Imagine living in a house designed by world-renowned architects, and you can’t help but think of the crazy cool house’s design! You may look at these homes and think to yourself, “I could never afford something like this!” But there are many reasons why buying one would be worth it. Below are some of the craziest yet coolest home designs:

20 Strange & Crazy House That Makes You Wonder Who Lives In It

Crazy House, Dalat, Vietnam

crazy house in vietnam

It has been described as a fairy tale home with few correct angles.



The ‘Mushroom House’ is a peculiarly designed residence in Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota.

The Sculptured House

The Sculptured House

The house was created by Charles Deaton, an architect. Deaton rebelled against boxy design since the house had no flat walls.



Curt and Deborah Sleeper found a land with a cave when looking for business property in 2003.

Futuro House

futuro house

A flying saucer-like house with a circumference of 26 feet and a height of 12 feet beds 2-4 people comfortably and is delivered fully self-contained.

The Mushroom House by Architect Terry Brown

the mushroom house

Copper ceilings and an orange spiral staircase entry are the most noticeable elements in this house.

The Spaceship House

spaceship house

It was constructed in 1993, and the main living room is 35 feet above the entrance.

Helmet House

helmet house

Jersey Devil Design/Build had another opportunity to experiment with this design.

Luna Parc

Luna Parc

This house has sculptures strewn throughout the yard.

Fishing Reel House

Fishing Reel House

It has its own shuffleboard court and a swimming pool covered by a 25-foot dome.

Haines Shoe House

Haines Shoe House

The shoe house was built in 1948 by Mahlon Haines to promote his boot business.

The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm

It’s designed to withstand hurricanes and has ground-level apertures.

Sanzhi UFO Houses

Sanzhi UFO Houses

Sanzhi UFO houses, also known as Sanzhi pod houses or Sanzhi Pod City, are a group of UFO houses.

Kehena Point Cliff House

Kehena Point Cliff House

This all-concrete house is positioned on a lava cliff with a view of the ocean.

The Tennessee Spaceship House

The Tennessee Spaceship House

The Spaceship House is a roadside attraction that sits a story above the ground.

Steel House

steel house

This house in Lubbock, Texas, has made an impression on the landscape.

Naomi Campbell’s Former House

Naomi campbell house

In Russia, this mansion is known as the Capital Hill Residence, and it is owned by Vladislav Doronin.

Benson Ford Ship House

benson ford ship house

This one has survived the scrapyard and is now one of Put-in-most Bay’s visited attractions.

The Spaceship Home

spaceship home

The home’s features can be operated via a mobile device, making it a smart home.

The Mushroom House in New York

mushroom house in NY

This house is for Robert and Marguerite Antell that was created by architect James H. Johnson.

  1. Seuss House in Alaska

This is a curiously unique residence hidden in the sparse woods outside of Talkeetna, Alaska.

Fallingwater in Pennsylvania

fallingwater house

Fallingwater was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright to rise over the waterfall it sits above.

Solar Dome House in the Arctic

solar dome

The home is built to resemble a massive three-dimensional sundial with a fixed angle regarding the sun’s movements.

Sleeper House in Colorado

sleeper house

The house was created by Charles Deaton in 1963 and was meant to be his own abode.

airplane home

Bruce Campbell, who converted a Boeing 727-200 into a residence in rural Hillsboro, Oregon, unlocks one of the plane’s nine exits.

Gue(ho)st House, Delme, France

Gue ( ho ) st house

This refurbished jailhouse was designed by architects Berdaguer and Pejus.

Shark Attack Home, Headington, Oxford

shark attack home

Bill Heine, a BBC radio DJ, had a 7.5-meter Great Whale constructed of fibreglass crashing onto the roof of his house in 1986.

Dupli.Casa, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Dupli.Casa, Ludwigsburg, Germany

J.Mayer, a German architectural firm noted for their odd concept homes, designed this.

The Toilet House, Suwon, South Korea

The Toilet House, Suwon, South Korea

The house has a lovely rooftop balcony with flags from several countries flying from it.

Final Thought

If you are having crazy thought ideas like this one, you might upgrade your modern house like these crazy cool house designs. Remember that having crazy ideas doesn’t mean it’s boring and dull!!


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