When we think of a treehouse, we think of Tarzan swinging around in trees (chuckle). Furthermore, you think of small tree house designs. But the fact is that many people are opting for a treehouse these days.

This Modular Modern Tree House Plans by Precht

Modular Treehouse by Precht

No, you cannot go for happy hour here, but it is a great escape with family and friends if you stay in it to enjoy good company.

Okay, these are not your typical simple tree houses but have a modular design shaped like a tree. The concept comes from the Minions film.

You notice the large round windows looking like the character. It will power with solar panels installed on the roof if ever used off the grid and have composting toilets found on the ground level.

Goepel & Baumgarten’s Treehouse in France

Goepel & Baumgarten's Treehouse in France

Great, if you ever wondered what your next resort might look like for the future, you have seen it in the form of a wasp nest.

The modular tree house has two shelters called the Nidus Domum. It is a great place to break away from the city, high in trees.

Another significant part of the design is that the modules interlock with single pieces, making them highly customizable and easy to assemble. So you can create a modern living area high up in the trees.

Treehouse Cabin in Hangzhou, China

Treehouse Cabin in Hangzhou, China

While this treehouse is not a residential home, it is a warm and inviting cluster of cabins designed by WH Studio. For a relaxing space for a family, the residences nestled in the mountains.

The wooden materials blend in with the surroundings. There are six wooden cabins accessed using zig-zag paths.

Modern Tree House by Will Beilharz

Modern Tree House Plans by Will Beilharz

The Yoki Treehouse is rentable for enjoying some happy hour in nature. The tree house perches above a creek found in Texas.

Another great thing is enjoying a relaxing stay by visiting the bathhouse connected by a bridge. It comprises the main volume measuring 500 square feet with the ground bathhouse.

The roof doubles up as an observation point and provides access to the home.

Tree House Design Ideas Anthony Gibbon

Tree House Design Ideas Anthony Gibbon

In the upstate New York forest, you find a place that you can explore if ever allowed to stay. The cedar-clad treehouse features large windows offering a view of the mountains and woodland. There is a path leading to the hot tub and lake.

The treehouse layout is unique, while the kitchen has a wooden island top with a concrete counter. Wood-lined hallways lead from the kitchen to the back with a bathroom, shower room, and second bedroom.

Château-Scope Treehouse in France

Château-Scope Treehouse in France

During a young architects competition, this set up by LMTLS in France came. The proposals listed provide a family to visit the ‘château-scope’ shortly.

The ‘château-scope’ provides a view of the historical château de la Mothe Chandeniers castle. The modules positioned with the castle site’s circumference mirror the relationship between the earth and the sun.

Casa Heli in Brazil

When you look at tree house floor plans, nothing says it more than this tree house in Brazil built by Ricardo Brunelli. It is a masterpiece with a hexagonal shade forming a honeycomb. Elevated walkways lead from the parking area and are one of the largest in Brazil, clocking in at 4844 square feet.

Pinecone-shaped Treehouse by Architect Claudio Beltrame

Pinecone-shaped Treehouse by Architect Claudio Beltrame

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping under the stars? You can at this lovely tree house in the Italian Alps. You can stay for the night or a week if you want. Escape the city bustle of the city to park your car and head up to the home supported by the fir trees using a bridge.

Marko Brajovic’s Treehouse in Brazil

Marko Brajovic's Treehouse in Brazil

If you want to see a real tree house, this one in Brazil will make you hope that you can visit it. The design is of triangular modulations to give the cabin its shape. The best part is you find it situated over the Praia do Rosa beach made of timber. So it is floating between the landscapes.

Final Thought

Now, imagine living in any of these tree houses—what a bliss. You have enough space to move around, and you can park your vehicle downstairs. The mission is to enjoy the surroundings in your tree house but not to make it like Tarzan, as you have enough stairs to get you to the ground.


Frequently Asked Questions

While treehouses can be an excellent option for living, they may not be suitable for permanent residence. It’s essential to ensure that the tree and the structure can safely support the weight of the house and its occupants over a long period.

The cost of building treehouses can vary depending on various factors, including the size, design, location, and materials. Yet, building a treehouse can be more expensive than building a traditional house due to the additional costs of ensuring safety and stability.

The legality of building and living in treehouses varies depending on the location and local building codes. It’s essential to check with the local authorities before building a treehouse to ensure it meets all necessary safety and building requirements.

Yes, treehouses can be made with eco-friendly materials and designed to be sustainable and energy-efficient. Additionally, living in a tree house can reduce the environmental impact by living in harmony with nature.

There are many unique treehouse designs, including ones shaped like pinecones, shaped like a modular tree, or ones that resemble a wasp nest. Each format brings its unique style and functionality to the table.


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