day. So you can see how the actual and artificial lighting disperses at different times of the day in your house.
  5. You can experiment with different orientations, but you cannot rotate your house once built.
  6. Another advantage is creating the interior using furniture blocks and showing you where to add windows for more light.

So with the sleek design using white concrete as an example in the survival mode, you can present your plan to a company before you continue to build your home.

These are only some reasons why many people use Minecraft house ideas to build their houses. So now the next question is, what are the top modern Minecraft house ideas you can choose?

Top 6 Minecraft Modern House Ideas

The Minecraft game is an ever-flowing game where creativity never seems to stop. So today, we want to share some of the most inspiring modern Minecraft house ideas that you may even want to build yourself.

Desert Minecraft House Design

modern desert house

The desert Minecraft home design is superb. While the environment might not look as pleasing, the house indeed does. Still, it is not the best house for survival as the resources such as livestock and wood are not always available.

But heck, in real life, you will be building this sizeable modern home where everything is available, right. So you get an airy yet minimalistic appearance with a pitched roof that looks nice outside and inside. One thing is sure you will have a modern outfitted kitchen with loads of natural light.

Wooden Meets Concrete House

wood and concrete modern house

Yes, many builders believe that modern houses solely rely on concrete materials. Wrong! As the player, MiguePlayz22 has combined wood with concrete to make the home seamless.

The mix of wood, quartz, concrete, and glass with other materials makes this house look luxurious. Still, you get a minimalistic design with inspiration using different blocks and patterns.

You get enough natural light in this large modern mansion.

Modern House with Indoor Garden

modern house with indoor garden

Do you love nature? Then bring nature inside your home with this modern house Minecraft design. You can live in a modern mansion Minecraft home providing you with comfort. The house has a current build with loads of glass and concrete.

Yet, if the concrete is expensive to start with, wood also makes an excellent building block. You can even create your adorable greenhouse in the center to give you the best modern appearance. You can use a variation of acacia or dark oak wood with pillars arranged next to each other.

Small Modern House

small modern house

Not everyone can afford a massive Minecraft modern house, right! So, create a small contemporary home. Small builds also capture your heart and provide you with everything you need to survive in the modern world. You can enjoy a modern kitchen, living room, rooms, garage, and have natural light shining in.

Underground House

underground house

Another trend is to build a basement property with stairs leading to your underground base. Yes, we know, but what about natural light as it is a modern Minecraft house.

Well, all you need is to add glass on the roof to let in all the light from above. Still, it does not stop there as you can add plants inside your living space and the glass roof makes for a great option.

Minecraft Treehouse

modern treehouse

Who said you need to keep your feet on the ground. You can create a home tailored to your interests up in the trees. You can escape everything down below, and it offers you a great view of the area.

Build your house perched atop a tree to conceal your living space, providing you with a peaceful home. You can adorn it with a garden but remember to create stairs leading to your excellent abode.

The Grand Mansion

modern mansion

Go big with a grand mansion showcasing everything you find around modern builds if you have the money to spend. With all the glass present in the home, you have natural light shining in from all sides.

You can create a massive pool with lush green gardens but do not forget a giant fountain with enough stairs to reach your house on the hill.

Waterside Modern

modern house near the lake

When it comes to building a large modern home, choosing the best environment is a must. So naturally, the best place is the presence of water. With this modern building, you can connect with the water.

You can build your house in the water with a road leading to your home. One thing is sure it looks gorgeous in quartz blocks equipped with ample light and a touch of contemporary details inside.

You can even build a quartz block bridge leading to the entranceway opening up in your living room.

Final Thought

We hope you find Minecraft how to build ideas a big help. As you can see, Minecraft’s how-to build is relatively simple when you follow the modern house tutorial on the game. However, you can find inspiration from modern Minecraft house ideas as well.

For example, you can build a Minecraft modern house on sand, water, and tree to bring luxury to any place. No matter what you desire, the material to use from concrete, sand, stone, and other materials is sure to provide you with what you need—once done creating your house plan, why not have it checked out by an architect.

One thing is sure they will help you make your dream come true.


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