Do you want to create a dynamic style that provides warmth and function? Then there is a good reason as to why you find it in most modern home designs.

The types of wood used in modern home design has a huge effect on enhancing the beauty as well as its edurance. You find it as accents on the walls, doors, ceilings, stairs, and more. Here you can find a list of some of the best ways designers use wood in different houses and not only in your modern home architecture.

Different Types of Wood Used in Modern Home Designs

You can find various colors, grain patterns, and textures used in the wood collection interior design. Wood has been a fabulous accent in many buildings over the years. You can use it to create a perfect balance with design on the inside of a home. However, while using manufactured wood such as wood veneer, it does not come close to the warmth you feel from the following natural woods.

Oakwood is a Noble Tree

You find oak used in different interior design themes. Oakwood is durable and used to play a considerable role in outdoor entertainment. However, it is versatile and available in various shades from natural, white, to red when used for furniture. Modern home designers use it on the floors and furniture. It has an enhanced classic look with beautiful grain-producing different patterns. Moreover, you can use it in the bathroom right through to the kitchen.

Oakwood is among the types of wood used in modern home designs

Pinewood A Widely Available Type of Wood

Pine is cheap and used in different interior design features as well as furniture. The pinewood brings a unique feeling to your living space, making it feel cozy and warm. Architects use it in a modern style to the contemporary interior as the wide grain works well. Not only is it suitable for making cupboards, it even looks cozy used on the ceiling and walls.

Beechwood is an Elegant Wood

With the versatility of this wood, you can find loads of ideas and plans to implement it in your living space. With the straight grain, it forms a uniform texture with a natural luster. The creamy yellow color that looks yellowish-brown adds brightness and warmth to any modern interior design. Besides, the wood provides you with a flexible banded form and is more susceptible to attacks from insects. You can also find it available with hues of brown or pink.

Beechwood furniture is among the famous types of wood used in modern home design

Cherry Wood Gives a Luxurious Interior Design

You can find the wood in variations such as Cherry and Black Cherry, each with a distinctive look. The straight grain works efficiently, and it is hardy yet resistant to decay. The wood is perfect for a modern interior design used in a semi-closed setting. Designers use it on balconies, covered decks, and balconies. You can find it in contemporary furniture, millwork for interior use, and turned objects to cabinetry. The best part is that cherry wood ages well.

Padauk Wood is Elegant in Any Place

The wood originates from Africa and Asia that is heavy yet dense, responding well with different interior design ideas. The designers use it in carvings, intricacies of furniture, and musical instruments. It is hardwood and stronger than oak to withstand adhesives. The wood has a vibrant red tint with a simple pattern to complement any theme inside the living space. One thing this wood does is that it becomes the focal point of any room.

Walnut is an Esteemed Wood

You find walnut wood grown in various countries and remain a dependable wood. It does not shrink or expand with different temperatures. Whether it is high up in the air on the propeller of an airplane or firmly placed beneath your feet on a floor, walnut provides an exceptional design. Many modern home designs include this wood in furniture, the floors, and instruments’ creating harmony.

Walnut furniture in white

Different Ways Wood is used in Modern Home Design

Wood has been part of modern home design for centuries. You see it displayed from the public, commercial, and residential buildings. In addition, interior designers use it in different themes throughout the living space from inside to outside. As a result, you can see the wood mentioned above used in a wide selection of applications throughout a modern home.

Add Personality with an Accent Wood Wall

Whether you use it indoors or outdoors as part of your plans, it remains functional. You can see it in the family or living room mounted with a television, and it adds warmth with depth to any room. Furthermore, you can pair different woods outside the home to create a statement against a wall with a neutral-colored fence.

Pool Decks are In Mode

While concrete decks are still in fashion, a wood deck adds more appeal and style. You can use different colored woods to make the color of your pool stand out.

Ceiling Wood Accent

If you cannot accent a wall in the home, using wood on the ceiling does the trick. First, it adds a modern touch to any interior design. Then, with low-hanging bulbs, you create a chic design with light-colored floors and walls. Make sure to check out our interior paint colors for modern homes while here.


The wood manufacturers use it to construct a pergola providing you with shade on those sunny days. It is a stylistic element to have in any modern outdoor space. They are used in patios and decks leading outdoors as well.

Give Columns an Update

You can see wood used in modern interior and exterior designs to give it a modern update. For example, instead of your typical white column, you will see more unpainted wood columns available. It is a simple addition to provide a home with a refined feel.

A New Trend Sliding Barn Doors

Adding a wooden sliding barn door adds the perfect look to any interior space. You can find it in different styles and depends on the wood used in the construction. You can separate rooms using one or see it hiding a desk space, your closet, or the pantry.

Siding and Soffits

A modern home transforms from the exterior into something unique using wood instead of artificial fabrics. The natural colors add depth, and you can give it a paint color of choice fitting in with anything in your surroundings. So invest in wood today to provide your modern home a touch of elegance and sophistication at the same time.


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