You may dream of living in a luxurious large home! Yet, you can still live in a tiny modern home that is fancy.

Modlust presents you with tiny luxury abodes brimming with amenities that will make you go oh-my-word. These are the top 10 modern tiny homes with ingenious storage solutions with shape-shifting furniture anyone can call home.

1. Nest

The modern tiny home you find nestled in Phoenix, Arizona is a short-term rental. The house has an artsy yet home vibe for you to unwind. The tiny house design created by Damon Wake and Hunter Floyd used prefabricated materials for the structure. It didn’t get the top spot in the top 10 modern tiny homes without a reason

You get flat-front cabinetry with midcentury furnishings in the living space. There is a ladder to the sleeping loft blending in with the kitchen. Moreover, the all-in-one washing/drying machine in the bathroom is fantastic. If you want some desert adventure with a romantic setting, why not book yourself into this place for the best holiday away from home to explore Phoenix.

2. Laurier

The modern rustic tiny house in Quebec, Canada, has a simple interior with clean lines mostly in white, making it a modest square style. It has dark wood tones adding warmth and every inch of the vertical space has a purpose. There is a mirror on the wall unfolding into a dining table with a pint-size shelving unit below.

Furthermore, it comes with an eat-in counter and wall-mounted television. On the right, you have a built-in closet for added storage space. To add to the features, it is a home on wheels with a storage staircase. You get everything you need found in a traditional, modern house.

3. Marion

The M.arion is a familiar house seen on Tiny House Big Living on the DIY Network. It is only a 320 square foot dwelling with smart staircase storage. You can see that functionality and comfort come together in this home.

It has an open floor plan with a loveseat and foldout upholstered bench. There is no awkward ladder but a staircase to the sleeping loft. It was on sale but sold, and for a better view of the inside, checks it out here.

4. Iron Eagle Tiny House Trailer  

The dwelling is a home boasting soothing beach vibes constructed by the Handcrafted Movement of tiny home builders. Another name it goes by is the Coastal Craftsman, a 238 square foot abode. The micro-home sits on a three 7K axle trailer with road lighting.

Marion tiny modern home is among the Top 10 Modern Tiny Homes

It has Pacific Cedar accents on the board and batten siding with a metal roof and glass door. Once you enter through the door, a large light blue lounger sofa bed greets you. The floors have a distressed oak finish with a study desk and dining nook. The sleeping loft can accommodate a king-size bed.

5. ACACIA   

Here is another one of the best tiny houses on wheels. The 260 square feet living space accommodates up to six people. You have two bedrooms with a storage bed, and an exterior shed.

Furthermore, it also has an added loft space for storage. Even the kitchen has a functional work surface with an L-extension with custom cabinetry. There is a sliding pantry, and despite the small area, you find modern amenities in the bathroom. It has Nature’s head composting toilet with stainless steel shower, washer/dryer, and a wall vanity.

6. Surf Shack

One of the renowned modern tiny home manufacturers you can find is Molecule Tiny Homes who built the Surf Shack.  A surfboard island maximizes space with a fun spin on the interior. The sleeping loft is enormous, with a spacious bathroom comprising a glass shower.

It has a large open-plan kitchen with a concrete counter, providing a relaxed living feel. The modern tiny house has loads of glass on the front, letting in natural light, and you get a view of the kitchen standing in the loft.

7. iPad Designer Pad

This luxury tiny home in New Zealand offers you everything you need for an authentic kitset pad covering all the needs for a comfortable living space. You can make it a holiday home for couples or use it as a secondary dwelling. The uses are endless as a granny flat, resort unit, studio, office, and more.

The total square is 50m and available in different color options. It is a custom modern tiny home developed by architex manufactured off-site and transported to the destination. It has a guest suite with a partly covered deck area.

8. Studio 37

Are you looking for modern tiny house plans? Look no further than SML Living. You can enjoy urban life with Studio 37 looking like a restaurant from the back. It has a living and dining space in one with an exquisite kitchen with modern amenities.

There is no space wasted. Even the bedroom is organized. The tiny house design comprises a deck, sitting/dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Around the whole dwelling, it has huge windows allowing in natural light.

9. Nugget

The tiny house design made possible by Modern Tiny Living is a 12-foot long micro house. The dwelling has a sleeping area with a composting toiler in the bathroom. Furthermore, it has a 30-inch-by-30-inch shower with a kitchen filled with modern amenities.

You have a single bowl sink, hickory butcher-block counter, copper faucet, cabinets, with an under-counter fridge. To add to this modern tiny house movement, it is entirely off the grid.

10. Farmhouse Tiny Home

If you prefer a farmhouse style with a modern twist in small homes, this is the one to consider.  The handcrafted dwelling of TruForm Tiny in Nevada is spectacular. It has a barn-style sliding door with shiplap walls.

The plank floors are vast, making your heart pitter-pat. It has a living space with high ceilings with an elevated bedroom to fit a king-size bed. There is even a bonus space you can set up as a den or office. It also comes with a deck landing with copper countertops and a fabulous stone farmhouse sink to die for.


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