The spiral staircase is a preferred option among most types of staircase designs. The reason is that it can take on different appearances. The spiral stairway can be slim and high enough to fit into a small space, and you can find a gorgeous spiral staircase to fit into any home.

So, if you want some spiral staircase ideas to add to your new home, check out these stunning spiral staircase designs here.

Wooden Spiral Staircase Design Ideas

Due to its visual appeal and design, the wooden staircases are an excellent fit for any space. The stair creates a passage between floors while taking up very little space and adding a unique accent to the room.

Materials Use to Design Your Own Wooden Spiral Staircase

  • Steel Tread Styles
  • Hand Rails
  • Hand Rail Posts
  • Wood Balusters
  • Forged Iron Balusters
  • Platform and Well Enclosures
  • Flat Cap
  • Ball Cap
  • Decorative
  • Base

Impressive Wooden Spiral Staircase Ideas

Sleek Wood Material

all wood spiral stairs

Its relatively modern stair shape blends nicely with the space’s wood flooring and pleasant mood. The solid wood design gives a sleek look and is a perfect stair solution for any open-plan floor space.

Compact Design

compact design

Due to its shape, this smaller wooden paddle may fit within studio apartments and the tiniest of two-story homes. Still, it is also a perfect stair solution in a large house. What do you think of this staircase design? It will fit perfectly into a modern home. Furthermore, it allows for natural sunlight to flow through the home.

Simple and Slim

simple and slim wooden white stairs

This style doesn’t take up a lot of room, so it fits nicely with a more modern, clean-cut concept and design. It shows a lightness that fits into a modern house, making for a simple addition to any living area.

Minimalist Spiral Staircase

minimalist stair

The horizontal railing on the staircase perfectly fits into a fashion-forward and futuristic home design vision. It is a trendy design with white metal fabrication and looks fabulous in a contemporary home.

Golden Handrail Stairs

wooden spiral with golden rails

For a unique pattern, get great inspiration from this wooden circular stairway. Add a touch of gold to the stairs to stretch to the upper floor. With the banister, it becomes a unique element in the house.

Modern and Luxury

modern and luxury spiral stairs

This massive spiral staircase connects the house’s several floors, divides the space, and serves as a sculptural display. It brightens the whole space paired with other materials, from timber to metal.

Spanish-Style Spiral Stair

wooden spanish style stairs

A wooden door and chandelier balance a more traditional foyer with a vintage-inspired design. It makes for a family-friendly house that looks luxurious yet modern at the same time.

Freestanding Spiral Staircase

freestanding spiral stairs

When it comes to residential spiral staircases, this is one of the more unique features. The European design with concrete railings and wooden stairs fits into any modern house.

White and Wood Spiral

wooden white spiral stairs

This is visible inside and provides access to your home’s second floor. The best part is these circular staircases allow in a lot of natural light, fitting perfectly into a contemporary house. The staircase layout has a timber spiral with metal railings, making for a fabulous, grand spiral staircase in the home.

Big and Artsy

big and artsy spiral stairs

The steps of this timber and metal spiral staircase begin largely like a small landing, but as you climb them, they become smaller. It looks like floating staircases with the glass leading downwards.

Middle East Design with Timber and Metal

middle east spiral stairs

The stairs stretch past the ceiling from one room to the upper part of the home. The overall quality and detailing stand out, as you can see the elaborate metalwork creating a piece of art.

Old Wooden Rustic Style

wooden rustic

Refurbish the old staircase to make it usable, and the entire family will appreciate the vintage, classic design!

Sculptural Spiral Staircase

Sculptural Spiral Staircase

The timber treads and glass security rails let light pass, keeping the sections bright.

Drift Wood Style

drift wood style spiral stairs

A vast spiral staircase made of drifting lumber treads between the two white sides that welcomes visitors.

Black Spiral Staircase

Metal, Steel and Wood Spiral Staircase - Modlust

With the slick black spiral staircase design, it can easily be placed in corners indoors or used as an outdoor staircase. Galvanized steel is durable, and the wood treads can be painted the same color as the steel.

Long Spiral Staircase

creative and unique wooden spiral stairs

With spiral log stairs designed for you, it will reach from the base to the ceiling to reach your second floor. These wooden stairway ideas manufacturers use special tools to form them the way you like. These wood staircases will even fit comfortably outdoors on a deck.

If you’re into games and staircase design, check our Minecraft Stair Designs Ideas for a more interesting guide.

Final Thought

Do you have any ideas now? Renovate your home with these stunning wood spiral staircases!


Frequently Asked Questions

Spiral timber steps consist of wooden treads that wind in a circular or spiral fashion around a central pole or column. They are known for their space-saving design and aesthetic appeal.

A solid wood circular stairway is famous for its space-saving qualities, making it ideal for small spaces. They also offer a classic and elegant appearance. Additionally, timber is a durable and versatile material.

Yes, these stairways can be designed and built for outdoor use. However, they require proper treatment and maintenance to withstand outdoor elements such as rain and sunlight.

Common spiral stairway wood includes oak, maple, cherry, and walnut. The choice of wood can affect the staircase’s appearance, durability, and cost.

Maintenance involves regular cleaning, dusting, and occasionally refinishing the wood to keep it looking its best. It’s also essential to check for loose or damaged steps and repair as needed.

Yes, you can often customize the design of a wooden circular stairway to fit your specific style and area requirements. This includes choosing the type of wood, railing design, and other aesthetic features.


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