We hope these shower tile ideas will inspire you to brighten your bathroom walls and floor. We have everything from a bright tile design to a neutral shade to make the simplest bathroom more modern. Y

You only need to choose a waterproof yet durable one to create an accent wall in your modern bathroom.

Shower Wall Tile Ideas

You can find shower to bathroom walls filled with tiles; all it takes is careful planning to display the tile design that works best for you. There are many tiles to choose from:

  • Ceramic Tile Design

  • Porcelain Tiles

  • Natural Stone

  • Glass Tile

  • Subway Tiles and more

It is important to ensure that it becomes the focal point in the entire space equipped with perfect grout lines. So, get inspired with these bathroom tiles.

Montblanc Tone Brick Tiles

Montblanc Tone White Brick tiles l MODLUST

The light colors of the bathroom wall stand out against the dark colors on the floor tiles. Hence, the color scheme creates a modern luxurious bathroom feel in the home decor.

Shower Tile With Accent of Wood

Bathroom Remodel with Wood Accent Tile l MODLUST

As you know, many homeowners want a modern feel with clean lines in the bathroom. So, for a unique style, give your shower wall a wood tile look. As you can see, the black metallic glass enclosure adds more detail to the bathroom. So, the individual tiles in the shower add visual interest, making the shower inviting.

Bathroom Tile Accent Ideas

Neutral color tiles l MODLUST

Brighten up a simple bathroom using an individual tile behind a vanity that resembles a brick wall using subway tiles. Then, add some white bathroom floor tiles in stone color and keep the shower tile white using porcelain tiles.

The color palette is earthy and neutral and will look fabulous in a guest bathroom. Also, remember to use contrasting grout with your white tile and add a glass door, allowing for more natural light. The tiles used in the shower are white subway tiles with contrasting grout.

Bathtub Accent Tile Ideas Montblanc Blue

Montblanc Blue l MODLUST

The master bath will look fabulous with a dark blue tile with white grout lines in a square shape. You can use the tile ideas along the bath or in a shower to create a grid pattern to make the square tiles stand out.

Shower Accent Wall Tile Ideas

Semi polished tiles l MODLUST

You can make a small bathroom stand out depending on the tile material you choose for your bathroom design. A metallic glossy brown tile on the shower walls will resemble wood and add space to the bathroom.

This will work perfectly if you have a walk-in shower, as you can create an accent wall with these shower tile ideas. You can make the shower floor lighter instead of using the exact tile.

Bathroom Accent Wall Tile Natural Tones

Natural tone tiles l MODLUST

Why go for a white bathroom tile if you can tone it up with natural tiles and use neutral grout, creating earth tones? Against the white, you can add the same tile to the floor to make it look more spacious.

Amelia White Wall Tiles

Amelia white tiles l MODLUST

Choose a white or gray tile with different lines, and use gray grout to give your small bathroom a minimalist yet sleek look. When you create an accent wall using these tiles, you will have a modern bathroom atmosphere.

White Honeycomb Mosaic Tile

Simple mosaic tiles

Create a bathroom design that will mesmerize your visitors using a mosaic tile on the bathroom floor. Then, add some light colors along the bathroom wall using a subway tile and paint the rest white.

Add the same bathroom wall tile in your walk-in shower to create clean lines when installing a glass door enclosure. Alternatively, you can add gray mosaic glass tiles to the shower.

Metallic Starcia Bathroom Tile

Metallic tile l MODLUST

These ribbed subway tiles add interest, creating a bathroom wall with a metallic touch. The bathroom design is contemporary, and with a plain white tiled bathroom floor, it will stand out to create an accent wall. You see clean lines with natural wood and a shiny bathroom wall.

Hexagon Shaped Shower Tiles

Hexagon shower accent wall l MODLUST

The subdued gray-brown hexagonal tiles make a statement in using these smaller tiles against the shower wall. The shower tile adds a color palette that stands out against one wall.

Straw Shower Wall Tile

Hawaiian straw tile l MODLUST

Using an accent color around the bathroom is a terrific way to keep it feeling cohesive and meaningful. For this reason, the straw shower tile is ideal for breaking the bathroom’s white color scheme.

Raindrop Shower Tiles

Green tiles l MODLUST

The geometric tiles and calm green colors are ideal for a kid-friendly setting and make you think a lot about the Wabi-Sabi philosophy, as green is a relaxing color that brings nature indoors. These small tiles with a built-in bench will create a rainforest to enjoy.

Patterned Tiles in Shades of Grey

Shades of gray tile l MODLUST

The grayscale tiles produce a captivating graphic pattern that isn’t visually overwhelming against a white or natural stone bathroom floor. The tiles look like mosaic tiles size, but they create a beautiful accent wall when they come together.

Checkered Tan & White Combo

Combo shower tiles l MODLUST

The pattern change can help portions of the shower to stand out. The penny tile with some dark grout will become the main attraction in the bathroom, especially with all the mirrors around. Even your small bathroom will look bigger.

Large Rectangle Marble Tile

Large rectangular marble tile l MODLUST

The wide rectangular grid tile on the walls optically elongates the shower. The marble tile adds a luxury feel to the bathroom and is the focal point you will see first.

Solid White Marble Crisp

Solid white marble crisp l MODLUST

You may try a solid color, except for the built-in niche, where a checkered effect of two tones of tile should be used on the bathroom floor. Doing this will break the white color in the bathtub to stand out.

Pebble For Bathroom Floor

Pebble floor l MODLUST

This design is a terrific way to add texture to your bathroom while keeping it simple and classic. You can find pebble tiles in different shades and add black tiles with black grout to the shower floor to stand out against white.


Freckled pebble tile l MODLUST

The natural stone uses pressurization and underground heat to create a spectacular display.

Natural Stone Bathroom Tile

Mixed tile l MODLUST

This bathroom feels like something out of a fairy tale, with exposed wood beams, unusual craftsman-style marble windows, and a faux tile wood mix with stone pebbles.

Shiny Metallic

Shiny mettalic tile l MODLUST

The gleaming shiny embellishments will stand out against the dark gray grooved drawers and black sconces, while the clay-hued zellige tile adds a touch of shine while grounding the room.

Monochrome Polygonal Tile

Monochrome Polygonal Tile l MODLUST

Monochrome is always stylish, and sticking to one-tone color polygonal tile simplifies the design process. You can feel assured that your accent wall will be the bathroom’s focal point.

Faux Wooded Tile

Wood tile l MODLUST

Purchasing a set of tiles that do not appear like ceramic or shower tiles at all is one option to transform the look completely!

Frequently Asked Questions

You have a few options, from a glass tile to a ceramic or even a porcelain one.

The classic white subway tile always lets you bring in other accent colors to make your bathroom stand out.

The mosaic remains on top of the list for a shower on the wall or a bathroom floor.

For the walk-in shower on the floors, use a smaller sized one of four by four inches down to one by one inch like a mosaic one.

Creating an accent wall can give your bathroom a modern outlook to break the color present in your current bathroom.

Accent tiles you can use around the bathtub edge as a border on the floor or behind a vanity in the shower.


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