One thing that modern buildings seldom have is the character and beauty of older buildings. So yes, your newer constructions are dedicated to the current needs but sometimes lack personality.

So retrofitting your old house is great as it turns the structure into something new. The best part is the cost of revamping is more diminutive than starting from scratch. So how do you retrofit an old home to give it the style it needs.

Please stay a while longer as we share some great tips on how remodeling your home can give it a new design.

Top 10  Retrofitting Ideas Of Old Houses to Make it Look Modern

These house improvement tips are going to take your old house into the future. So check them out to add some fun to your home.

Install Solar Panels For Energy Efficiency

solar panel

You can improve your old house with some deep energy retrofits from the air conditioning, lighting, hot water, plug loads to appliances. With a passive solar design and using renewable energy systems, it is possible.

The renovations include the structure’s envelope to adding exhaust fans in your kitchen, bathroom or providing the whole house with a ventilation system. In addition, you can add solar systems to the roof or even on the ground.

wall insulation

While solar heating is the way to go, you can also do the following to the building envelope:

  • You can insulate the foundation and slab of the walls.
  • Insulation on the roof or ceilings is another excellent way to add comfort to the interior throughout the ear.
  • Make sure your HVAC system has the proper control with high-efficient heat pumps.
  • Also, ensure that the combustion part is adequately vented.
  • By insulating hot water pipes or having old ones replaced saves a lot of money on the bills.

Install Low E Windows in Your Old House

low e glass windowsLow-emissivity glass is a great way to help minimize the infrared and UV light that comes through your windows. The Low-E window does not reduce the light entering the living space. It only keeps out the harmful light that can cause damage to your furniture or make your place hot.

So your home’s temperature is kept consistent as it reflects the interior temperature inside. Not only will it add a modern touch to your exterior, but you can also have them sealed and insulated as well. In turn, it also helps to make sure the windows function well for opening and closing.

Use Lighting Controls

lighting control

Another way to start with retrofitting your old home is to replace your fluorescent bulbs with CFL or LED light bulbs. These light bulbs offer more extended use, and they are energy efficient with few toxic metals. Many of these bulbs even work with smart home lighting controls to set the color, switch on/off, or switch off/on when entering or exiting a room.

And with your new windows, you can already increase the natural daylighting without using your lights.

Install Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures

Low-Flow Plumbing FixturesA vital step to retrofit your property is to start with the plumbing. You can replace old plumbing fixtures with low-flow fixtures from showerheads, taps, and more. Doing this helps you to save water as it flows at a slower rate. Further, where needed, reconfigure the plumbing to distribute your hot water efficiently and make sure to fix leaks. Finally, install a drip irrigation system for the exterior as it is a healthy and green way to go. You can keep the vegetation thriving while keeping the home cool and works as a windbreak while providing cleaner air.

Install Reflective Roofing

reflective roofing

A known fact is that when you paint your existing roof white, it helps reflect sunlight to reduce the inside temperature. So why not save some money on using reflective paint in your preferred color to bring the roof temperature down a couple of degrees. Or, if your roof needs an uplift, install a cool roof to help reflect the sun’s heat.

Increase Recycling Using Old Stuff

old walls recycled

You have started your renovations to retrofit a wall, ceiling, doors, and more. There is no need to throw the stuff away. You can use bricks, trim, flooring, cabinets elsewhere in your workshop or the basement. Hardwood or even drywall can be used as a base for your sidewalk or a driveway.

Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy Efficient Appliances

Once you have your HVAC system sorted, next on your list are appliances, as they are the biggest energy consumers in the home. Yes, these appliances might be expensive but replacing the broken ones is cost-effective. So buy energy-efficient dishwashers, AC, water heaters, refrigerators, ovens, dryers, and more.

Recycle Your Rainwater in Collection Tanks

rain tank

Installing a rainwater collection tank might be expensive at first. But it is a great benefit as it pays for itself in the end. When you collect the water, you can use it in your garden, flushing the toilet, to washing your clothes.

Refurbish Your Old Furniture

make use of old furnitures

There is no need for you to buy new furniture when you retrofit your old house. Instead, you can easily take your old furniture and create something new. For example, you can blow a breath of fresh air into your grandmother’s old table into a perfect party starter, making a bar cart.

bar cart from old table

Or take your ratty rattan bench that has seen its days to create something new. With a coat of paint and a comfortable cushion, it will look excellent standing against a bare wall. Maybe you have a tattered, worn organ that cannot even play a tune and has seen its past days just standing in the garage corner. One thing is sure you can use it to make a savvy bar or even a wine rack. Your guests will be amazed at what you have done.

Add Some Drought Resistant and Air Purifying Plants to Your Home

air purifying plants

Okay, you might buy a bar cart, bookshelf, or new furniture to take your living space to a new level. But nothing beats adding an indoor plant to your house. You can find different drought-tolerant to air-purifying plants to add to your old home.

Many of these plants remove impurities in the home to provide you with fresh air, keeping you and your family healthy. The best part is with drought-tolerant foliage, you need not water often, and they still look gorgeous in the garden or the home.
















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