Yes, friends, we are still on the popular Minecraft game making its way around the world. But in reality, the game is similar to the real thing when living in this world. For example, when you start as a new homeowner, you do not always have the funds to build that modern villa.

The same applies to this game famous for adults and kids alike. In the game, you can let your imagination go to create some fantastic survival houses. Yet before you get to build modern homes, you need to start with a small house instead.

Today, we will show you how similar it is to building Minecraft houses to create one in real life.

What Makes Minecraft So Famous?

In the game, you can create a world, starting with a small house. You begin with a small survival house. Yet, that small home can turn into a wooden house ending up in a modern house or a castle. It all depends on the mode you select to play.

But the best part compared to real life is that there are no boundaries, conditions, or limitations. You can build your wooden house to dream house anywhere. So today, we will be exploring how to create that small wooden cabins or any other living space you prefer.

Minecraft How to Build

As in real life, a new homeowner, when building your home, you start small. Like the virtual Minecraft world, you need to collect and store your resources to upgrade to a modern house. In the real world, you need a save spot similar to the game. It is your retreat when things are not that pleasant outside, and you need to stay alive.

With the first platform in Minecraft, you get a place you like with resources to create your own living space shouting it’s you. Here we guide you with some Minecraft house ideas with simple steps to start making your first home.

Laying The Foundation and Building The Walls

When building your Minecraft house, the same applies to making a real one. You start with the foundation and walls.

  1. First, you start by placing your blocks on top of each other to form a durable wall.
  2. You can place these blocks horizontal or vertically according to different heights and lengths.
  3. The best part is choosing any block from gravel, wood, sand, or dirt. For a sturdier foundation, you can use cobblestone.
  4. Yet, in real life, we build walls with wood and treat them to prevent burning. But in the game, this is a no-no as it catches alight fast.

Now that you have laid the foundation, the next step is to place doors and windows in the home similar to the Minecraft house.

Let In The Light and Friends with Doors and Windows Installation

Yes, even if it is not a Minecraft modern house, every house needs a place to welcome guests, inviting them inside. The same applies to having a light inside your living space.

  1. When selecting doors and windows, you do it using crafting, and the same applies in real life.
  2. You start with up to seven planks using any of the building materials available.
  3. Now comes the building process by placing the planks in 2/3 formations for the doors and using glass for the windows.

In your design, you can keep things simple with the door and windows. Or you can make them fancier to create modern houses with the resources you have available.

Every Home Needs a Roof

Now every abode needs a roof to prevent the elements from getting inside your home.

  1. To complete your living space, you need to construct a roof.
  2. Take a block and place it by the side to provide your house with a sturdy base to create the roof.
  3. We recommend not using gravel or sand as your wall will collapse and destroy your home.
  4. There are different colored blocks to make your roof look attractive and fancy.

Lights Installation

The next step in your simple Minecraft dwelling is to welcome guests in with the light from the dark. You do not want a dull home that looks small and shabby in this virtual world, and the same applies to actual life.

To install lights in the interior and exterior to maintain brightness with clarity of your surroundings. To do this, you need two things one stick with one charcoal or one stick with one coal. Use what resources you have available.

Place them on your craft table to form a torch by placing the stick in the center square and the coal/charcoal in the square above. Hurry and install as you need light.

Make Your Home Comfortable

Every home needs a comfortable spot where you can eat and sleep. In the real world and gaming world, the same applies. So while it is not yet your dream home and might be a wooden house, you need furniture.

Now, you can start creating your fixtures for your modern house to make it safe, convenient, and comfortable. You can start with building a chest to keep your supplies. Then add a bed with a sofa set as you need to sleep.

For this, you will need three wool blocks and planks of any wood available. You can add a furnace to cook or melt ores and make other blocks to use in the kitchen. You will need at least eight cobblestones or black stones that are high mod these days for your stove.

For building a chest, you need at least eight planks of wood, and to give it that refined look, some grindstone and tables. But be careful not to fill your place with stuff as it takes up loads of room.

Add Decorations With Final Touches

Great you have a place to sit, eat, and sleep. Now you can get influenced by things like adding a small garden outside. Next, you can personalize your Minecraft house with a private touch in the rooms to make it personal and real. You can let your imagination go wild creating:

  • Buckets
  • Water Pools
  • Add some paint to the walls to create a modern house
  • You can even stain the walls with glass
  • What about a carpet with banners for a classy look.

When it comes to creating a place you can call home in the virtual world, the same applies to the actual one. You can find many Minecraft house ideas to inspire you. Now that your living space is complete let’s check out some other Minecraft survival house basics to explore.

Top 5 Minecraft House Ideas

In Minecraft, you get many ideas and options to create your dream house. The same applies in the real world. Here are some of the different types of Minecraft houses you can try.

Small Minecraft Basic House

small minecraft house design

The Minecraft house ideas provided for a small home is similar in today’s life. You get a home that is compact with the primary rooms that every home has. There is a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and main hall. But while it is simple, you can still make it look attractive.

Simple Wooden Starter House

simple wooden minecraft house

Or you can start simple with a wooden house with one story and build it up to three if you want. For example, check out this one with a tutorial YalChu’s.

Small Modern House

small, modern minecraft house idea

Add some modern touch to your living space with this modern house. Even if you have furniture to appliances, you can still construct some lavish and classy amenities.

Small Concrete Studio House

small, concrete minecraft house

Lastly, you can live in a small concrete studio to develop it in a modern house as you have resources available. Check out some of Minecraft house ideas in this video tutorial.


When it comes to Minecraft house ideas, many of them start small as in real life. You can start with a wooden house with a small garden. The important thing is you need a survival house in Minecraft to survive.

The same applies in the real world as you need a place to stay. So use some of the simple Minecraft house ideas to start building your dream home for real. You might be surprised what you can come up with.


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