Dome houses are known to be the strongest, most efficient type of house in the world. Its design and build are meant to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes or any storms meant to destroy a lot of homes. Dome houses though could be, and mostly, an exception of destruction.

Whoever dreams of having a prefab dome house, you may ask. Well, a lot, actually. Prefab houses have been popular due to their advantages, especially whether the purpose of this home is permanent, temporary, or for sale, there is a prefab home that could fit your needs.

What is a Prefab Dome House

Not to be confused, a prefab dome house is still a dome house with windows, doors, and a unique shape of sphere or round. Looking like a modular or eco-friendly igloo, a Prefab Dome House is a prefabricated dome mostly meant to be created in a factory and comes to you as a complete “kit” ready to be built by you or your chosen contractor. This home is especially cost-effective and easy to build.

Things to Consider Before Building Your Prefab Dome Home

Given that constructing a prefab dome house has huge advantages and benefits than one can ever think of such as, of course, eco-friendly, durable, fast construction, low-cost, energy-efficient, and appealing, there are still a few things you’d want to consider before building your prefab home sweet dome! Here are a few suggestions:

Make Sure That’s What You Really Wanted

There are a lot of reasons to delve into the journey of having your own Prefab Dome House, it has benefits that one can take advantage of, but if there are pros, there are also cons. One of the most important things to consider before you start planning about building and designing it is how much you want a home like this and how ready you are for its disadvantages.


What does simplicity have to do with your prefab dome house? A lot. The simpler the home, the easier to build. Simple doesn’t mean fragile or too narrow.

If you want to build a home with low cost and energy,  a prefab dome house can be a great option, and simplicity has something to do with the materials you will use from the interior to the windows and doors, the additional designs if you prefer one, and the size of the house itself.

Size Matters

The good news about choosing a prefab dome house is that it can be built in any size you want. Whether you want a spacious interior, five bedrooms, and six bathrooms, this type of house wouldn’t mind at all. But every home, size matters, and your Prefab dome is not an exception.

Depending on the land you have, the budget you hold, and the number of your family members, size should be in your priority list too. Tiny, inexpensive prefab houses, though, could be the best fit for small families.


Location is important because of five things: First, the land is usually required to be owned by you. Second, your neighbourhood building ordinances must be okay with this type of architecture, and some require specific aesthetics.

Third, the soil survey is essential because this will determine the proper foundation of your home. Fourth, the access. Remember that prefabricated types of houses are being shipped and delivered by specific trucks that have to have easy access to the location for a less hassle delivery. Fourth, permits and paperwork are crucial when finding locations, which will be discussed below.

Number of Rooms

Typically, a dome home doesn’t have corners or borders in its rooms, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have any rooms at all. This is why the number of rooms is important so you will be able to figure out where to put up the partitions you’d want in your home. Designing your dome will never be an issue with partitions created. Collecting suggestions from architects about the interior style is not bad at all.


Though having a prefab dome house is less costly than stick-built homes, the cost of your dream dome home varies depending on the size and the location. It may cost more than a hundred dollars and above per square foot of a fully built dome. The good news is that this type of house could get the same privilege as stick-built homes like mortgages.

Some manufacturers offer financing options that you may take advantage of.

Permits and Paperwork

This is one of the most crucial things to secure when building your dome home, the permits, and paperwork. Building permits, survey permits, and other paperwork that involves the building of your home can be a lengthy process and can add up to the rolling cost of your home.

Get To Know Your Contractor

Contractors play a huge part in this plan. Manufacturers mostly refer contractors to get your home done, but whether the contractor is suggested or you’d rather search for your own, it is important to get to know your go-to person. He should have knowledge and experience with building such homes, discuss the services they offer, and should discuss additional plans and payments ahead of time. Subcontractors such as plumbers, electricians, architects, and painters.

Prefab Dome House Design Ideas You’ll Love

In this corner, we will provide you with some Prefab Dome Home Design Ideas that may spark up your interest when planning to build your own dome home. Some of these may help you with the designs, materials, and other preferences.

Prefab Styrofoam

Prefab Styrofoam

One of the most popular materials used in building dome houses is Prefabricated styrofoam or polystyrene foam. This type of material is known as the ‘fourth-generation building material’ after wood, iron, and concrete. This material used in prefab dome houses has a lot of advantages including low cost, lightweight, easy to assemble, energy-efficient, and can stand as semi-permanent durability.

A Prefab Dome Home With a Vegetative Roof

prefab home with greenery roofing

Also called Green Magic homes, this type of prefab house has panelized vaults and is meant to have green grass roofs that help cover the shell of the dome home for a more durable and water-proof roof. This type of domes does not limit interior designs and doesn’t mean you could only choose grasses as the growing greenery in your roof. One could also plant herbs and lettuce to make it more useful and attractive.

Prefab Dome with Aluminum Frame

Prefab Dome House with aluminum frame

Prefab domes with Aluminum frames are mostly used to help make your geodesic dome more elegant and strong. This type of material used in dome homes features a more solid and modern foundation. You may use transparent polystyrene covers so the frames could look bolder and more embossed.

Winter-Proof Dome House

winter dome house

As the Dome Homes are made to resist disasters, it is also, of course, winter-proof. There are specific domes that are made to slide off the snowy weather with the best designs and architecture. Monolithic Dome Home, for example, are domes that feature thicker insulation and materials.

Igloo Dome Design

igloo dome house

Igloo Dome Design is perfect for tiny prefab dome homes. Though Igloos are known to be built by snow bricks, there are domes that can look like an Igloo but can be permanent. Mostly built of polycarbonate materials and sometimes meant to be transparent, this type of home still brings coziness and elegance without compromising privacies away.

Prefab  PVC Roof Metal Frame Dome House

Prefab  PVC Roof Metal Frame Dome House

This type of geodesic dome is meant not just to look solid and strong, but elegant. Dome houses with Prefab PVC Roof Metal Frames are normally great materials for more custom-looking dome houses. This type of roof is easy to transport and assemble and can also be one of the most cost-effective domes.

Prefab Glamping Spots Tent Dome House

Prefab Glamping Spots Tent Dome House

One interesting read that can be found online is that a lot of people ask why some campers and those who wish to have a little retreat choose Glamping Spots Tent Dome House as a shelter. Well, glamping dome houses aren’t just lightweight and heavy-duty but also easy to assemble and can be your go-to prefab dome house. This type of material could be semi-permanent but usually doesn’t require a number of permits especially when only used during retreats or camping seasons.

Expanded Polystyrene Mobile Modular

Expanded Polystyrene Mobile Modular

An all clean, fresh, yet easy, and Expanded Polystyrene Mobile Modular dome house is one of the houses with high thermal insulation compared to other materials. Aside from the fact that polystyrenes are low-maintenance, it is also easy to assemble following dome pieces, and flooring plans can be adjusted according to your comfortability. Other than that, this type of material is not involved in any deforestation nor produces any waste, making it more eco-friendly.

Final Thought

Opting for quick-built, cost-effective, and numerous advantages especially when talking about disasters and durability, Prefab Dome Houses could be an amazing alternative. Compared to stick-built houses, this type of house could save a whole lot of energy, money, and could help save the environment. Prefab dome houses offer choices of materials and categories to suit your needs, and each answer you opt to find is just one research away.

The most important thing to follow when choosing this type of house is whether or not it will give you joy and satisfaction more than anything, and if you think it will, well, this is the sign you have been looking for!


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