Do you want to do a smart home upgrade? Well, it has never been easier with the latest innovative home technology.

The best part is you can even do it yourself by adding smart home devices, as each comes with many benefits when installed. Whether you invest in an intelligent lock or light switch to a smart thermostat setting, these upgrades will pay off in the long run.

So, let us become creative to connect your home security systems to other things best suited for you.

Smart Home Upgrade: What Advantages Does it Offer?

smart home upgrade

When you upgrade to a smart home, you first get convenience, as it increases security and safety. With smart tech, you can monitor and control all the devices in the house from anywhere.

Furthermore, having the best smart home devices also increases the home value for potential future buyers. With a smarter home, you can control virtually everything in your day-to-day life.

Below we cover how a smart home upgrade can be a worthy investment.

Smart Homes Add Convenience

Innovative home technology adds convenience for you in the house. With smart home upgrades, it helps improve your productivity as it link your lights to other devices in the home using only voice commands.

Hence, these intelligent gadgets adjust the smart thermostats and take care of other tasks to save money and time in a few seconds.

For example, you can use a smartphone app to switch on your smart lights, voice control to unlock doors, adjust heat, and more.

Smart Technology Increases Your Home’s Security and Safety

smart home system

Smart home devices help increase the home’s security systems by allowing you to use connected devices with a smartphone app to check in anytime from anywhere when not at home.

For instance, when connected with a smart doorbell, you can receive alerts on any activity at the doors.

You Can Monitor and Control Your Devices Whenever and Wherever With Smart Home Technology

You can control a home device to your HVAC system in a connected home even when away.

Thus, you can control the garage doors, do temperature control, and temperature changes, control the front door to intelligent appliances, and review surveillance camera footage.

You can even see who is at the front door with a video doorbell; this is a game changer for home security.

Increase The Overall Home Value With Smart Home Tech

smart tech system

If you want to add value to the home for potential buyers, invest in a smart home upgrade. Having your own smart home will be appealing to others when the time comes to buy.

The right innovative features increase the property’s value, providing added interest for buyers and leading to a faster sale.

So, get a smart device set up to enjoy smart lighting to indoor air quality in the comfort of your home today.

Easy Smart Home Upgrades You Can Do Yourself

When it comes to smart home technology, you can find some of the best smart home devices sold these days. Here are some easy ways you can make your home smarter.

Upgrade With Smart Locks

smart lock

A smart lock is a simple upgrade that presents you convenience with style and home security. You get smart locks adding flexibility to make life easier, as you can come and go as you please.

These smart locks allow you to access your home with a touch using a key card, old old-fashioned key, to even your phone. These powerful locks also look elegant to make accessing the home a breeze.

Smart Thermostats Help Save You Money

Increase the comfort of the home using these thermostats as they will help you become more energy efficient and save money on the energy bill.

These smart devices have sensors that track the number of people in the home and adjust the temperature automatically to waste less energy.

The best part is you can control this smart home technology using an app on your phone or devices with an internet connection.

Upgrade With a Smart Smoke Detector


While having a smart thermostat, smart speaker, or lighting in the home is good and well to use with voice commands, nothing attracts home buyers more than family safety.

It adds home safety and can save up to 5% of your home insurance premiums. With a smart smoke detector, you can keep frying your food without the alarm.

For example, Nest Protect and Birdi are the best smart smoke detectors. Both monitor smoke to carbon dioxide and the air quality.

Smart Home Technology With Sprinkler Control

Do you need to water the garden often during the summer? Then having a smart sprinkler system will save you loads of time to money. You can program the sprinkler from your phone or computer to automatically adjust the system to consider the weather and season.

With the one-touch system, you can save up to 30% on outdoor water usage.

Smart Lighting Saves You Money on The Energy Bill

smart lighting

With an intelligent dimmer to-sensor system, you can quickly turn the lights off and on using your phone. You can customize them with specific actions like slowly glowing brighter when you wake up or switching off automatically when leaving home.

The smart home technology allows you to increase home security outdoors with motion detectors, and the energy savings will vary depending on the usage. Alternatively, you can add LED smart light bulbs, which are more power-efficient and last longer.

You can control them via the Internet from anywhere. You can even find multi-colored Wi-Fi smart bulbs these days for you to change the room ambiance to suit your mood. Another smart feature is changing the temperature output from cool tones to warm.

Adjusting the lighting will even help you with your sleep patterns.

Smart Solar Panels

Innovative solar panels are a smart choice for power for the best smart investment. It provides clean green renewable energy, and with the latest smart home technology, you can even monitor the panel performance and switch individual panels off or on in emergencies.

While solar panels are pricey, they can save up to $1,500 per year on your electricity bill and increase the home resale value. Furthermore, with a system around $10,000, the federal tax credit programs will offset the costs by 30%.

Choose a Smart Wi-Fi Router

smart wifi router

You will need a smart Wi-Fi router if you do not want to struggle with smart home upgrades when selecting devices.

With a solid link to your router, you get higher security systems to protect your family online when using all the smart devices in the home.

At the same time, it delivers faster coverage with better connection and stronger signal in any part of the home.

Integrate Your Gadgets In The Home

With automation technology, you can pair smart home devices with your smartwatch, tablet, or smartphone for easy access anywhere.

For example, you can use a voice assistant at home to improve audio quality with your smart speakers or control security cameras remotely. Even your smart refrigerator will know what is stored inside with the expiration date.

Thus, you can operate all your smart home gadgets using one operated device, from your voice command or phone to a watch.

A Smart Home Upgrades Easy With Connected Devices

smart home device

Whether you plan to invest or build a new home, why not make smart home upgrades part of your journey? Technology offers you convenience, flexibility, and so much more.

With it, you can save energy without wasting it when heating or cooling your home when no one is there. You can save with lights and smart bulbs as you can set the right mood, switch them on/off, and save costs.

With an existing deadbolt, you can add an intelligent lock to open and close your door when not home. While a Wi-Fi router equipped with high security keeps your savvy homes protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

These appliances can connect to the Internet for you to remotely control, including ovens, vacuum cleaners, fridges, and dishwashers.

A savvy home allows you to control everything from the smart bulbs, smart thermostats, lights, music, and more remotely with your phone. You can set them up with hard-wired systems or wireless connections.

A DIY smart home upgrade depends on what you want to automate in the house. Other smart features to consider are protocols and wiring, as they can affect your price, but mostly your budget will go toward appliances. So, the average expenditure is between $2,000 to $5,000 for basic savvy home automation.

When you upgrade your home with smart gadgets, it will increase the market value. Appraisers make adjustments when comparing tech-enabled homes with tech-deficient houses and command a higher price.

You need no specific requirements to make your home an intelligent one by installing different devices that are tech-enabled.

With thermostats, locks, and appliances, you can save on your budget for energy and your home insurance. Furthermore, it increases the property value when you sell it.


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