There is a new boom of properties being built in the virtual world in the real estate market. Again, we think of Minecraft and yet another explosive one, Terraria making its way into many homes.

The fact is you see new architects in the making with modern home designs in your mind. But looking at the recent rise in Terraria houses, how does it fit in with the natural world?

Let’s explore the game to find out.

What is Terraira

For starters, Terraira is a 2D game that allows players to enjoy an adventure while exploring. When it originally came out, it was a 2D Minecraft but eventually became unique, providing gamers with a great gaming experience.

Yes, friends, it is all about crafting and mining, but it also has combat with 18 bosses when played on your PC. Still, it does not end here. You find loads of stuff in the game that can become a bit overwhelming.

As a player, you need to progress through your game to beat the bosses with armour, weapons, and more. You also get many building materials to use in different ways from the start, such as the Terraria house designs.

These Terraria homes look impressive, but they are also complex as you would build a physical home. So you have the world at your fingertips to find fortune, glory, and fight for survival. Sounds familiar, right!

Another highlight is you can construct your city, but the choice is yours. So then, you build with sandbox-style creativity to journey through destinations to other players’ towns. But where does the game fit into the actual real estate world?

To find out the answer, we need to dig a bit deeper.

Terraria Houses Where Do You Start

Okay, when it comes to building a home in the real world, you face many challenges in making that perfect house. Well, the same applies to creating a Terraria house. It is so tricky that you only get a sheer range of supplies to start with refinements to keep in mind.

Well, it is not a simple task. Where should you begin? Sounds familiar if you have already started thinking about a home for you to live in reality and not virtually, right! You started playing the game and survived the dangerous world, and want to build your first home.

For starters, the same as building in real life, it is not just placing blocks around and hoping for the best. Think about working with your architect. It would help if you were tactical about how your home needs to look and where you plan to build.

So as in the real world, there are house requirements you need to follow in Terraria.

Terraria House Designs Requirements

As creating a decent home to build in Colorado, the same applies to a Terraria house. So when you follow these rules, you can start building your town to welcome new Terraria NPCS:

  • The first rule is your home must have at least 60 to 750 tiles running across the floor, frame, ceiling, and walls. Mmm makes you wonder when designing your real home. So it is the starting point of building any house.
  • Your Terraria house design needs one comfort item, atmospheric lighting, and a flat surface item. So what do you choose? Think about your living space a torch, chair, and a workbench.
  • Oh yes, any home needs background walls without gaps to prevent enemies (insects and people) coming in uninvited.
  • Great, do not forget that entrance like a trap door if building tree houses or a door.

Lastly, remember to avoid the corruption zones. Great, now that building rules are completed, you need to get some Terraria house ideas to make it real. Sounds familiar, right! In the actual world, the same applies.

Terraria House Ideas

Great, now it is time to start building your Terraria house from scratch. The best part is that, to some extent, the same applies when you create a new home in the actual world.

First, you need to consider the home design, and yes, in the game, there are different Terraria house designs to consider. But it all comes down to the material you have available. Look at some of the Terraria house ideas here:

Terraira Starter Tree Houses and More

Terraria  tree house design

The first Terraria house design is a starter house. Do you remember when you first rented or bought your home yip it was not that big, right! Well, the starter house follows all the rules above and acts as your base early in the game.

Desert House Become One With The Sand Dunes

Okay, another simple house in Terraria to build that fits in well with the biome is a desert home. Of course, you can fill it with modern decorations when laying the foundation. Still, it is essential to make sure it has a background wall, a wooden door, and a liveable house.

Your Caveland With The Terraria’s Desert Biome

terraria desert underground house design

Okay, now imagine building a place underground. Well, if you want to up your game, then making this retreat is fun yet challenging. The best part is you can convert your old ruin into a modern house filled with fancy decorations to create a dream living space.

Still, it need not be complex at first but is worth the effort. There are some real cave homes built. Check out this link for some inspiration.

Hear The Monkeys Living In Your Jungle Hut Design

terraria jungle house design

Another Terraria build that is popular that is quite tricky is this jungle biome. The main challenge is to let your home fit in without looking out of place. While it is an advanced build with ample decorations, it remains super charming, and you can quickly adapt it to fit your living needs. The best part you can let it blend in with branches protruding over the home.

Keep Warm With Your Terraira Snow House Design

When you look at the platforms available in Terraira, there are many ways to use the ground and structures. A good example once laying your foundations, you can build a snow house. You can create a homely yet welcoming snowy retreat. Create an inviting home with a fireplace and loads of fancy decorations.

Look Over The Jungle With Your Terraira Treehouse Design

terraria tree house design

Okay, we already see your eyebrows lifting a treehouse. You can build treehouses using a single tree or connect them with multiple ones. Allow dangling vines to fall over your home but make sure the tree has a thick trunk.

The nice thing about building a house in Terraria is that they are easily adaptable. The important thing to start with for beginners is to have at least one light source in the game, depending on your skill level. For building this home, it needs one solid tree.

There are real tree houses built around the world, such as the one in the image above. You can even create interweaving treehouses.

Relax at The Ocean With Your Terraira Beach House

Great, you have looked at different designs and wondered what more is available in building a surreal retreat. Well, no build is complete without a beach house retreat. Follow the basic requirements in building a house and remember one flat item.

The home is not that difficult to make, and it looks luxurious, super cool, and pretty. But as in real life, you need to find a perfect spot before building the structure. Whether it is one level or multiple levels, make it according to your materials available and liking.

Go All Contemporary With The Terraira Modern Villa

terraria modern villa

Even living a modern luxury life is possible in Terraria. A fact is that you can live this way in real life as well. The Terraria latest is making it a 3D effect to make your home look realistic. You can incorporate different levels into this modern home. Yet as in the real world, it needs proper assessment and planning with excellent results in the end.


So what Terraria build do you prefer? While constructing a structure in your game is not always easy. Yet, the same applies in real life. It takes thinking of the design, planning, and having suitable materials.

That is why it is best to start from scratch in the game and real life. If you’re planning to build a new home and do not want to check for one in real estate, we hope the examples provide you with some inspiration. Another helpful guide is to check out our article on Modern House Floor Plans.


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