During renovation of a house, choosing the best plants to use in modern interior design is the most confusing thing in people life. Bring the outside inside with some of the best plants to make your living space fresh yet vibrant.

Yes, using plants in modern design does not only work as a decorative function to complete the interior. It freshens up any living space. Indoor plants make places alive and appealing when used as accent pieces. You can place houseplants to soften areas or create an expression. However, what are the best plants to use in your modern interior design, and how do you put them? Modlust, with the help of Plantly, has all the inside tips right here for you.

House Plants to Use in Modern Interior Design

Having a plant in your home is a critical accessory to liven up space. However, some of the best design ideas, colors, and tips need exceptional foliage to achieve this. So go ahead and style your bedroom to living room architecture using these indoor plants in creative ways.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

One of our favorite plants is the Ficus Lyrata or Fiddle Leaf Fig. Its leathery leaves provide any living space with a substantial presence. You can place it in a corner to add splendor to any room. Place it on both sides of a doorway or in front of the window to give a tropical touch. The leaves are enormous and do not overload your modern interior. Furthermore, it provides harmony with a natural look placed in a woven pot.

Fiddle Leaf Fig - the Best Plants to Use in Modern Interior Design

Elephant Ear Plant

When planted outside, the tropical plant has large leaves, but it is smaller and grows up to two meters as an indoor plant. You can decorate your huge living space from loft, balconies, bars to offices with this plant. The main attraction is their size and makes any place look interesting when adding yellow accents with it. Other patterns that work well with the plant are black and white in the background.

Dieffenbachia Plant

The indoor plant is unique with its limey green leaves, and sometimes, the darker green tint in between makes it look splattered with paint. Instead, you can add a beautiful modern-art texture placed next to your white furniture. It looks graceful as the color explodes in the background.

Boston Fern

The plant can survive for decades, and it is best to hang it in a basket or macramé. You can place it on a pedestal as it creates loads of texture with an illusion similar to a waterfall. The best place to put this immaculate plant is in your living room or on the balcony.

Boston Fern indoor with a hand

Monstera Deliciosa

The Split-Leaf Philodendron has a distinctive leaf looking as if someone has gently cut into it using their hand. Furthermore, you can cut off the top if air roots are attached and replant it to add more color and fresh air to your home. Finally, you can place the tropical queen in your entryway for warmth or in the dining room as a mood setter. You can even create a bathroom jungle with this plant.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is an easy houseplant to keep maintained. The leaves have the lines of a snake and look stylish anywhere. Furthermore, it does not need much watering and is perfect if you want to spruce up your living space. When set against a grey backdrop, it brings out the tint in the leaves and looks great in a modern room. Furthermore, you can place it in low lighting in a spa saloon or any other part of the home.

Snake Plant with a chair in the background

Air Plants

The exotic houseplant has something mysterious about it. It does not need soil to grow, and you can even hang it upside down from the ceiling. An air plant works excellent when placed in a glass ball vessel on a table or anywhere you like. Some designers, such as Bocci, use them to create lamps.

Benefits of Indoor Plants in Modern Interior Design

Using plants in contemporary interior design is popular and beneficial for you. It makes your living space look fabulous and plays an integral part in your overall health.

Helps Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Not only does a plant in your bathroom or bedroom help with stress, but it also helps lower the blood pressure making you feel calmer to align yourself. Furthermore, it enables you to sleep better in the bedroom as they give off oxygen at night.

Air Purifier

Instead of investing in a humidifier, get yourself a plant to help improve air quality in the home. Plants have a natural filtering process making you breathe easier.

Help Increase Productivity

Plants in the office or your home office make you more focused on improving memory, mood, and creativity.

Helps Improve Well-Being

Different plants throughout your living space can help fight allergies and colds. The foliage increases the humidity while decreasing dust that is a cold fighter.

Now, who thought placing plants with your contemporary interior design could provide you with all these benefits.

How to Add Plants in Contemporary Interior Design

Modlust has some great design ideas on adding plants to your living space to make it look modern and stylish. Here are some great tips:

Analyze Your Space and Know Your Room

First, you need to analyze your room and understand what the strong and weak points are. Then, observe what part of the room you can brighten up or where more static pieces are needed. Finally, make sure to walk around in the area and look at different perspectives in the space to help choose where the best place is for your plant to make a statement.

Choose a Style and Commit to It

A fantastic design idea is to start thinking about where your plant will look great. Then, provide a coherent yet classy theme that provides a balanced interior space with your plants.

Never Clutter and Make Your Plant the Hero Piece

Cluttering up your living space makes it look busy and not relaxed. An open space provides a place for you and your plant to breathe. Make your plant the centerpiece placing it in the limelight it deserves. Or make it the focal point in a corner that is bare.

Place Large Plant to Emphasize the Design

Large plants always make a statement and work well for minimalistic interiors without overcrowding the room. Choose your pot carefully to fit in with the design. It makes a considerable difference in creating a look and feel of desire.

Use Small Plants as Hanging Plants

A fantastic tip is to add your small plants as hanging plants on a wall. Alternatively, take your medium-sized vining plant and hang it from the ceiling to make a statement. Finally, you can place a Philodendron cactus to air plants into any living space.

Place a Plant in a Bare Corner

Everyone has an empty corner in the home, so instead of placing bulky furniture, put a big plant there to bring things together.

A Word from Modlust

When choosing plants for modern interior designs, the best is to select not picky plants to take care of. Instead, you can find some of the most exotic plants that are easy to maintain that look pretty at the same time. Make sure to check out these featured plants for interior design.


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