Every spawned player needs a Minecraft starter house to call home. You have made your crafting table or tools and gathered some wood. Now you must build your shelter to sleep in the first night.

Great, what now? What house should you build? We will help you with some starter house ideas to get started.

You can build some of them by dusk; others can take a few days to construct. Either way, you must have a compact starter house, and you will be proud of it.

So, let’s dive into it to get a great starter house built so that you can later become more skilled in using the creative mode if you want to build modern houses.

What Makes a Cool Starter House?

Minecraft Starter Housel Modlust

Before we get to some of the Minecraft house ideas you can build, it helps first to know what makes a starter house a great build.

Building a Good Starter House

  • For your early game, you need only enough room to keep your supplies and shelter from the outside. Hence, it must be a compact home, as building a huge house is unrealistic for survival.

  • For the perfect starter house, you need to obtain materials easily; materials like copper, quartz, and so on are not yet an option. Instead, you will use stone bricks or wooden slabs.

  • In the survival world, your room inside needs space for the bare essentials to survive. Hence, in a starter home, you need to sleep in a bed and have room to store your loot and farm to keep those hunger bars full.

While some of the mentions on the list might not always be user-friendly, you can build your small to rustic house in a few days. For example, if you decide on a flower forest house, you can skip building a greenhouse.

Minecraft House Ideas

Now, let’s look at some of the best starter houses available, and where we can, we will include a starter house tutorial.

A Nice Touch Easy Build Underground Base

Screenshot by Random Steve Guy Underground Starter Home l Modlust

First, you need not always build your home above the ground. You can gather your materials and go underground. Executivetree provides the above underground starter house tutorial video and caters to all your needs.

It has a compact design you can create with attainable materials found around you. The whole thing includes a rooftop window to make it look amazing inside and out.

Furthermore, while it is an easily built project and you find it too small, you can add a room later.

Expand to Underground Bunker

 Underground Bunker Screenshot by ItsMarloe l Modlust

While you may have already started with your underground shelter and have a location, why not build an underground bunker? As with the previous starter home, this one also comes with a glass roof to know when it is nighttime.

You can grow your food underground as the roof allows for enough light. Easily build it with stone or wood blocks. You will have your farm with enough room for storage and a bed. You can have a blast furnace with stone cutters to make stone bricks. Check out the starter house tutorial video here.

Simple House

Screenshot by Sv Gravity Minecraft Basic Home l Modlust

Starting out in the game, it helps to begin with a simple design to get you protected. The above design is simple and has everything you need in an early game of Minecraft. You can find the resources easily and start a wheat farm with added storage. Watch the Minecraft starter house tutorial video here.

Compact Starter House

Screenshot by csx42 starter home l Modlust

Now let’s move above ground to check out some cool Minecraft starter house ideas. The small house measures 5×5, and you will complete it before sunset.

While small, it has everything you need with storage space. You can place a bed, chests, furnace, and crafting table.

The more materials you gather, the more you can expand your house and include a garden. Check out the tutorial here.

Furthermore, in your early game, you need not have much more.

Consider a Cave House

Screenshot by Sv Gravity Minecraft Beginner Builders l Modlust

As a Minecraft player, you might be squinting that one eye thinking about living in a cave. Still, in survival mode, you need not only to mine a room to add chests and your crafting tables. No, you need a good starter house in the new world when one team is in survival mode. Here SvGravity shows on a YouTube video exactly how to create this beautiful place with its magnificent entrance.

Mountain House of Stone Bricks

Screenshot by JUNS MAB Architecture Mountain Home l Modlust

While still at the mountain and a cave starter house is not your thing, you can create this mountain retreat as a novice builder. For us playing in an early game, it is one of the favorite Minecraft starter house ideas. Your home has two circular windows and enough space for everything you need. Even getting resources is easy. Check the starter house-building video here.

Need Something Warmer a Desert House

Minecraft Desert House Screenshots by Dio Rods

Okay, now, if you ended up in the desert and found building materials there, the next best thing is creating a house that fits your surroundings. You only need granite and sandstone compared to stripped spruce logs to make it look amazing.

The smooth stone makes your place look chic, so you mostly build with blocks. You will find a decorating section in the Dio Rods tutorial to fill your home with chests, crafting tables, anvils, beds, furnaces, and more. So head over to the video to check it out.

Cool Down Winter Cottage

Winter Cottage l Modlust

Now, if you landed in a cooler region of the game, you need to build a small cottage. You will have style and the bare essentials for the first few days.

Yes, the walls might feel as if they are cramping you in but building it will be easier.

You can form a log cabin that fits right into the surroundings and is spacious enough for a bed, storage, anvil, and furnace. Watch the video here.

So build your cozy cottage to keep you warm from the cold.

Jungle Treehouse Fever in Minecraft House

Screenshot by Mr Mirror Starter House l Modlust

Another exceptional place to spawn is the jungle, where you can build your home high on trees. You can get a feathered friend and even farm melons while getting valuable loot in the surroundings. You can find giant trees to build a starter house. The treehouse above will provide you with everything needed and style. Check out the starter house tutorial here.

Cool Medieval House

Screenshot by FullySpaced Minecraft Medieval Theme l Modlust

But if the jungle theme is not your liking, then maybe the Medieval times are your thing. As you can see, we cater to all preferences here. It is an impressive home with loads of detail to add style. So, while you loot living in a simple Minecraft survival home, you can gather a variety of blocks:

  • Oak Wood

  • Spruce Wood

  • Birch Wood

  • Diorite

The home has two floors with enough room to place everything you need, including your storage, crafting table, furnace, bed, and more. Also, check out this article on Minecraft medieval home ideas. Lastly, you can find the video to make this beautiful home here.

Be a Warrior in Your Minecraft Viking House

Screenshot by AegonCraft GamePlay Viking House l Modlust

As you know, the medieval times also had their fair share of Vikings, so invest in sprawling around the area and living in a Viking home. The house ideas here will show you exactly how to achieve this.

You have a low grass roof you can decorate with flowers or berry bushes. It is a great starter addition when you are in an early game.

It also includes some mid-game items known as a brewing stand. If you cannot find one, skip it until you can.

Minecraft Farm House

Screenshot by SheepGG Minecraft Farm House l Modlust

As you know, you need to survive in the Minecraft game and food to survive. Then build a love modern farmhouse as this one is beginner-friendly. You will have a huge living space with all the essentials you need. You have two balconies and a massive farm. Pretty impressive right? You also have a pond where you can keep fish and ducks. But it will take a few nights to complete, so be aware of the mobs.

Other Cool Starter Houses in Minecraft

While the above are some easy-to-start ideas for building your first home in the Minecraft game, we have a few more up our sleeve. While many homes do not include a nether portal, you may be lucky to find one. But stay longer as we will share how to make one with you.

Tent Starter House

Screenshot by Random Steve Guy Tent House l Minecraft

Okay, instead of looking at all the house ideas, we recommend looking at this tent one. You can build it in the Forest biome, which is sturdier than in real life. Even the blocks are easy to gather, and you can use different blocks, from dark oak planks to spruce planks. Check out the video here.

Desert Dome House Ideas

Screenshot by Pixel Bot Minecraft Desert Dome Home l Modlust

While you do not find quartz blocks early in the game, you can replace them with concrete and sandstone. The tutorial is easy to follow and easy to build. You will have a differently shaped home, which will help with the practice of circles. The featured blocks to use are spruce planks and smooth stones like quartz.

Modern House

Screenshot by Ayvocado Modern House l Modlust

Now, if you want to go bigger, then having a modern house is what you need. The modern house is one of the best Minecraft starter house ideas available. You will have everything, including multiple farms, crafting tables, beds, and chests. Furthermore, you need not have white concrete as it is starter friendly. For the tutorial, check out the video here.

 STARTER House Tutorial Screenshot JUNS MAB Architecture|Modlust

Or invest your time in this gorgeous modern house design with the tutorial of JUNS MAB Architecture.

Japanese House

Screenshot by Ayvocado Japanese House l Modlust

Okay, if the modern house ideas to medieval are not to your liking, go Japanese. It is an iconic construction found from the east. As with all the other homes on the list, it provides you with what you need. You have storage, crafting tables, a bed, a furnace, and more. The best part is you can be a samurai, so check out to build it here.

Minecraft: How to Build a Large Japanese House Screenshot by Blue Nerd l Modlust

Or when you reach the middle of the game, you can always expand your home with the Blue Nerd tutorial.

Flower Forest House

Screenshot by Dio Rods Flower Forest House l Modlust

If you do not like the above, we end with Dio Rod’s flower forest house. It looks like a farmhouse and also takes time to build. Still, you will have a cool Minecraft house to live in. You get all the necessary things and have a greenhouse to harvest your herbs, wheat, and everything else, plus extra storage. Find the tutorial here.

How Do You Make a Nether Portal

Portal Room | Modlust

As we end our list of the best starter house ideas, you may wonder how you make the portal. We have you covered; you will need a few materials to start.

  • 14 Obsidian Blocks

  • 1 Flint and Steel

Collect the obsidian blocks; you can do this in different ways. With a diamond pickaxe, you mine for the obsidian blocks found along lava pools.

Or you can make the blocks by mixing water and lava. So, you will need to pour the water onto the lava.

You will need to craft the flint and steel using iron ingots with a flint you obtain from mining gravel. Once you have the flint and the iron ingots smelting iron ores, you can build your portal to activate it. So, get your new survival world started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you build with oak wood or other materials like birch wood to stripped spruce logs, your home must be large enough to place a bed, chests, furnace, crafting table, and other resources. We recommend going three blocks tall and seven blocks wide to eight blocks long.

Any home to make it look stylish is to add detail. You can place fence posts, trap doors, buttons, and slabs. Also, remember to add plants for some greenery, like bushes and trees.

When you have gathered attainable materials, the first step is to build the walls by placing blocks on each other. Then add a roof by placing blocks on top of the walls. Add some doors and do not forget your lights, and then furnish your home to give it some finishing touches.

Add a table as the centerpiece with couches and bookshelves to spruce up your home. You can make a fireplace with bricks or use iron bars or glass.

You need glowstone dust you mine in the nether to make your home glow. It is a bright stone that creates glowing blocks to hang from your ceiling. It would be best to have no special tools when you mine the dust and only need to attack the glowstone blocks. The stone breaks open to drop up four glowstone dust.

The taiga is known as a boreal forest, a major life zone with vegetation that has cone-bearing evergreen trees that are needle or scale leaves. Thus, it is a dense wood in the Minecraft world.


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