Modern white houses make the walls look orderly to enhance the interiors and exteriors. A white exterior is a true minimalist color; you can partner it with many other decor ideas.

White exteriors are also an excellent choice for a modern home. The nice thing about having a white exterior is that if you want to add color to your space with antiquities, lighting, or other design items, you won’t have to worry about going overboard.

Some might say that white colors are dull if you choose it as paint for your house exterior, but it’s not a bad choice either since white is a very versatile color; it can fit almost any architectural design.

Most homeowners prefer the color white, especially the exterior, because it adds to the boldness of the surroundings and the design of the house, making it look more sophisticated despite the simplicity of the color. 

If you want to upgrade your home, you can seek help from an architect for some modern white house ideas.

Modern Home Ideas

Nothing feels fresher or pristine than a modern white house creating clean lines. Doing it big is best when you adore the purity, simplicity, and freshness that white can bring to a house. Boost the boldness of your front door, and create a great first impression with these Modern White Houses Ideas we have listed for you!

Classic Wood White Exterior

white wooden house

When it comes to color combinations that have stood the test of time, black and white come to mind first. White and wood, on the other hand, is a classic combination for people who want a less high-contrast.

This traditional combination adds warmth and brightness to interiors while remaining neutral enough to match any decorating style. Wood doesn’t just add warmth to an all-white space; it also has richness and texture.

This type of exterior also looks amazing when your entrance is covered with greeneries, as your entryway would look wider than it is. Hence, it fits in with the landscaping, making the entry relaxed and welcoming for guests.

White Natural Brown Wood Contemporary Home

white with natural brown wood house

Wood gives a feeling of warmth, especially in homes, and its natural color shines best when partnered with white. And when you want to go all-natural in your interior design with a touch of modern elements, white and brown wood could be your best pick!

Since wood could feature a little traditional and organic if you have a house with most wood as a material, painted white could be such a great upgrade on the interior and exterior parts of the house. This modern white house is a good start to bringing your modern home to a whole new level for the family.

White With Black Glass Doors and Exterior Frames

white house with large black windows

What is a far better combination than black and white?

Whether you are just starting your home or going for remodeling, an all-white house with a black glass door will look incredibly unique and modern while maintaining the minimalist feature.

Black and glass material adds style and a dramatic feel to the house, and believe us when we say that creating a consistent color on your interior when you start doing it on the house exterior is tempting.

Outdoors, this home makes a statement and is filled with a modern interior; it becomes a dream home.

Modern White Houses With Large Windows

modern white house

Clean, cool, and sophisticated, this is what large windows can offer to your home once you decide to go white with large glass windows. If your location does not have security issues, or you are not very particular with privacy, these enormous glass windows will be a sight to see in your house.

You can use them to your advantage to allow in more natural light from outside. This window type is also great for plantophiles that keep plants inside the house. Many homeowners love large windows because it displays an amazing view from the outside of your house, such as gardens.

Concrete White House

concrete white house

Concretes are known to be strong, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. They outlast other building materials regarding durability and strength with time. This lowers the overall ownership cost while reducing the environmental impact of more regular maintenance or reconstruction.

If you want your modern white houses to be sturdy, you can build them with concrete. Concrete is most typically utilized as the foundation for most constructions in the construction sector. A top priority is building a contemporary home for your family and ensuring they are safe.

9 Best Modern White Houses Around The World

There are lots of popular modern white homes around the world. Most of them were designed by well-known architects.

These modern white houses are built with simplicity and sophistication but create an elegant impression on people and a work of art.

Here, we have listed the Top 9 Modern White Houses Around The World, hoping that any of these will inspire you when you build, remodel, or upgrade your house to the next level of modernity.

The Ronda Round Rocky House

round rocky house

The Ronda House, a holiday home in Cerro Azul, Peru, appears to be a fantasy from 1980s futurism at first view, but deeper inspection reveals remarkable textural richness. Even though it is surrounded by a sleek and low-slung white exterior, an arced red brick column stands out against the otherwise smooth surfaces.

The Ronda House is at the foot of Cerro Colorado, a red clay and stone hill. The studio behind the project, Marina Vella Arquitectura Urbanismo, decided to build a traditional structure out of similar red stone to pay homage to that natural beauty.

Nonetheless, the architects thought outside the box because the neighborhood has rigorous building laws, including the need for all structures to be white. They built a white facade with large panes around the more authentic architecture.

Ravan[pak] Gleaming White Villa

ravan-pak villa

The Caspian Sea is a magnificent body of water, and ‘Ravan Pak Villa, a new residence near Keralabad, Iran, is designed to evoke the same sentiments. The house has a pool, but the materials and layout are intended to evoke thoughts of pristine beaches.

Babak Abna, a local architect, designed the villa. It has an almost white design, which contributes to a sense of tranquility in the home. Curved archways and low, round glass windows give cozy and restful locations for curling up with a good book, and the shapes used throughout the house add to that sensation.

The house exterior looks as if it is made of concrete, and it only has a lower level with clean lines.

Newman House

newman house

This modern home is in a quiet neighborhood on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Its compacted vegetation is its most distinguishing feature flowing into the gardens. The architects devised a system of courtyards, galleries, and loggias to create continuous interaction between the house exterior and the interior.

The landscape’s various long and short relationships are portrayed in the large prayed and abstract box operations seen from the house exterior—two terraces on the first-floor display tree canopies surrounding them.

This differing approach to landscape varies by terrain and is reflected in the room during the day and at night. The bricks enclose the full volume and blend seamlessly with the surroundings. They used brick as a material because of its geometrical clarity and unique continuity.

Ness Point White Cliff House

white cliff house

The Ness Point White House is on the White Cliff of Dover and is an excellent example of a modern white house. The large windows create a feeling of openness, allowing natural light indoors.

This modern white house by architect Tonkin Liu is equipped with a unique dramatic landscape overlooking the coast. Each large window is meant to show off bright light and breathtaking views. And though natural light passes through the extensive and modern house, its thick walls are intended to provide shade from the scorching sun.

There are no balconies, and its painted white exterior fits the greenery surrounding it. It looks like they used stucco to give it the form.

Lucia White Inventive Box Home

Casa Lucia house

Some mock the stereotype of modern white houses being little more than a succession of plain colored boxes, but architect BHY Arquitectos’ ‘Lucia House‘ is a different kind of white box home.

The house is divided into four unique volumes, giving it an interior that blends in with the surrounding natural landscape exterior. On the ground floor of Lucia House, three rectangular spaces and a single space make up the upper story.

Two of the ground floor spaces and the upper face the waterways behind the house, and all three have large windows that allow wonderful views of the activities that occur along that stretch.

Villa Agava Monolithic Moroccan Home

villa agava

Looking like a windowless house, Villa Agava Monolithic Moroccan Home in Casablanca, Morocco, looked modern but unique with its white and black base. Though it is known to have a blind front facade, the house’s interiors feature enormous windows and doors and a natural brown wood color that adds to the simplicity and elegance of the house.

And though large windows do not please some homeowners because of privacy issues, this contemporary home will surely suit their taste because the house exterior is covered with high walls. This does not lessen the sophistication that this type of modern house brings.

So, imagine what a grand entrance you can make from such a designed home.

Boxy White House FMB

FMB house

‘House FMB’ is a house that faced many challenges with the shape of the house exterior. The Fuchs Wacker Architekten clients’ owners wanted the house to accommodate a family as their children developed comfortably.

Still, they didn’t want to give up contemporary home architecture’s beauty. The architects achieved their goal by separating the inside and exterior. House FMB’s exterior resembles a typical contemporary home, with several huge white panels covering the facade in a rectangular shape.

The shape on the inside, although boxy on the outside, is significantly more practical in everyday life. The home’s two staircases are the most notable interior features: smooth, white steel spiraling fittings that drop directly; it looks like it has dropped from the sky.

That soft curve has a fun character to it, which is perfect for toddlers.

The Courtyard House Minimalist Oasis

the courtyard house

The Courtyard House Minimalist Oasis epitomizes minimalism with clean, primarily all-white finishes softened by light wood furnishings, leather-clad chairs, and incredible stone features.

While the residence has a functional and linear appearance, it also has an attractive living area that views out into a green yard. The urban oasis features a huge window that lets natural light in while displaying innovative features like concealed storage, a butler’s pantry, and a functional lift.

The perfect combination of urban and eco aesthetics can be found in this modern white house, harmoniously integrated into its lush nature. Both inside and white exterior add style to any home walls.

The House with Plants ( Reflective Botanical Micro Home )

The House with Plants ( Reflective Botanical Micro Home )

Indoor gardening can be difficult, especially if you live in a small room with limited natural light, yet despite the challenges, ‘The House with Plants‘ lives up to its name. The Japanese micro-home cleverly uses architectural quirks to make the most of its little balcony space, making it ideal for urban gardening. The texture of the ceilings in The House with Plants is crucial.

A white, reflective vinyl material covers the angled ceiling. This not only reflects the sunshine flowing in through the windows onto the indoor plants, but it also reflects the picture of those plants on the ceiling. As a result, the homeowners may enjoy an inverted perspective of the plants from wherever they are inside


Frequently Asked Questions

modern white home is a type of architectural design characterized by sleek, contemporary aesthetics and predominantly white or lighter-colored materials for both the house exterior and indoors. It often incorporates clean lines, minimalistic design elements, and a focus on open spaces.

Some advantages of modern white homes include their ability to create a sense of spaciousness, their timeless and elegant appearance, and their ability to reflect natural light, making spaces feel brighter and more inviting.

When decorating the interior of a modern white home, consider using neutral tones, adding pops of color through furniture or decor, incorporating natural materials like wood, brick, rocks, and stone, and focusing on sleek and minimalistic furniture and accessories.

One potential drawback of modern white homes is that they may require more frequent cleaning and maintenance to keep the white surfaces looking pristine. Additionally, some people may find them too sterile if not balanced with warmth and texture.

A clean and minimalist landscape often complements modern white homes. This can include a simple and well-manicured garden, geometric shapes, and a focus on hardscaping with materials like concrete or gravel as long as it is one the family can enjoy.

You can find inspiration for modern white home designs in architecture and interior design magazines, online design websites, and by studying the work of renowned architects and designers specializing in contemporary aesthetics.


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