Have you recently moved into an apartment with a small kitchen? You have then we know how stressful it can be to get all your things accumulated with time into a place. That is why you need a plan to get your thing organized.

Finding a spot for items in your kitchen is the biggest job. But there is no need to stress as we have some of the best small kitchen organization ideas here for you.

Some Basic Tips To Get Started

Fantastic, before diving headfirst into packing out all the cupboards again, there are a few things to consider.

  • Where possible, keep that counter space clear.
  • Try to place your items into closed spaces where possible such as in cabinets, bins, behind the door, and more.
  • Keep your live-out items in clear bins to help reduce that cluttered look.
  • Use containers and bins inside your cupboards to make it able for you to see your items.
  • Lastly, keep a dedicated space for your overflow.

So the goal is to help minimize your look to keep the clutter away to make your small kitchen look larger.

10 Genius Organizing Ideas For a Small Kitchen

Getting kitchen storage in a small gallery is difficult but not impossible. So check out these small kitchen organization ideas to help.

Use Shelf Risers

 Over The Cabinets and Door Organizers

Cabinet shelf risers are great to have as it adds space inside the cupboard while keeping things organized. You can use it to store your cups and mugs and it helps to separate your salad plates and dishes. The best part is you can use them with Tupperware, spices, pantry items, and so much more. You can find them online at different places.

Add Kitchen Storage With Hooks Inside Cabinets

Add Kitchen Storage With Hooks Inside Cabinets

Using hooks inside upper cabinets is one of many unique organization ideas you can use throughout your home, not just in your small kitchen. In addition, it helps leverage the back of the cupboard if short on space.

So if you only have two drawers for your cooking utensils, you can hang your dish towels or potholders on them.

Alternatively, you can hang your utensils on them as well. Finally, you can use sticky hooks inside the cupboard as they are easy to remove when moving.

Door Organizers

Over The Cabinets and Door Organizers

Using overhanging organizers in a tiny kitchen adds more storage space when hanging over cupboard doors. Doing this helps to utilize the backspace of cabinets for kitchen storage. You can use it to keep your cutting boards, cleaning supplies, and more for an organized kitchen.

There are different organizers available to choose from:

  • A wall-mount spice rack

  • Add bakeware storage for baking sheets and more

  • Use an over-the-cupboard double basket for your cleaning supplies

  • For your paper towels, you can find a steel over-the-cabinet holder to minimize clutter

  • Lastly, choose a dishtowel/towel bar drying bar to keep your towels

Utilize Your Drawers For Small Kitchen Items or Spices

Utilize Your Drawers For Small Kitchen Items or Spices

Drawer space is coveted in a small kitchen, right? So you need to make the most of the space provided. The best is to use these kitchen organization tips. For your silverware, you can invest in a tray for one of the drawers to keep them organized.

Or you can invest in a wood knife block to keep your knives on the counter. If you have more than two drawers, it helps to invest in bamboo drawer dividers to place your spices neatly organized. Or you can invest in a lazy Susan, making things accessible to grab.

You can keep your oils, vinegar, spices, and smaller items on them. They also work well in a corner cabinet to utilize storage space. Check out some of these great ideas to use space in your drawers.

Do Not Forget The Space Above Your Fridge

maximizing space above the fridge

Add storage space in your tiny kitchen using that space above your refrigerator. Yes, use it! Whether it is an empty spot or has cabinets above, it provides you with added kitchen storage to use. Use baskets as it takes up little space and works like huge drawers.

They fit on top of each other to use with snacks or even pasta. Or you can place canisters on top of the fridge for your food items.

Customize a Pegboard

pots and pans pegboard

Make a pegboard and paint it in your preferred color to give your small kitchen a bold display of color. It is sure to become the focal point. Then, you can screw some straight, angled, and curved hooks on them to hang your pots and pans, bakeware, or any other utensils you prefer.

Add Railing Along The Wall

wall railing

You do not have much cabinet space, so the next best thing is to utilize your wall space. The best organizational idea found is using railings to make your tiny kitchen practical yet cozy. For example, you can place your utensils within reach in open view to see.

These metal bars you attach to your wall help improve the functionality of hanging things on them. You can use it for your graters, buckets, colanders, spatula, display plants, and more.

Install a Multi-Storage Cabinet

multi cabinets

In your tiny kitchen, you may have an open wall space available you can utilize for added kitchen storage. So the best investment you can make is to buy a multi-storage cabinet to put in that spot. You can find different types of cabinets from wide, and tall to different heights to provide you with added storage.

Stack The Pans Sideways

stack the pans sideways


Yes, pots and pans can take up loads of space, and storing them is a pain in the butt. You end up with less storage and your items cluttering up drawers and counter space. So you go and nest your pans to store them in the cabinet.

So why not invest in an adjustable cookware rack to store your pans sideways? You can use them for keeping your muffin tins, baking sheets, baking pans, and frying pans sideways.

Go The DIY Way and Install a Small Island In Your Kitchen

Go The DIY Way and Install a Small Island In Your Kitchen

Breathe new life into your kitchen with this fantastic kitchen organization idea placing a DIY Vintage School Desk Kitchen Island if you have the space available. You can add some charming details with sliding shelves, drawers, and a new coat of fresh paint. Further, you can place seating as well to enjoy your breakfast.


Frequently Asked Questions

Use open shelving and customize cupboards where possible while using drawer organization. Utilize those awkward corners, use hooks, and create a better lower cupboard area.

One way is to change the color of your cabinet doors to walls. Add some geometric patterns with see-through elements, and another option is using reflective surfaces with open shelving and removing clutter.

Start by emptying all the cupboards to get rid of any clutter. Now is an excellent time to get those canned goods neatly in one place. Use organizing tools to keep the pantry and shelves clean. Also, decide beforehand if the methods you chose suit you.

You can keep dinnerware on shelves near the dishwasher or sink, while spice, you can keep it in an organizer or rack near the prep area but not too close to a stove as it will destroy the flavor.

Start by creating a designated workspace and create task spaces to help you where to store your kitchen tools. Place your frequently used items within reach and use bins, racks, to baskets to keep things in order in a small space.

You can use a cutting board to make a peg board for cutlery, invest in a holder, or store them in glass containers. Or use floating shelves or magnetic strips to caddy to store them.


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