Want to have a modern look feeling in your home? How about adding a floating staircase? I tell you that most modern home now features floating staircases! Well, don’t worry because we’re here to tell you about it!

What is Floating Stairs and it’s significance to our modern homes

Floating stairs give the impression of openness in your house, making the area appear larger than it is. They also don’t completely block views or the next wall. As a result, they’re an excellent option for individuals searching for a more modern aesthetic in their home!

Floating Stairs Ideas That We Can Get Inspiration From

Floating Wooden with Glass Railing

floating stairs with glass railings

The attractiveness of the vast and minimalist entryway is enhanced by its simplicity and transparency.

Industrial Staircase

industrial staircase

The stair stringer, railing top rail, and handrail are all made of steel that seems like they came straight from the mill.

Floating Stairs with Zigzag Stringers

zigzag stringer stairs

The black powder finish on the stringers may contrast with the light color of the white oak stair treads. Stainless steel supports and a white oak top rail make up the railing.

Wood and Concrete with Glass side

wood and concrete with glass side strais

The look of a floating staircase with steps coupled to a glass banister is edgy and modern.

Enclosed Double-Stringer Stairs

double stringer stairs

On both ends of the open-riser staircases, welded steel channel stringers enclose the stair treads.

Monumental Floating Stairs

monumental floating stairs

For the stairwell, it was developed and built an Ithaca-style cable railing system.

Rustic Floating Staircase

rustic floating staircase

The stair stringers and cable railing posts are powder-coated steel in a matte “Raven Black” finish.

Grand Entry Split Stairs

grand entry split staircase

A steel stinger and mounting plates for the heavy wood treads are installed on each flight of stairs.

U-Shaped Floating Stairs

u shape floating stairs

Two sets of straight stairs run in opposite directions and are connected by a platform in this stair design.

Cantilevered Stairs

Cantilevered Stairs

These stairs are linked by a steel stringer that runs parallel to a concrete wall, giving the impression that the stairs are fixed to it.

Sawtooth Double Stringer

sawtooth double stringer

For the steps, cable railings were utilized to keep the open feel. With its crisp, clear lines, the new staircase is a beautiful match for the home’s modern interior design.

Final Thought

What are you waiting for? Have your personalized floating staircase design now!


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