Does it matter? You may ask. Not a lot really care or go into deep research about materials they will use in building homes, and just leave it all to the architects and the builders. But do ever stop and think what is ever essential and practical material in building that contemporary humble abode?

Here we will guide you all throughout in your decision-making!

Stone & Wood Pros and Cons

stone and wood

Stone Material Pros

Opting for low maintenance and durability, stone materials could cause a standstill in many environmental and human-error situations. Aside from giving the feeling of security and a traditional way of living, stone material has been a popular choice by many homeowners.

Stone Material Cons

Building a stone house takes a lot of time and effort. Difficulty in repairing or modifying is also one con to consider about building a modern stone home, aside from the time-consuming construction.

Wood Material Pros

Wood is an excellent insulator, making it an energy-efficient material. Aside from this, wood costs less than any other materials and is easy to build. Some homeowners prefer to DIY with wood as it is more cost-effective and easy to work with.

Wood Material Cons

Termites could damage wood, so it has to be repainted and retreated with chemicals. It also quickly catches fire and shrinks easily with unconstant weather.

Location & Climate Where You Want to Build Your Contemporary Home To Assess What Material Best To Use

  • Availability of Service
  • Local Climate
  • Lifestyle 
  • Look & Feel of the Area
  • Topography
  • Resilience to the impacts of climate change

Which One’s Better: All Boils Down to Design and Preference

wood and stone combination homes

Every building material has advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these advantages and weaknesses can help you weigh them against your project’s objectives. That way, you’ll be able to figure out which material or combination of materials is appropriate for your project.


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