Some modern apartment design ideas are frequently uniform, with little to no variation when you live in the city.

But, of course, you don’t want your ‘dream home’ to look like that, right? Even a small apartment can look classy, and with a proper design, it can shout luxury. Interior design is essential when searching for a possible home; it’s a universal truth.

You must feel safe and comfortable in your living space and look at something aesthetically pleasing. The comfort and cozy feeling of your living space depend on how you decorate and design your future home.

So, you need to know how to design your apartment without clutter. Add some of your personal touches or seek an interior designer’s help. Still, it will be much easier to know all the basic modern apartment design ideas to save money.

Modern Apartment Design Ideas

Designing your apartment is not easy. There are lots of factors that you need to consider. Various styles fit into the modernistic decor that most people love. Whether you design yourself or choose an interior designer, keep reading.

Texture and White Walls

Condo Apartment White Walls l Modlust

Do you know you can make your apartment look classy using different textures that add beauty to an all-white wall living room or home office?

The secret of an interior designer to make a white home interior feel warm and serene is to use textured furnishings and decor in various tone variations. Sometimes, a home with an all-white wall can be hard to maintain. The reason is that white is bright and easy to cover with another color in a few years if you ever want to change the ambiance of your apartment.

Creating and decorating is essential when you have white walls because it will set the mood of the room; you can add different kinds of textures in a white living or bedroom so it does not feel dull and empty.

Designers can normally add a rug, plant, textiles, or furniture. Anything that will match your style or preference.

Open Floor Plan

modern apartment

If you’re into social gatherings or you want space, having an open floor plan is essential, and you might consider this idea if you’re going to buy your apartment.

An open floor plan means you or your guests can move freely from the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen. You can add a dining table to your limited space to make it more modern by placing it between the kitchen and living room.

Natural light can easily flow in someone’s room because no walls will block it. Also, it is better for communication. Open space makes sound travel faster; it provides excellent visibility whenever you’re babysitting. Lastly, it increases the sense of being together with your family.

Another benefit of an apartment is the ceiling height on the interior, making the floor plan bigger.

Open Kitchen

Cohesive look with open plant kitchen and white walls to ceiling l Modlust

We all know that love sparks in kitchens, right? It is undoubtedly made and filled with love whenever you cook for your loved ones.

The advantage of having an open kitchen is that it allows you to cook while socializing with your family or guests. You can still be part of the drama even though you’re also busy cooking. Another advantage of having an open kitchen is it improves traffic flow.

You can move freely without any hassle, especially when you’re busy. It can turn your dull kitchen into a bright and airy room. It makes your kitchen adaptable to add a kitchen island for more workspace. With a kitchen island, you can get an efficient arrangement and use it as a dining table without feeling crowded or restricted.

With the right color accessories, you can decorate your living space to look modern. The kitchen island will also separate the kitchen from the living room.

Wall Compartments

wall compartment

According to an interior designer, we can’t stop disasters but can prevent them. Having a wall compartment is essential nowadays. Wall compartments halt or prevent the spread of massive fires.

You should ensure that compartmentalization is practical regarding the spread of fire or smoke. It is always better to be advanced in securing your family’s safety. Wall compartments are suitable, especially if you have a big family and a home office and don’t want to be disturbed.

It creates a cleaner look of the whole interior when you separate rooms into a bedroom, fireplace, closet, kitchen, sofa, computer desk, and many more plus, it also saves space! You can add one in a bedroom as well for added space.

Upgrade House Tiles

Add style to apartment with modern tiles l Modlust

Flooring is an integral part of your apartment space design. It doesn’t matter what the room is, the bathroom, bedroom, home office, or living room; your floors help to connect the design and give the room a distinct look and feel.

Of course, upgrading your flooring has its benefits, too. It can increase the value of your apartment. It can give your bedroom a new look and feel. You can upgrade your floors to match your styles and desires.

Having an old floor is a total pain. Dealing with squeaky, old floors and the difficulty in cleaning is a big hassle. Upgrading your tiles means you won’t have to deal with those problems anymore. And, of course, you won’t have to deal with certain dust that may harm you and your family’s health.

Add Natural Light to a Living Space

glass doors and windows

Doors and windows allow fresh airflow into your house. Still, installing glass doors and windows in your apartment provides additional benefits.

Installing a window to your apartment or home gives you a wide range of scenery, whether the buildings, parks, malls, or even someone’s apartment next to the building. Jokes aside, these kinds of windows also allow the passage of natural lighting into your dining, kitchen, bedroom, or living room space.

Installing glass doors may also result in a lack of privacy, but not all doors like these are clear. You can use colored, opaque, or frosted glass doors for your entrance. The primary benefit of having these kinds of doors and windows is that

  • it’s easy to clean,

  • doesn’t rust as most steel windows do,

  • is extremely durable,

  • doesn’t corrode and doesn’t collect dust and grime.

So embrace life by bringing in lighting from outside, inside houses and apartments.

A Sleek Closet in Your Cohesive Design

Apartment Closet l Modlust

Sleek cabinets are essential for organizational and storage purposes. Installing cabinets in your kitchen plays a significant role in the kitchen layout of your modern apartment.

Huge, sleek cabinets add life to the design and limitless storage in the bathroom, bedroom, and home office. Customizing your cabinets to a closet in your apartment project gives you the benefit of selecting your preferred color and door when adding details.

You can have limitless ideas of what design would be appropriate for your kitchen layout or bedroom. It also feels unique in a way. You can also ensure the quality since you’re one of the people who create it. Regarding the white interior, white cabinets are also an excellent modern design to add to your home.

It creates a cleaner, more organized look and matches your house’s ambiance. Plus, it details luxury by adding other materials, from rugs to scattered cushions.

Technology And The Modern Apartment Design

Modern apartment with upgraded technology l Modlust

There’s no doubt that technology is part of our daily lives now. Modern apartments are called ‘smart apartments’; they combine innovative amenities, community management, and building automation technologies into a single integrated building system.

Although innovative apartment technologies may have expensive rents, they are still cost-saving. Why? It has preventive maintenance to help you avoid costly and unexpected issues in your units. These modern apartment buildings have sensors that will notify you immediately whenever they sense something terrible in your apartment, like leaks, molds, or worse, fire.

It can save you from the inconvenience of repairs, construction, etc. You can even use it for lighting, doors, a fireplace, a home office desk, and other interesting things in the house.

Decor Personalization

Modern Apartment Interior Designer l Modlust

Adding some personalized touches to your modern apartment design gives you the satisfaction of being in control of your ideas.

Decorating your small apartment with everything you’re fond of gives enjoyment and contentment. Personalizing your apartment, like installing pendant lights, creating art on your walls, or adding accessories, makes you turn your small, modern apartment into your ‘dream home.

Whether it be a coffee table desk or adding something to the walls, you can create a relaxing space for all to enjoy. Another benefit of personalizing your decor is you can decorate and style it based on your lifestyle, which is a great comfort for you.

Make use of Dark Colors

dark interior apartment

Lighter colors make your room look large; on the contrary, darker colors are used to make a space or room look smaller.

It gives a small room a more extensive presence. Dark walls, window coverings, and furniture combine different components, giving them a unified appearance.

Large spaces like your bedroom benefit from dark palettes, too, since they serve to warm them up and make them feel cozier. Deep hues don’t have to be restricted to rooms of a specific size.

Designers use it in small bathrooms, especially with high ceilings. In the home office, dark colors look fabulous around your bed to a door.

Simple Functional Decor

Concealed Storage built into the Bed l Modlust

Minimalism is the trend nowadays. Less furniture gives you much space and removes unnecessary details in your modern apartment. Having less furniture doesn’t mean that you’re poor, though.

It’s just the art of having a simple lifestyle. Choose furniture with hidden compartments to get a minimalist impression.

For example, you may use versatile bottom bookshelves that can double as storage and a small table. This will aid in the improvement of your minimalist interior design.

Or invest in a bed with underneath storage space. The more open space in the apartment, the easier it is to achieve your desired design.

Hanging Cabinets

hanging cabinets modern apartment

Installing hanging cabinets is helpful, especially in an apartment with limited space. It has a high load-bearing capacity, takes up no floor space, and has no sanitary dead corners when cleaned. It also looks unique and beautiful.

Furthermore, when the hanging cabinet is used on the porch, study, balcony, living room, and other areas, the tiny space can be transformed dramatically, and the overall appearance is clean and orderly. The same can be done in your home office space.

Add Green Decor

Plants not only give us oxygen to breathe in, but they also help balance the humidity in your living space. If you’re working from home, placing hanging plants from the ceiling in your home office lets you maintain your focus and increase your positivity. The green scenery in your modern apartment makes you calm and relaxed, making your everyday mood great.

Final Thought

Choosing an apartment for you or your family nowadays is hard. You have lots of things to look for and to reconsider. When it comes to interior design, it’s better to trust your instinct, but it’s also not bad to seek help from an interior designer.

Deciding which is good or bad for your modern apartment’s interior design is not easy, but we hope our information gave you little to lots of ideas for your possible ‘dream home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Modern apartment design typically emphasizes clean lines, minimalism, and a focus on open spaces. Key elements include using neutral color palettes, sleek furniture, and integrating natural materials like wood and stone. It often incorporates technology and smart home features for convenience.

To create a feeling of space in a small apartment, use light colors on walls and furniture to reflect light and make the room feel larger. Opt for multifunctional furniture pieces like sofa beds and wall-mounted shelves to maximize space. Mirrors can also create the illusion of a bigger space.

Neutral color schemes, such as whites, grays, and beige, are prevalent in modern design. However, bold accent colors like deep blues, greens, or reds can be used sparingly to add contrast and personality to the space.

Modern design often incorporates glass, steel, concrete, and natural wood. These materials are chosen for their clean and minimalist aesthetic. They create a feeling of balance and contrast in the design.

Sustainable design is becoming increasingly popular in modern apartments. You can use energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, and eco-friendly building materials. Consider incorporating renewable energy sources like solar panels and recycled or upcycled furniture.

Personalization in modern design can be achieved through the choice of artwork, textiles, and decorative accessories. These elements can add a touch of your personality and warmth to the otherwise minimalist design. Don’t be afraid to incorporate items that have sentimental value or reflect your interests.


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