A roof structure is one of the most essential parts of a home. It provides shelter, protects from weather, and plays a significant role in the home’s aesthetics. With careful consideration of style and function, you can choose a beautiful, modern roof design that adds tremendous curb appeal.

You can even add a roof design to your existing roof.

What is a Modern Roof Design?

Gable roofs

A modern roof typically has clean lines and a simple roof design. The most popular modern roof designs include flat, butterfly, shed, and sloping styles. They often use metal or other sleek materials to create a contemporary look.

The best modern roof designs are stylish and functional – providing good drainage, energy efficiency, and sometimes extra space. When designing a modern roof, homeowners have many options, from common roofing materials to other textiles.

Your style can complement your home’s architecture and increase natural light. Modern roofs with eco-friendly materials like solar panels can also reduce energy bills. Considering your climate, budget, and needs will help you select the ideal roof to fit in with your modern architecture.

8 Modern Roof Designs

Here are 8 of the most popular modern roof styles to consider when installing a new roof.

Flat Roof

Flat roof types

A flat roof design has a flat surface with no visible slope or pitch. This clean, modern style works well for boxy buildings and homes with contemporary architecture. While most flat roofs have at least a slight slope for drainage, the surface appears completely flat.

Flat roofs allow you to create a rooftop space like a patio, garden, or additional floor. They offer the opportunity to install solar panels and green roofs, too. Flat roofs can be constructed from rubber, PVC, TPO, modified bitumen, gravel, or stone. Just be sure your roof meets pitch requirements for water drainage.

Butterfly Roof Styles or Invested Gable Roof Designs


The butterfly roof (or inverted gable roof) has two slopes that dip down in the center. Resembling butterfly wings, this modern roof shape provides excellent drainage. Butterfly roofs also allow rainwater collection opportunities and plenty of sunlight through skylights or clerestory windows.

Constructed from metal, concrete, or wood, the butterfly roof works well for modern homes and commercial buildings. It offers design flexibility to complement a different architectural style. Just consider snow load requirements if building in colder climates.

As you will see, these roof styles have steep slopes with a slight pitch.

Shed Roof Styles

Modern houses

A shed roof contains a single-sloping plane without a steep pitch. Also known as a skillion roof, it’s one of the most popular roof designs. Shed roofs are inexpensive, easy to construct, and versatile.

They provide good drainage for rainy climates and increase natural light. Gabled, attached, or hipped shed roofs suit all types of houses. You can also opt for different materials, from asphalt to shakes.

One downside is you do not have additional floor space for an attic space. But shed roofs offer a clean, modern look and straightforward construction.

Metal Roofing Material

Green metal roof

A modern metal roof provides a sleek, industrial style. Metal roofs come in steel, aluminum, copper, and tin options. They’re very durable, fire-resistant, and easy to install. A standing seam metal roof involves vertical panels joined with raised seams.

The seams allow for expansion and contraction. Although pricey, a metal roof can last 50 years or more with minimal maintenance. Payback comes from saving energy, durability, and not needing frequent repairs.

Consider excellent metal roofing material and insulation to reduce noise from rain and prevent condensation. You can use metal roofing material in triangular shapes, sloping roofs, or even in a pyramid hip and valley roof design.

No matter your roof design, metal works, modern flat roofs, a Dutch gable roof, or other roof styles.

Glass Roof Styles

Glass Roof Images

For a truly contemporary look, add a glass roof. Skylights, glass panels, and ceilings allow ample light indoors. Glass also creates a spacious, airy feel. Modern glass roofs come in stunning shapes like pyramids or triangles.

Tempered, double pane glass prevents heat loss and cushions sound. Be sure to pick energy-efficient glass that blocks UV rays. Consider adding shades or louvers to control light and glare. With the right design, a glass roof provides a beautiful focal point and bright, inviting space.

Sloping Sides

Roof with sloping sides

Unlike a flat roof, a sloping or pitched roof has angled sides. Modern versions often have relatively low slopes and overhangs.

This allows the home to appear streamlined while still promoting proper drainage. You can opt for subtle pitches around 15°-30° or more dramatic sloping roofs.

Steeper pitches work better in snowy areas. Consider integrating triangular windows, dormers, and skylights to enhance light and ventilation.

Use an eco-friendly roofing material like slate, clay tiles, solar tiles, or recycled composites for your roofing system.

Rustic Style

Rustic style roof

For a natural, earthy look, try a modern rustic roof. This includes wood shingles, shakes, composite slate, or ceramic tiles. Consider combining rustic roofing with sleek outdoor living areas or landscaping. Using eco-friendly and fire-resistant materials is advised for safety.

Natural slate and clay tiles beautifully complement homes with craftsman, Spanish, and Italian influences. A rustic roof can provide visual interest through subtle variations in color and texture. Just account for extra maintenance that may be needed over time.

You can even add dormer windows to fit in with the style.

Concrete Roof

Brown concrete roofing

Concrete might seem like an unusual roofing material, but it offers style and functionality. Modern concrete roofs include tiles, slabs, shingles, and waves or curves. Concrete naturally insulates, fireproofing the building. It’s very durable and protects against moisture.

Design possibilities are endless with concrete roofing. You can create clean geometric patterns or replicate shakes and tiles. Consider combining concrete with other materials like metal or plexiglass accents. This creates visual interest while minimizing maintenance.

Mansard Roof

A Mansard roof has a unique dual-pitched profile with steep lower slopes and shallow upper slopes on all four sides of a building. Originating in 17th-century France, this distinctive style creates a dramatic roofline and maximizes attic space.

While complex to construct, Mansard roofs are valued for their expressive architectural aesthetics, enriched interior space, and durability against the elements. The signature silhouette lends a neoclassical elegance to buildings across many eras and styles.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect modern roof starts with identifying priorities like budget, maintenance, and aesthetics. Carefully evaluate the advantages of different styles and materials. A roof with curb appeal that also saves energy gives you the best of both worlds.

Work closely with roofing contractors experienced in modern styles. They can ensure your roof is properly engineered and installed. Investing in the right roof improves energy use, protects your home, and makes a statement.

With exciting possibilities, finding a beautiful, functional roof to match your dream home is easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular modern roof designs are flat, butterfly, shed, metal, glass, single-sloping roof, and concrete roofs. They provide a minimalistic look with ample light, good drainage, and versatility. You can even choose a combination roof with the roof styles above.

Consider your home’s architecture, climate, budget, energy needs, desired maintenance, and aesthetic goals. Prioritize what’s most important to choose the right roof.

Modern roofing materials include metal, PVC, TPO, modified bitumen, concrete, clay tiles, composites, plexiglass, and eco-friendly options like solar or recycled rubber.

Modern roofs are similar in cost to traditional roofs on average. Flat and straightforward styles like shed roofs may be less expensive. Premium materials like metal, slate, or glass can increase costs.

Benefits of flat roofs include space for a patio, garden, or extra floor, plus the ability to install solar panels or a green roof efficiently. They have a clean, modern appearance.

Strategies like butterfly, shed, sloping, and glass roofs increase light. You can also add skylights, clerestory and triangular windows, and dormers to brighten the interior.


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