What comes to your mind about suburban house designs in rural areas?

You see farmlands with rolling hills. There is a garden with a chicken pen for fresh eggs, and do not forget the veg garden. But is that all you can think of?

No, there is more to a suburban house. So, if you’re considering building a new home on the city’s outskirts or even in a rural part, we have some great ideas for building single-family homes.

What is Suburban Living?

suburban living

Great you have found a job in one of the central city centers. But you need to find a place to live and are undecided if you want to live in one of the urban or suburban neighborhoods. For starters, urban homes you found built around the city where it is busy and noisy.

If you’re lucky, you may find many houses with green space near a park. But as with any American dream, more people want to live in tranquility with better access to education, but the home still needs an average price.

You can find suburban houses located in some major city centers, and you can even find a modern home. Still, as you know, to live in the city is expensive as a median home can be about $450,000 compared to one in the suburbs for $250,000.

But these prices vary from one metropolitan to another. Next, you’ll enjoy living in bigger homes as more land is available to build a new house. So you can live in single-family homes or even create a luxurious, spacious place in the countryside.

Yet, if you choose a rural area, the suburb remains a better option for residents working in the city. Besides, your kids can attend better schools as many public institutions are in the suburbs. So your child can enjoy a higher graduation rate.

Further, you can enjoy a community for raising families in suburbia. Sometimes, you can live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association providing access to a clubhouse or community pool. Housing in suburban areas provides you with restaurants, healthcare, shopping, restaurants, and more.

So, if you want a taste of both worlds with rolling hills and still want to be in the middle of the action, suburbs are the way to go. But there is a compromise for homeowners: while taxes are less, your groceries might cost more.

Further transportation expenses will also be more, with healthcare and entertainment costing more. Great, so the suburbs offer more benefits than cities. But what features do suburban homes have?

Characteristics of a Suburban Home Design

As with every home construction process, you want your perfect house to have specific criteria with expectations. So, what characteristics can you expect from housing in the suburbs?

Single-Family Homes

single family suburbian house

Your suburban house does not have to spread over hectares, but it does have enough space for you to move around. You can expect the land to span 21527 square feet or less.

Further, your homes will not sit on each other, providing enough space between you and your neighbors. The best part is that you have no limitations with construction freedom.

Furthermore, you have all the amenities that play an important part in any home.

Enjoy Construction Freedom

When considering building a new home in the suburbs, you can enjoy freedom on construction for many reasons.

  1. As you know, space is not limited, so you can get hands-on with design and construction, from laying down the first brick to moving into your home.

  2. One thing is sure: you can rejuvenate your place depending on your visions or ideas. Name what you want to do, and you might even get it, whether it is that treehouse or an open restroom with a massive veranda.

  3. Maybe you want to purchase some uncultivated land to customize your house. The best part is that it will become permanent. You can build a massive place for less, and it can become a multigenerational home.

  4. Further, you will leave a positive mark in your neighborhood and community.

Urban Neighborhoods Provide an Accessible Location

You can find an urban America location close to the city for commuting, but it does not have that city buzz. So, in a suburban area, you are close enough to the city but still surrounded by nature without residing in rural areas with landscaping.

Safety Measures Installed

You want your family to feel safe, and staying in a suburban house provides your family with the security they need. In addition, your family can enjoy the outdoors to roam around freely compared to residing in the major cities. So your home has an excellent surveillance system.

Backyard Swimming Pool

suburbian living with backyard pool

For many families having the opportunity to build a swimming pool in cities is not possible. Yet with a suburban house, you can have a backyard pool to enjoy relaxing times with family and friends. In addition, you can swim to calm yourself down after a long day of work.

Interior Design and Furnishing Buildings

When it comes to interior designs and furnishings, you have a wide selection of choices.

Most housing in suburbia is similar to the urban area neighborhoods and has state-of-the-art interior and exterior designs. You can enjoy a combination of modern fitted with coziness and some of the best smart solutions.

It is possible whether it is an exotic aquarium filled with fish and coral or wide-spanning interior spaces allowing natural light. If you choose one, you may even find that your condos are close to health care, shops, and more to live a comfortable life.

Indoor Garden

suburbian housing with indoor garden

You can build your home in the suburbs, allowing nature inside your living space with an interior garden filled with exotic plants to create a tropical paradise you cannot do when abiding in the city.

It’s All Yours Handcrafted With Your Fingerprints

Yes, a suburban house is all yours compared to provincial pieces in the city. Those houses are more prone to belong to property holders with contracts. Living in urban areas gives you full homeownership and less overhead expenses.

Further, with a customized home, you will have your DNA all over the property. You can choose your format, materials, and style. Still, you can add rooms for guests and relatives. You can even soundproof the space and personalize it to your needs to keep the relatives happy.

Types of Modern Suburban Houses

Great, now that you know all the benefits of having a suburban home, what types of houses do you find in these areas? You can look forward to relishing any of these suburban homes when you get a mortgage, whether new developments or needing modern suburban house ideas to upgrade an old home.

All you need to do is check out these homes or contact architects to help build you a luxury home.

Cottage Style

cottage style

Enjoy the countryside experience without actually being there in a suburban cottage home. Instead, the exterior has a woodsy feeling to give you a fairytale charm. The house is ideal for vacation homes as it is comfortable to return to when working in the city.

The best part is you will enjoy wooden finishes with a minimalistic design and feel as if you are staying in the countryside.

Victorian Style

victorian style

You will find The Victorian suburban home with loads of trims, brightly painted colors, and intricate lines. While they look rustic, they still have a classic yet royal touch. In addition, you get a spacious living place that is comfortable to enjoy.

Further, you can get the same interior design in modern homes with elegant rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a large living room.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse StyleBring the farm to your suburban home with the farmhouse style. You get a spacious house where you can the family can settle to be healthy and peaceful. You are distant from the busy and noisy city without stress.

Traditional Colonial Style

traditional colonial style

One thing we can agree on is that this style never goes out of mode. Your home will always be in trend with large rooms, and it has a traditional form with space. Your neighbors will be friendly, we hope, and loyal.

Ranch Style

ranch style

When suburban areas grew, the ranch-style home became popular. For the best modern suburban house, this one is a must. It is stylish yet classy, and it can match your personality well.

While not huge, it is still spacious to provide you with the room you need to live comfortably.

Spanish Style

spanish style

The Spanish style has its own design and can quickly become your dream house. You get huge windows allowing light with a large entrance and outdoor seating. You get the best views of your outdoor space and surroundings.

Craftsmen Style

craftsman style

The craftsman modern home is making a comeback to customize according to your needs. So you can live in a house that brings out your personality.

Cape Cod Style

cape cod style

Another famous home in rural areas is the Cape Cod style. It has an exquisite yet stylish finish, creating a dream home for any family. You can have a big garden with seating arrangements. In contrast, the roof provides shelter against the elements.

Final Thought

With a home, you are working towards an inheritance that works for you and will last. You will be able to assemble a bigger home that you can leave for your kids. With this design, the best part is that you can build pool houses with visitor suites and have separate doorways for your security.

Having a multigenerational home, you can help with everyday costs while grandparents can care for the children while still having healthcare facilities available. So, what do you think is a city or suburban residence for you?


Frequently Asked Questions

Consider two-story designs or building upwards, utilizing vertical space to maximize space. Additionally, focus on open floor plans and clever storage solutions.

Incorporate energy-efficient windows, insulation, and appliances. Consider solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and landscaping with native plants to reduce water usage.

These designs often include open-concept living areas, a well-equipped kitchen, multiple bathrooms, a playroom or den, and a safe, spacious yard.

Enhance curb appeal with a well-maintained landscape, a welcoming front entry, attractive siding or paint, and tasteful exterior lighting.

Popular trends include neutral color palettes, open shelving, natural materials like wood and stone, smart home technology, and home offices or flex spaces.


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