The Minecraft modern home trend is nothing new and remains a popular game that you can build and explore when building your survival house. But as with a game, things keep changing when looking at the modern homes designed.

So, if you want inspiration for building materials to create a three-story modern house, remain longer. We have gathered some of the best Minecraft house ideas we have come across.

The best part is that each Minecraft modern house is breathtaking to inspire you to build your next dream home.

Key Takeaways Modern House Idea

  • A modern house always outshines other home designs in certain ways.

  • When you look at the complexity of the modern house design, you scale them anywhere between 1 to 10. So you can build different designs that will satisfy your needs.

  • You need not have building materials of various types for Minecraft modern structures.

  • Yet, your only limit is your imagination, so do not stop at only something that looks usual.

Why Agree to Use These Minecraft House Ideas

When you look at all the appealing home ideas, modern houses remain a distinctive choice for players. You find extraordinary designs with a mutual style using building materials.

You see blue glass walls to white concrete blocks widely used in house construction. There are types of concrete blocks used as well to add variance to the outlook of the home.

The best Minecraft house idea here is that infrequent or unusual terrain patterns do not affect the base.

Top Modern House Design Minecraft

Simple Modern House

simple modern minecraft design

If you are still new to the game, then this simple design is what you need. These are amazing houses with a stylish look, and it has enough space for a standard living style.

You have a modern-style home with a swimming pool. But you will need some ground to build it. It can be a simple square form with stacking blocks on top of it to create a top floor.

Then think of the inside using glass panes with lamps, and add wool as rugs or fences as table slabs. Or, you can follow the WiederDude to guide you on YouTube.

Complex Modern House

complex modern minecraft home design

As Minecraft builders, you can let your inspiration flow with this complex survival house, which can be fun. So, use it as a good time pass activity to enhance your craft skills. But remember, it can be time-consuming, but we are sure you will get your survival mode going. Or you can get your design setup from Detsnow_マイクラモダン建築.

Small Modern Designs

Small House l Modlust

Looking at the small modern house, you can get cozy in a small garden to enjoy the fresh air. The modern build is eye-catching; you can finish the design before the flowers grow. You can place from the house build to the living space into a narrow spacing when needed to take refuge. So, check out IrieGenie to get you sorted in building this one.

Real Architecture House Design

Modern House Near Lake l Modlust

Start simulating your house skills on real-life architecture. Why not get your creative mode going to make your dream house ideas come true? So add your creations to your virtual world to explore house designs from the inside out. Take things slow to satisfy your interest in creating the best interior and exterior and not only to impress others. Get some inspiration from the JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial.

Small Cubic Modern Architecture

small cubic modern minecraft design home

Everyone loves modern houses, but why build a large design if you can keep things small? You can steer clear of a large modern house to create a small home with a small garden to impact viewers. With the unique design and tier structure, you will create a striking contrast suitable for your living and worth showing off. Go check out YouTube늑 for this addition.

Multi-Floor Small House Idea


We prefer living in a small modern house and can add variety by creating room sections and even having a secret room below. The vacant space allows you to keep your belongings and things neatly organized. So, add stairs leading to the second floor and check out the 愛channel tutorial.

Modern House By Sea


Regarding house concepts, you are limited to building on the mainland and can create a floating house or one next to the shore. You can listen to the calming sound of the waves as it dashes by your room when sleeping at night.

You can build different floors in Minecraft survival mode, and better offshore than in the middle of the forest. You will not have limited space, whether one or two stories.

If you need someone to guide you, check out Pivovarnya for the best Minecraft house ideas.

Underwater Minecraft Modern House

Underwater Modern House

Underwater Minecraft Modern House l Modlust

What is more creative than building an underground modern house using quartz blocks to let your creative mind flow? It does not mean you cannot add a flower garden, as plants can be added to your living space.

With a glass roof, you can see the water flowing over your prismarine roof during the day and night. You can live in an aquarium without owning one.

So, to ease the stress of building these amazing houses, check out WiederDude Minecraft house designs.

Underwater Complex House

underwater modern complex house design

Forget about building pink houses to wooden houses above ground. Take your survival house underwater to impress your visitors. With this building technique, you can improve your house design skills if you are at the primary level heading to the next one.

You can add wooden blocks to your interior using dark oak wood. You will surely have an eye-catching design. So, dive deep into survival mode to gather materials and create a dining area where guests can see the wide ocean using the WiederDude tutorial.

Underwater Modern Structure

Underwater Minecraft Home l Modlust

If you need a simple modern house, take it underwater in Minecraft with this small mansion. While it is not two stories high, it provides more spacious rooms with a front door leading above ground. Check out the house idea presented with the help of a YouTube channel, Folli.

Underground Minecraft House Ideas

Simple Underground Modern House

Underground Simple House l Modlust

When it comes to Minecraft house ideas, you can get much inspiration, especially when building your survival house underground.

With a simple house, you can create a modern house with a swimming pool in the middle. Who needs a three-story modern house if you can use a simple layout with dark oak, wooden and concrete material? You will have more rooms for your supplies and can live in luxury.

Get a clear guide from the Nanaroid YouTube guide.

Underground Complex House Ideas

Underground Modern House l Modlust

The imagination has no bounds when it comes to Minecraft modern house ideas. You can build your house in the ground or along a mountain with a beautiful view ahead of you.

For the underground dweller, it will work perfectly if you are an introvert and enjoy feeling isolated. You will have more room, and remember to add a trampoline to keep you active using some slime blocks.

These are another masterwork Minecraft house ideas by WiederDude.

Underground Cliff House Ideas

underground cliff house design

Here you will need enough concrete to get the job done, as a wooden house will not do. You might not have a swimming pool, but it will be a chic way to show off your craft skills.

You can create two floors with a bottom platform to relax on a recliner and watch the stunning view. So, start living on the edge of life.

Even if the monsters sprawl along the ground inside the cave, they will not catch you. For a tutorial setup, get help from Rookie CubeYU for this Minecraft modern house idea.

Modern Cave House Idea

modern cave house

In Minecraft house ideas, you can allow your imagination to flow freely with the cave house. You can add a modern touch while the nightcrawlers sprawl along your exterior walls. Check out Rookie CubeYU for the Minecraft home tutorial.

Outside Cliff Minecraft Modern House Ideas


If you want your survival house to remain undiscovered, build it on a cliff outside. Enjoy a claiming sight with open air, and it will give you a new startup mood to create a new Minecraft modern house. For more help, check out Rookie CubeYU.

Modern Style Mountain House Idea

mountain house

You can live a unique life with these houses that gleam in the sunset to enjoy the sunrise. Put your creativity into play mode to outsmart other gamers’ structures. Enjoy breathtaking views and get on top of the mountain with the materials available. Check out this YouTube guide from Pivovarnya.

Other Minecraft Modern House Ideas

Glass House Idea

glass structure minecraft modern house

For a modest look in modern structures, why not use glass? While not as sturdy as other structures, it is about displaying your creativity. Furthermore, it can come in handy when you want to cultivate your land and need food. Here is the tutorial guide presented by ManDooMiN.

Large Modern House

Ultra Modern Abode l Modlust

Now, if you have refined Minecraft skills, start moving away from your basic designs to create a mansion you like with a swimming pool included. With such a design, you can satisfy your luxurious needs. But do not rush things and establish a flexible foundation to merge with other future ideas. For large-scale designs, check out Jintube’s Modern House tutorial.

Double Story Mansion

Minecraft Double Story House l Modlust

Add this double-story mansion to your Minecraft residency plans. It is an exceptional structure for multiplayer use. You can hold enough audiences in it and allow your amusement to reach heights with tons of activity fun to attract all. So, why not dub this structure into your world by visiting Large Modern House by IrieGenie.

Luxury Modern House

Luxurious Modern House l Modlust

For something more upper class, build a luxurious modern house that fancies your needs. While it might take a fair amount of time, it will suit your specific needs well. Add some luxuries to the house with an interior replicating the modern lifestyle. Get over to OSHACRA おしゃクラ to help you out.

Minecraft Modern Luxury Mansion

Modern Mansion l Modlust

Imagine hanging out with friends at this luxurious house to show them the leisure of life. You have ample space to roam around, and it will stand out from the rest. You can enjoy decorating it and can get help from Detsnow_マイクラモダン建築 to achieve this.

Minecraft Treehouse

Modern Treehouse l Modlust

While it requires wood, it is well suited as a survival home, and you can build stairs to your living area. So, get your feet off the ground to enjoy nature from above. Create your house perched on a tree with a concealed living room.


Frequently Asked Questions

The best Minecraft modern house is the purple one, a great example of what a contemporary house looks like. The color scheme makes the building stand out from most other structures and gives a warm, inviting look.

Minecraft Modern, officially in the Java Editions, is one of two Minecraft updated versions, where one is a paid account you must download to play.

The Wooden house resembles a mansion in Java Edition 1.11 and Pocket Edition 1.1.

For starting out in the game, we recommend concrete in white, light grey, stone, or something similar for the walls. You can tie them together with wood.

Wooden houses like the Woodland Mansion appear in the Dark Forest Biome and are the rarest and largest found in the game. A less common structure is located in the Mushroom Fields Biome.

First is depth by adding overhangs on your roof and using different materials to ensure no flat areas. Swap out glass blocks and some panes and place your entry door in a recess. Then decorate the base with steps to make it look big.


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