Travel through Lavishness & Splendor from Malibu to France in These Extravagantly Expensive Modern Mansions, according to Modlust users.

Modern Mansions To Make You Drool

With 2021 still lying ahead, we leave all the negative aspects behind and present you with top 10 modern mansions in the world for which one can only dream of living in. The listing shows you the most impressive modern house designs with sought-after estates from different users in our real estate category. So brace yourself for a journey even if you cannot leave your home and take a look at what these luxurious mansions have to offer.

Mar de Amor, Malibu, California With 10,600 Square Feet Space

Value $115 Million

While the name sounds corny, it means Sea of Love, which is Spanish and very lavish. Yet, everything is carefully considered in contemporary architecture when it comes to this modern luxury mansion.

One amazing thing about this luxury home located in Malibu is its spacious 10,600 square foot open floor plan with a distinct architecture. The residence spreads over 2.6 acres on the ocean side with a two-story entry and a gym.

You have a view of the beach, and everything is lavish. It has a 20 seat theater with an infinity pool providing access to the ocean. Here you find a tennis court with an underground car garage for eight vehicles.

Modern Mansion, Benahavis, one of the Top 10 Modern Mansions in the World

Further, you have many bedrooms and bathrooms, providing space for all who visit.

Modern Mansion, Benahavis, Andalusia, Spain

Value $11,881,228 Million

When you look at this amazing mega-mansion in Spain, it is one of Marbella’s first energy-efficient mansions built around the Passive House Regulations. So it is completely green saving electricity is the cornerstone of this modern mansion, saving up to 75% of energy costs while keeping the interior cool in summer and warm in winter.

Furthermore, the modernist architect combined sustainability with sheer and pure luxury. You find the property at a high altitude, a ten-minute drive from Marbella and five minutes from the beach.  The residence interior has open spaces with breathtaking views with massive rooms and an infinity pool.

Compared to others, the main difference with this house style is the combined contemporary artworks with a hint of eco-chic.

Hidden Modern Mansion, Jacks Point, Otago, New Zealand

Value $12,984,041 Million

Who would expect to find a modern mansion in New Zealand of all places? But, yes, there is one within the Jacks Point Preserve with many exciting features.

The residence gets sun all day with spectacular views of the lake and mountain—the house designed by Mason and Wales’s award-winning architect built by Triple Star. When you take a look, the first thing you notice is that it has the best constructions, engineering, and facade.

The landscape and elevated vistas flow into one. The two buildings link with a radiant entry gallery, and the entire residence blends into the landscape. Another remarkable thing about the place is the breathtaking view with a lot of privacy on the property.

Jack's Point Lake House

You even have your own private swimming pool.

Modern Mansion, Théoule-sur-Mer, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France

Value $107,616,111

The architectural masterpiece is the mega-mansion of Jean Nouvel, one of the world’s leading architects. The ultra-modern estate is not only a cool hillside mansion but is part of the hill. The residence has four different designs:

The Water and Light Reflection, Lights, and Inside Garden. The landscape has a majestic view with loads of modern design elements. Furthermore, the mansion is built around oval swimming pools with a spectacular view of the ocean. You must agree it is pretty impressive, right!

Modern Villa, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Value $77,509,396

The Son Vida is a contemporary private residence that has an infinite open space interior.  The house is located in a prestigious area west of Palma with panoramic views of the Bay of Palms, countryside, and mountains.

One amazing thing about the design of the estate is the floating boat sails above the ground floor. As a result, the modern exterior stretches along the length of the site, creating a facade with beautiful views.

The interior welcomes in light through glass walls that extend to the living room and the garden. The terrace provides a limitless space surrounded by the natural landscape. It is an impressive place shouting luxury.

Modern Mansion Antilia, Mumbai, India

Value $1 Billion

When looking at modern mansions, it is not only villas that make our list. A good example is this apartment building owned by Mukesh Ambani, a business tycoon. In fact, it looks like a palace on the inside, and everything is luxurious.

The building stands 570 feet tall with 27 floors and is a private house where he and his family live. The modern mansion interior has all the contemporary features many of us can only dream of having in our living space.

There is a terrace garden, temple, three helipads, and an 80-seat theater. The skyscraper spreads over 400,000 square footage and is one of the world’s costly mansions.

Modern Mansion The One, Bel-Air, California

Value $500 Million

The mansion belongs to Nile Niami, a film producer and real estate developer in Bel Air. Nile Niami designed the house, naming it The One. It is one of the most prominent modern mansion designs in the location and the United States. You must agree the architecture is outstanding.

The master bedroom spreads over 5,000 square feet. Four swimming pools are amazing. With the glass windows, it provides a gorgeous view of the surrounding. You see contemporary design elements displayed throughout the interior and exterior that are luxurious. In addition, it has an Imax-style theater with a 30 car garage.

To add to the fantastic residence, it also has an 8,500 square foot nightclub. Wow, this is too large for us but not for him.

Palazzo di Amore, Beverly Hills, California

Value $195 Million

Looking at this green modern home design makes your heart start to thump away. The mansion you find in Beverly Hills is owned by Jeff Greene, another real estate billionaire. He bought it for $35 million, and after renovations with the help of Alberto Pinto and Bob Ray Offenhauser, the value is $195 million.

The modern home design stretches over the property of 53,000 square feet and can accommodate up to 1,000 visitors. The Mediterranean-style villa has exceptional design elements inside and out. In addition, it has an entertainment complex with a revolving dance floor. Pretty impressive as you do not need to head out to a nightclub to enjoy yourself.

Palazzo di Amore, Beverly Hills one of modern mansion

Furthermore, there are 23 bathrooms, 12 bedrooms, a tennis court, a theater, and a bowling alley. What more does one ask for as a family? In addition, there is a swimming pool with a waterfall, and the garage parks up to 27 vehicles.

Modern Mansion Mega House, Europe

Value $127 Million

The second last of the modern mansions is the French-style estate with many features not seen in other modern mansions. The modern mansion exterior has dark-colored blocky modern shaped glass with designs.

It stretches over the property of 21,000 square feet, designed by Yakusha Design. The villa has a modern living room stretching over two stories with four two-leveled bedrooms for the kids. It has a swimming pool with green courtyards, and the interior finishing’s built with luxury material.

There are enough bedrooms and bathrooms for the family and guests. Pretty impressive, right!

301 N Carolwood Drive, Los Angeles, CA

Value $100 Million

Last on our list of private modern mansions. The residence has impressive square footage. The master suite with 20 full bathrooms stretches over 5,300 square feet. On the modern mansion interior, you find excellent amenities making you feel like staying at a hotel.

A bar with a casino, spa, wine room, theater complex, and swimming pool. So you can decide to take a bath in a different one every day, how incredible is that. It is a perfect example of modern mansions you can find around the world in the property market.


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