People go for the big and multiple-story homes nowadays. But did you know that one-story houses have their perks too? Let’s find out!

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Single Story Home


Construction costs are lower.

It is less difficult to maintain.

Reducing the amount of money spent on furniture and décor


There is less privacy.

Shortage of room

10 Gorgeous Single Story Modern Homes Around The World

Modern Brazilian House

brazilian modern one story house

This single-story home is constructed of warm materials. It has contemporary amenities such as uplighting, automated shutters, and a straightforward design.

Earth House in Paradise Valley, Arizona

modern earth house

This single-story house blends in with its natural surroundings with rammed earth walls while remaining modern and stunning.

Hideg House (Hideg-ház) in Koszeg, Hungary

Hideg House

To produce a modern appearing single-story house, blackened wood contrasts with light wood siding.

Tigh Port na Longhouse on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Tigh Port na Longhouse

This small single-story cottage with a view of the water is made of light wood and has huge windows to take advantage of the scenery.

House IV, a private residence in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

House IV

The back of this single-story house is made out of glass walls to let in as much natural light as possible and maintain the space feeling light and airy.

+HOUSE in Mulmur, Ontario, Canada

house 3

The house’s double-height ceilings make it appear larger, and the single-story arrangement makes it easy to navigate.

Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

Great Barrier house

High ceilings and huge windows make this one-story home feel more open, airy, and expansive than it is.

Jesolo Lido Pool Villa in Italy

Jesolo Lido Pool Villa

The black details on the façade of this all-white single-level home provide a striking contrast, heightened by the lights in the pool and near the fence.

Home in Swanage, England by Ström Architects

Home in Swanage

This modern single-story home was created to make life easier for a retired couple and their disabled daughter.

Heavy Metal House in Joplin, Missouri

heavy metal house

The steel siding on the exterior of this single-story house generates strong lines that are softened by the trees that surround it.

Australian Architect Sarah Waller’s Home

Architect Sarah Waller's Home

This one-story home allows the family to stay connected regardless of where they are in the house.

Final Thought

Single-story houses are not that bad after all, right? Have yours built now!


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